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Official X & Y Help Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by Wulava, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. spikethedevil

    spikethedevil Active Member

    No you don't I never changed my clothes did a crap load of stuff around the city and got in clothes have nothing to do with it

    No idea but that stupid punk blocking the way in the lost hotel though
  2. Lubby_03

    Lubby_03 New Member

    is there a pokemon re-namer? dont want bloody japanese nickname
  3. Shadow_Latios

    Shadow_Latios Boulder Trainer

    Does anyone know why 4 of my team say they don't want to super train, try again when they are feeling more energetic ?
  4. Virgil134

    Virgil134 PMD Writer

    Do we know some more about Helioptile's movepool? I ain't to sure when I should make him evolve
  5. spikethedevil

    spikethedevil Active Member

    Traded Pokemon cant be renamed
  6. Bundy

    Bundy Member

    I managed to get an adamant eevee and was happy untill I rememberd that most of the eeveelutions aren't physical... So I got a couple of questions now

    1. Wich one would be the best for this eevee?
    2. Has the way to get leafeon / glaceon been found out yet?
    3. Has flareon's movepool gotten any better?
    4. Fastest way to raise it's happiness?

  7. HeatHazeJayce

    HeatHazeJayce Member

    Does realy nobody know where to find a Dawnstone? Or how to get into the boutique? ;_;
  8. spikethedevil

    spikethedevil Active Member

    Read all the posts please as the boutique is explained on this same page.

    1) Battle the 1 and 2 star Hotels
    2) Go to a few of the Cafes and talk to everyone
    3) Do the hotel minigames
    4) Talk to the woman who has the go goat in the Anime (she is in the tourist centre the building with the book symbol next to it)
    5) get the contacts case and shoot a video
    6)Defeat trainers in the small alleyways

    The trigger seems to be amount of stuff you have done in the city and not clothes
  9. Photonkrios95

    Photonkrios95 Well-Known Member

    Leafon can be evolved before the 8th gym, you told to go into a forest to find the leader and you'll see the rock in the first room, Glaceon evolves in the sam cave where you get the Abonsite.
  10. HeatHazeJayce

    HeatHazeJayce Member

    Some people haven't done this stuff and got in so...
  11. rezzk

    rezzk Member

    finally it evolved at lvl 31
    happiness is maxed already at lvl 27

    check the discovery thread, they are updating helioptile's movepool

    1. glaceon/espeon/sylveon (my opinion only)
    4. maxed it's happiness with amie in less than an hour or so
  12. Zero Nexus

    Zero Nexus Stand up, go for it

    Finally found a bloody Mareep.

    My friend is having trouble finding a Magikarp. He's fishing with an old rod, any specific locations or can it be found anywhere?
  13. Photonkrios95

    Photonkrios95 Well-Known Member

    Parfum Palace according to my dex.
  14. Photonkrios95

    Photonkrios95 Well-Known Member

    Where does Nosepass evolve now?
  15. Minedreigon

    Minedreigon A monument to all your sins

    What do I do after the 7th gym?somethin about stopping team flare?
  16. spikethedevil

    spikethedevil Active Member

    Anyone worked out how to get past the punk at the lost hotel yet?
  17. spikethedevil

    spikethedevil Active Member

    Anyone know where you get the good and super rods
  18. Worbinator

    Worbinator Well-Known Member

    I'm in route 20 trying to get Energy Ball, but I can't reach the part of the forest where is it. Is the area with the witch

    Some tips?

    Find skaters in Lumiose and talk to everybody in the skater's cafe. They'll teach you tricks that will allow you to pass. Sadly the reward is another skate trick
  19. Minedreigon

    Minedreigon A monument to all your sins

    I am still lost. Also, how can I get past that punk in lost hotel?
  20. rezzk

    rezzk Member

    its in coumarine city, a fisherman will give you

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