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ohai Ima convictied Rapist


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Yeah so did ya hear.....No? oh well anyway this is my team that I have adapted pretty well to and I have yet to loose a battle. I have grown pretty tired of using the same OU stuff over and over and thought I would use some UUs

This team is for wifi only so try to keep that in mind when rating the team.

This team uses some UUs but not because they are cool each one of them have other qualities that I favor and make them a good edition to mah team


This teams main goal is to get stuff paralyzed or sleep and just let mixmence smash their team to death while they just sit in fear, Or just let Breloom annoy the **** out of them unitl they DC :)



Registeel @ Lefovers
Clear Body
252 Hp / 168 Def / 88 SpD
-Thunder Wave
-Ice Punch
-Stealth Rock

A Kind of odd Registeel here but he works pretty well his main job is to get up SR and spread around some para hax I usually try to keep him pretty healthy until late game when I know I don't need him anymore so he can go out with a bang.

No attack evs or Eq? Afraid not I can just T-wave mence and I have some better switch ins for meta and tran. Ice punch is just for some last resort mence coverage.

Why do I use this over Zong or Metagross? for the simple fact that they cannot use thunder wave


Breloom @ Toxic Orb
Poison Heal
44 HP/ 252 Atk / 212 Spe
-Focus Punch
-Leech Seed

Oh gawd do I really need to explain what this does? Possibly the most annoying thing in the game right up there with hax rachi

standard pokemon is standard.


Milotic @ Leftovers / Choice Specs?
Marvel Scale
148 Hp / 252 Def / 108 Spa
-Hidden Power (Electric / Light Screen
-Ice Beam / Light Screen

Again kind of an odd sets but again gets the job done I really love Milotic on this team and it seems to be the backbone. He counter gyara pretty well and can take on Mixapes that are missing Gk, or are missing NP.

He has a small chance to survive DD LO Outrage for mence iirc, but That really isnt his purpose on this team but it is nice to know.

Why Do I use this over Vaporeon? Easy Milotic has a instant recovery move and has the ability marvel scale which is awesome when coming in on burns and t-wave.


Gengar @ Choice Scarf
6 Hp / 252 Spa / 252 Spe
-Shadow Ball
-Hp (Ice)
-Focus Blast

Yay for standard!!!!

Scarf gar is a wicked awesome revenge killer thats hits incredibly hard.

Yes I know that by running modest I cant revenge +1 Naive DD mence but nobody really runs naive and I really don't care.


Clefable @ Leftovers
Magic Guard
252 Hp / 6 Def / 252 SpD
-Thunder Wave
-Seismic Toss

Ok well remember when I said breloom is the mosty annoying pokemon well I kinda lied to ya this thing is its like impossible to bring down if played right and it just plays mind game with the opponent

I just went with a lazy Ev spread so I can take special hits better and I have 2 other things that can take physical hits extremley well.

Blissey my ***!! lets see her do this.


Salamence @ Life Orb
84 Atk / 216 Spa / 208 Spe
-Draco Meteor
-Fire Blast

DUn DUN DUN. oh yeah he went there mixmence crushes everything really unless your cress.

Roost is because I don't want to be locked into Outrage and I don't have any kind of spinner so I can heal off the LO and SR damages which is really awesome

TBH im thinking about changing this to a sub DD mence or just a regular DD mence to take more Sweeping aproach. Whadya think?

He is indeed a rapist

Ok there is my team rate/ dont hate/ steal if you want idc

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I tested out a similar Milotic, and it failed. Here's why (DMFG pointed this out to me): if you're trying to come in on and counter Dragons with this spread, you won't be able to do it. CSMence will outspeed and 2HKO you with consecutive Draco Meteors (i.e., factoring in sp atk drop), CBMence sometimes 2HKOs with Dragon Claw, CBTar always 2HKOs with SE.. you get the idea.

Basically this spread won't work in D/P so you're better off going Calm max HP, getting sp def up to at least about 370, getting 240+ Sp atk and putting the rest in def. At least this way you will have a respectable special wall that can come in on specsmence Draco Meteors, instead of a poke that tries to do everything and ends up being able to do nothing. Also, use Leftovers if you use it.

Try not to double up on weaknesses too. After a cursory glance, I can already see that Salamence and Breloom both share an ice weakness, Clefable and Registeel both share a fighting type weakness, Gengar and Breloom both share a Psychic type weakness (though it's not as severe, given Gengar can take it out with Shadow Ball... assuming it's a psychic type who's using the psychic attack and is weak to ghost), Breloom and Registeel share a fire type weakness... etc.
You can see a common thread, your Breloom makes your team double up on 3 weaknesses: fire, ice, psychic. I might recommend taking him out just for that sake.


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Registeel come in on dragons first milotic is meant to counter switch in and counter dragons. But for worked horrible for you may work well for others

I did double up on a couple of weaknesses but I also doubled up on resistances ;)

You recomend taking out breeloom but for whom do you recomend I put in?

Thanks for the rate man
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Convicted rapist is convicted.

So this isn't spam all Leech Seed variants of Breloom love Jolly since Attack isn't the main attraction compared to the other sets.


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Thanks for catching my typo, and the suggestion on breloom

Reno could you change the title for me D:
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