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Official "Where can I buy this?" Thread

Discussion in 'Pokemon Merchandise' started by emeraldellie, Feb 14, 2015.

  1. emeraldellie

    emeraldellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    Have you ever seen a picture or description of a Pokemon plush, keychain, etc. and wondered where you could find one for yourself? Post that item here and someone else will, if possible, let you know where you can find it. Please keep the rules about posting legitimate websites/sellers, posting only appropriate merchandise, and discouraging fake merchandise in mind when posting.
  2. Xionea

    Xionea Half a centaur

    Oh, perfect timing for this section to be made!

    The other day I was trying to look for a Kingdra, Scizor, or Froslass plush. I couldn't find any, at least not any official Pokemon licensed ones. For all I know, they may have never made some. But if they did, does anyone know where I can find any of them? Google hasn't been much help.
  3. emeraldellie

    emeraldellie Δ Staff Member Admin


    this is a flickr that is a "database" of plush of pokemon that have been released. i did not see any of those on there. now, it could be wrong/not updated, but unfortunately i don't think there are any official plush of those; maybe someone else can come along and prove me wrong since this site is the only one i know of for finding that stuff.
  4. Xionea

    Xionea Half a centaur

    Well, that's a bummer. I didn't have high hopes for Kingdra or Froslass, but I thought Scizor at least would have one since it received a Mega evolution. (Why doesn't every Pokemon exist as a plush? A living plush Pokedex; let's make that a thing, Pokemon!) thanks for the site, it's pretty useful, updated or not.
  5. emeraldellie

    emeraldellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    oh, actually i lied on further googling, it looks like there IS a banpresto froslass plush


    i would not necessarily recommend buying from amazon but that can at least give you a starting point. as for scizor, there's probably a chance there will be one soon because of the mega evo thing, and we should be posting news stuff in the stickied thread when we find it :)
  6. Tekirai

    Tekirai heapz cool persin

    PokePlushProject hasn't been updated in a while so it's only really good for the not so recent plush. MPCs are your best bet for Kingdra and Scizor plushes, as they make them for lots of different Pokemon.

    I have this Froslass and it's really nice, but $45 is really overpaying. you could probably find one somewhere for $20 max, I know I got mine for about $16. that 'somewhere' is probably gonna be Japanese auctions though, I'm afraid, and that would require a deputy service. I'll keep an eye out for one elsewhere for you! I don't believe MPCs are bootlegged often so keep an eye on eBay too.
  7. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    I just saw a Frosslass plushie here.

    You might be able to find a cheaper version that somebody might be selling on pkmncollectors.
  8. razor fire

    razor fire Well-Known Member

    I'm not much of a plushie guy, but there is one plushie that I absolutely must have!
    It's the substitute doll plushie!

    Since I'm a bit skeptical of sites like amazon and ebay due to potential scams and frauds, I'm wondering if anyone knows any trustworthy sites that sell them directly (like pokemon online stores or anything similar).
    Also, what sizes do these plushies come in? I've seen a few images on the web where it looks like they are different sizes. Thanks much in advance :D
  9. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    BrainJapan from Ebay, who owns Pokevault has one on ebay, but you can buy it from his site at the same price.
  10. nel3

    nel3 Crimson Dragon

    how much should a 1 foot flygon plushie cost and where can i find a custom 3ds cover? id love to have a flygon or suicune 3ds cover, though id probably lean towards a flygon case. my 3ds is the blue colored model.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2015
  11. Tekirai

    Tekirai heapz cool persin


    here's the sizes! it's difficult to get hold of the biggest one since they are limited to one per person, so most deputy services and middlemen will have already taken one by now.

    hobby_japan is an eBay seller who you can trust 100% and is cheaper than pokevault. they don't have the normal sized plush in stock right now but I'm sure they'll restock them soon since they're very popular. looking just now they have the smallest and the second biggest! I have the second smallest and second biggest, the bigger ones are really pudgey x)

    there's only one official Flygon plush I can recall right now, the Hasbro one, but I'm not sure if it's a foot in size or not. it's bootlegged to heck as one of those infamous '12 inch' bootleg plush so it might be a foot... I'm not sure. if it isn't 1 foot then you'd have to get a custom made one if you'd want a bigger one, and that will be pricey and always vary with whoever makes it

