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Official X & Y Help Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by Wulava, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Worbinator

    Worbinator Well-Known Member

    The good rod is obtained in the fourth gym city, plus Skrelp evolves levelling up to level 48 with Camouflage.
  2. Endless

    Endless Sun God ☉

    I think you have to use at least the Good Rod, but then it will be very common. It also has to be at least level 48 before it evolves, mine already had Camuflage when I caught it.
    Or you could wait for the Super Rod, then you can catch a very underleveled Dragalge(35~) the same place.
  3. I don't actually know, I only looked on the locations for it on Serebii's XY Pokedex. Trying to get a Clauncher now myself to test it out, so far, only Luvdiscs.
  4. Razo

    Razo Active Member

    Why does the woman in the clothes shop in Lumiose city tell me I'm not stylish enough to shop there? How do I get 'stylish' enough?
  5. Everlasting

    Everlasting Everything stays.

    Mini-games, uh ? How do I have access to them ?
  6. You need minimum three Pokemon in your party. Once you do, it's the top right hand button, the Music note.
  7. Skez

    Skez Well-Known Member

    Anyone know if the PC storage gets any bigger?
    718 total pokemon, only enough space in PC for 210 plus battlebox, kinda dissapointed.
  8. Bundy

    Bundy Member

    Is there a special thread for trades? Or do we just ask them here.

    Trying to fill the pokedex in the main game =3
  9. Everlasting

    Everlasting Everything stays.

    That's what I thought. Thank you very much!
    I hope though they won't hate me because I won't have food soon...
  10. RoySceptile

    RoySceptile Bakaner

    Okay, thanks for the feedback, guys.

    Like, you select the Poke you want, and its sprite should be on the bottom screen.
    You tap it, and it should give you the option to play with it/pet it.
    You then tap the musical note icon on the bottom right of the screen, and you choose the minigame you want to play.
  11. Navarch

    Navarch Well-Known Member

    Where is the Name Changer in this game?
  12. Aurath8

    Aurath8 Well-Known Member

  13. Bundy

    Bundy Member

  14. Retro Tigress

    Retro Tigress Member

    Anyone know when I can trade between X & Y?
    Wanted to do the starter trade off that I'm assisting with.
  15. Trainer Yusuf

    Trainer Yusuf VolcaniNO

  16. Lilligantastic

    Lilligantastic Well-Known Member

    Where can I find a blue Flabebe? Thanks!
  17. Trainer Yusuf

    Trainer Yusuf VolcaniNO

  18. Satoru92

    Satoru92 New Member

    Where do we get the lucky egg? :O
  19. Arch-a-9

    Arch-a-9 Member

    Anyone please can tell me if I can download X or Y to an emulator and where? Sorry if I'm posting on the wrong section, I'm new here.
  20. On the route after Snorlax (route 7), there's some violet flowers. In there! I'm not sure about the violet flowers on route 5 though, which is before it. I didn't find any Flabébé in there.

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