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Official User Name Change Thread. READ THE LAST POST. Name changes still open.

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Where's my fanfare?
I'm temporarily closing this thread to allow for users to read how to properly check on whether or not they are able to have their name changed yet. This is not to punish anybody, but please do read this post in full. I'm not going to bother with screenshots or anything, but you should get the idea.

How to see if you've passed the two month period:
This one is simple.
  1. At the top and bottom of the thread, you will see something similar to [Page xx of xx| << First| < |xx|xx|xx|xx|v]. Click on "<< First"
  2. Depending on your browser, just do ctrl+f and type in your username, or part of your username.
  3. Keep searching the thread until it is or isn't found. If it is found, then your name was changed, and it is quite likely that you haven't passed your two months. If you can't do a search, manually search or copy/paste the entire first post into a word processor and do a search there.

There is no excuse for you not to check the first post for your own user name. If you fail to do this, two months will be added to your time.

How to check if the name you want is taken:
Very simple.
  1. You'll notice that on the page there is a bar that has the options "User CP", "FAQ", "Member List", "Calendar", "New Posts", "Search v", "Quick Links v", "Log Out". Click "Member List".
  2. Below the bar mentioned in step 1, you'll see letters, below that, "Serebii.Net Forums: Members List". On the right of it, you'll see:
    Showing results x to xx of xxxx
    Search took xx.xx seconds.​
    To the right of that, you will then see "Search Members v". Click that, and type in or c/p the EXACT user name you want or a part of the user name, making sure you spelled that portion correctly. If it comes up, then its obviously taken. It it shows no results, then it isn't. Simple as that.

There is no excuse for you not to search for your user name to see if it is taken. If you fail to do this, two months will be added to your time. There are a few exceptions to this, but I will not mention them so people don't abuse them.

Be sure to do the above only a few minutes before requesting a name change and not a few days.

After reading the above, if you wish to change your username, go to this thread and post your request. Before doing so, however, to show proof that you read this and understand, use the following table, and at the start of your post, put the number of characters (Letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces) in your username as a letter, and put the first letter of your username as a number. If your name is longer than 26 letters, use ZZ.


If you don't understand what I mean, here are examples:
C 6
Old name: Fox
New Name: ______

G 19
Old name: Serebii
New Name: ______

ZZ 26
New Name: ______

D 15
Old name: Onix
New Name: ______

If you don't understand the requirements above, just PM me your request, then post it in the thread. Be sure to send me the PM before posting in the thread, and have a title such that I know its a name change request. Examples: "Name Change", "Name Change Request", "Can I have my name changed?", etc.

Please note when posting in the thread or sending me a PM: Keep your post or PM without formats. Colors, fonts, and alignments tend to make it a little more difficult to see what you want your name to be changed to. All you have to do is put the "code", your current name, and your requested name like the following:

A 1
Current Name:
Requested name:
Do put a space between "requested name" and the name itself, and don't put any punctuation after your name, unless you want it to be part of your name.

Finally, the reason I'm doing this is because I'm getting tired of having people posting that they're not sure whether or not they can have their name changed again when its very simple to do. As for the names already posted in this thread, they will be changed accordingly shortly.
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