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"Oh no,another new noob here!"

Discussion in 'SPPf Help & Newbie Lounge' started by *~Fearless~*, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. *~Fearless~*

    *~Fearless~* ++LaZy DaYs++

    Hello there! : D

    I had one account in here before this, but it was not working at all due to a e-mail confirmation mess,so i came and made a new one.
    And this one still works,yay!^_^

    So...What else?
    I am 16-year old girl from Finland,and i am currently on my summer vacation, playing Diamond. Besides Pokémon,
    i like manga,anime and other video games,like Sonic,Mario,Zelda,etc...
    I listen to music pretty often,i have swimming lessons once a week,
    i try to draw something almost every day,
    and ocassionaly i read other books than the manga ones.xD

    I really,really hope that i can find some friends in here.
    My english skills and volcabulary are not that brilliant at times,
    but i try to avoid typos and other mistakes when i write.^_^U

    *walks away in a silent coner and waits*
  2. Conquistador

    Conquistador Vive la Revolution!

    Welcome! I'm so glad "dat y00 don5 sp33k 1n teh l33t sp33k" and in proper English with proper grammar (well most of the time).

    Have a great time here ^_^
  3. Kitsune Winterheart

    Kitsune Winterheart Wintry Lights

    Finland? *heiluttaa sotakirvestä* Huutakaamme sotahuuto! HOUUU! Raakojen suomalaisten malliin~

    Err, sorry. Read the rules and have fun. BTW, If you really are from Finland, how did you get Diamond already? p___q
  4. *~Fearless~*

    *~Fearless~* ++LaZy DaYs++

    Thank you,i will.:)

    Frozen Kitsune:
    A game shop near us ordered it from USA.
    ...Rauha sen kirveen kanssa!xD
    Noh,mukava nähdä suomalaisia täällä,
    Xylitol on muistaakseni myöskin suomesta kotoisin.
    Oletko muuten Teejiiläisiä? o_O
  5. Kitsune Winterheart

    Kitsune Winterheart Wintry Lights

    Teejii? Öh... Joku ryhmä vai jotain? Ei se mikään paikkakuntakaan oo...
  6. *~Fearless~*

    *~Fearless~* ++LaZy DaYs++

    Teejiifoorumi,Tie Johtoon-sivujen foorumi.
    Googleta "Tie johtoon",minulla on kyseisillä foorumeilla käyttäjätunnus. ;)
  7. Kitsune Winterheart

    Kitsune Winterheart Wintry Lights

    Nyt oon jäsen >:3 Kiva sivusto. Oon Frozen Kitsune sielläkin.
  8. *~Fearless~*

    *~Fearless~* ++LaZy DaYs++

    Olen siellä Skitty,jos haluat tietää.:)
  9. Kataki

    Kataki complete.

    hi *~Fearless~* welcome to SPPf, hope you have a fun time and to tell you the truth, i can't understand anything youve been saying.Only the 1-2 posts.
  10. blueparukia

    blueparukia The Sexy Nerd


    Kymmenen Aakkonen Kaventaa
  11. Dragonfan

    Dragonfan Best. Rank. Ever!

    Welcome! Eikä! Suomalainen! :eek: Miten sä tänne eksyit?

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