    as for a cover or case, again, you'd have to get a custom made or unofficial one to feature Flygon, or to feature Suicune on its own. I believe there are some DSi hard covers featuring Suicune alongside other Pokemon, but there might be a 3DS one for around the time the Zorua movie came out? I'm having a hard time finding a picture but I have a feeling at least one might exist...
  12. nel3

    nel3 Crimson Dragon

    thank you very much Tekirai, i wasnt expecting too many hits on flygon to begin with. if i do find a flygon decal it'd have to be for a XL 3DS. though it may depend on the decal design/colors. a google search got a black/white design for flygon so the top of the wings are a bit obscured should it be on a 3ds. not sure if the pic i found is for 3ds but i dont think its for a 3ds. im looking more for a flygon decal though as you mentioned, a custom one is more likely the case for me.

    unofficial plushie is fine by me as long as it isnt counterfeit, hand made is fine by me. i do have a 1ft Takara Tomy Zoroark from a convention along with a few 4inch banpresto/pkmn center made plushies . they seem to have a few flygon figures but no plush yet. i did see a 1ft flygon plushie at an anime convention for the very affordable price of $70 not sure if thats a counterfeited model. i didnt hold it to inspect for a company. that price was so good that i had to pass on it. next convention i go to a flygon plush will be on my wishlist and hopefully for a better price. either way small 4 and 12 inch model would be nice to come across if they ever come out.

    one ebay result is a 11 inch hasbro flygon plush. not sure about it but $50 before shipping isnt worth it atm. i have a feeling the hasbro model might be a foot model, looks like the hasbro ones online are $50 minimum.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2015
  13. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    My friend recently bought a Flygon plushie and looks really different to the ones I saw. His one looked so much nicer.

    Sadly, bootlegs are also sold in conventions. Not all of them though, but at least when you're at the convention you'll be able to look and feel the items before buying.
  14. Xionea

    Xionea Half a centaur

    You all rock! I'm glad Froslass actually does have one, since she's my favorite Pokemon after all. Although I'm not quite excited to spend $40+ on one. I'll probably just keep an eye on them and see if I can snatch a cheaper one someday. I appreciate all the help, guys!
  15. Haunter ゴースト

    Haunter ゴースト Well-Known Member

    Hi, so i'm hoping to collect miniature figures of all my favourite Pokemon - but obviously at a cheap price. I've noticed a lot of fake figures around on the internet and was wondering if anyone on here could give me a good place to find what i'm after?
  16. Kirby

    Kirby ʘ‿ʘ Staff Member Admin

    What time of mini figures, like Tomy ones or...? Also what Pokemon are your favorites? We can get a better idea of what you want if you let us know.
  17. Haunter ゴースト

    Haunter ゴースト Well-Known Member

    Well i'm not sure of the type of figure (i don't buy much merchandise at all if any), i just want them to be legit or from an unknown/unbranded company so long as the figures actually look good. They don't have to be exceptional, but just not bad (i've seen some weird miscoloured figures on ebay etc.).

    As for favourites, i'll give a few from each gen:

    -Charizard, Bulbasaur, Muk, Haunter, Snorlax, Onix, Primeape
    -Cyndaquil, Bayleef, Totodile, Noctowl, Wobbufett, Heracross
    -Sceptile, Mudkip, Wingull, Torkoal, Sableye, Seviper
    -Torterra, Buizel, Staraptor, Toxicroak, Lucario, Gliscor
    -Oshawott, Snivy, Krookodile, Excadrill, Scraggy, Emolga
    -Chespin, Greninja, Gogoat, Bergmite, Goodra

    As you can see there's a lot, (not even all of them haha) so i'd like to buy some miniature figures that are actually going to look decent on a shelf or something.

    Cheers for the help it would be much appreciated.
  18. emeraldellie

    emeraldellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    Ok, I actually have a question now

    I am looking for the rumble u figures at a decent price. All the ones I've seen on eBay are ridiculous. Is there anywhere that still sells these besides eBay? Willing to do Japanese sites too i just don't know where to go to look.
  19. Archsage

    Archsage Shiny Hunting!

    I've been looking to get a Volcarona plushie for a while, but some googling hasn't turned anything up and I can't seem to find one on Pokevault either. Does anyone know if there was ever an official one made and where I could buy it if there has been?
  20. i2i

    i2i Big Bad Wolf

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