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Official X & Y Help Thread


Hylden General.
Someone knows where I can find a Dusk Stone outside of Super training? And how I can add friends in my game?
PM me plz :)


Fear the Deer
Hi, I heard in gts you can find pokemons whichs you havent in pokedex. But I have there only pokemons from pokedex. So whats the problem ?

Sorry for my english I am czech
If you scroll to the bottom of the list, you will see something to the effect of "What Pokemon?" That's how you can search for things you haven't seen.

hey guys, i have a question, has anyone found a male dratini in X or Y yet, i have fought around 10 different wild ones but they have all been female.
That's just bad luck, to be honest. Of course you can find Male Dratini. You just have to keep trying.

I've noticed in the GTS some people are requesting you trade their pokemon for ones such as chikorita and treecko. That means they much have encountered them in the game right? I'd love to know where if anyone has come accross them yet even if it's just in battle.

Not necessarily. You have the option to ask for any Pokemon when putting up a Pokemon on the GTS. You're just limited with other things when doing so.


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Where is the elevator key for the hideout ? Was told a past scientist had it but where do I begin to look LOL ? kinda vague there ...


Everything stays.
Can someone just tell me where is the move deleter, please ?


Where is the elevator key for the hideout ? Was told a past scientist had it but where do I begin to look LOL ? kinda vague there ...

Mable has it; you have to battle her for it. Just solve the arrow pad/warp tile puzzle and you'll get to her.

Can someone just tell me where is the move deleter, please ?

Dendemille Town.


Event Collector
where is the guy that was with the professor in the cafe now? i have to try to find him. he finished stating team flare has a weapon or something. i forgot the guys name


you amaze me.
Which button do I push in the hideout? Red or blue?!
Anyone know how to access the blocked-off Waterfalls in Victory Road? I'm trying to get TM03, and I assume it's up there, but I can't find an entrance anywhere.


Everything stays.


Smart Cookie
I've heard of a glitch where if you save outside in Lumiose City and turn off, your save effectively becomes useless. Is there any more information/clarification on this?



The Winchesters

The Vessels
Okay regarding Y why cant i register people when i trade and or battle people. The option never appears. It's getting to be really annoying.
And were do i find my friend code?
I'm at the 8th gym and still havent worked it out.
Annoying i'd say! Just to ask has it been finalized? Only 3 new legendaries in X and Y ? As in really new?
Plus what outfit do i have to wear in order to get into see the boss at the abandoned hotel?


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Where can i buy vitamins like Protein and Iron? I'm wanting to evolve my Timid Eevee into Espeon or Umbreon so I can get a good nature on Mewtwo but I can't find anywhere to buy them.


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Can any1 name all Pokemarts (or anywhere really) that sells TMs? out to collect them all


Myth Hunter
Does anybody know where I can just SEE a Froakie if I started with Fennekin? I didn't see my rival's until after it had evolved.


New Member

So I beat the game but yet I can't start the Looker quest or find any post game mega stones? Is there something I need to trigger? I caught the Z legend and mewtwo already. I walk into Luminose city but doesn't start the looker quest. Any ideas?