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Official User Name Change Thread. READ THE LAST POST. Name changes still open.

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<the ONLY linoone av
current name: Mostachon
new name: Dr.Linoone
Current Name: WanderingRhythmicalPhoenix
New Name: Haku Of The Shell Bullet
Current Name: Orion Master
Wanted Name: *Orion*

Sadly, the closest I'll get to Orion here... =/

Thanks in advance! :)

Aiko ♪

Current name: Zatch Girl
Wanted name:~♥Luna♥~
Thanx in advance!

Black Hayate

Ablare en Español.
Current name: Lopmon
Wanted name: Alphonse Elric
Thanks in advance!
Lopmon said:
Current name: Lopmon
Wanted name: Alphonse Elric
Thanks in advance!

Already taken =\

Black Hayate

Ablare en Español.
Whoops. I thought the Capital letters would make a difference.

Current Name: Lopmon
Wanted Name: Black Hayate

~!Master of Illusions!~

Current name: MasteRudii02
Wanted name: ~!Master of Illusions!~
Thank u

Joshua - Shadow Brigadier

Well-Known Member
*glomps Shining Mew* Thank you so much for starting this up.


Current name: Joshua
Desired name: ~Skywing Knight Joshua~

*glomps* Thanks in advance.


Legendary Pokémon Coordinator
Current Name: Haze
Desired Name: Yoranozuko

Please and thank you...
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Current Name: Kholdstare
New Name: RevenG

Edit: Thanks!
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Well, I think I'm way overdue for a name change.

Old Name: Jynxo
New Name: Eternal

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Scizor King

Scizor owns you.
Okay, name change time!

Old name: E4 DRAKE
New name: Champion Drake.

Thanks in advance.
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