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Ok, they need to stop making the first gym rock type

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*Points at Johto*

Stop spamming.


1. Better strategy
2. pick water :p


Train more
Charmander learns metal claw at level 13
Combusken learns double kick at level 16
monferno learns mach punch at level 14


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Well it is a great idea.

Rock types have five weaknesses, two of which are two of the three starter types in the main series games. This then gives players who are typically inexperienced a good chance to get into the game.

Plus if you picked fire in D/P/Pt then by the time you get to Roark your Chimchar will probably have evolved giving it a fighting type and mach punch which is a good match up to rock types. This is the same in in R/S/E where Torchic evolves into a fighting type giving it a resistance to rock types moves.

Although I do agree they need to stop making rock the first gym. In the three games where rock is a gym leaders specialty they have all been the first which can be boring.

Let's just hope that in Generation V, which I hope there is one, that rock is not a gym leaders type nor water, electric and fighting which have all been specialty types in three different gyms.

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It does make beginning trainers think about types of pokemon and strategy but I must agree...The rock gym is soo common and especially for the first gym, it's getting very tired...I wish that they would go on and create a dark gym already!!!


I always assumed it was so that you had to train and couldn't breeze through with a pokemon that only knows tackle. Make it steel or ghost. i would go ghost. it would get the kids thinking and also neutral to all starters.


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Doing it this way makes the choice of pokemon at the beginning sort of a 'difficulty setting' for the game. For example, let's look at Kanto:

Bulbasaur is setting the game to 'easy', because you have an advantage over the first and second Gyms, allowing you to progress through the games quickly in the beginning and quickly level up your starter, as well as any pokemon you've picked up.

Squirtle is the 'medium' setting; you have a huge advantage at the first Gym, but not so much at the second, and the third Gym you have a major weakness, meaning that you can't just rely on your starter and have to rely more on strategy sooner in the game.

Charmander is the 'hard' setting. With it, unless you're willing to train it for a while, you'll need to get the help of as many pokemon as you can from the very start and work your way through the beginning of the game very strategically.

It's different for the various other regions, but I believe that this was the initial purpose of the way they set up the Gyms.


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Yeah, it is pretty common.

But yeah, I can't think of a type advantage shared by fire and one of the other two. Rock and ground are types that at least two of the three have an advantage against.

I suppose fire could work, because both fire and water resist it, but then, only water would have an offensive advantage.

I can't think of anything that, like yeminied said, gives two starter types an advantage. Besides, that initial type advantage might be the only saving grace for the water and grass starters, because people like fire so much. In short, the small bit of trouble with the rock gym is what you get for calling the water starter "gay".

Even so, I'm glad I'm behind the days of Kanto where the chooser of the fire starter was plagued by having to fight a rock, then water gym. Misty was a total nightmare.
Rather than a not having a Rock-type Gym up first, I question why they're having Geodude/Onix/x all the time. I wouldn't mind a Rock-type first Gym if it had, say, Corsola/Rhyhorn/Sudowoodo or something different like that.


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whoaa ok it's just a game you need to calm down....

I agree. Three out of four beginning gyms of the same type is too many. We need more variation.

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They do that to make it easy for people playing thier first pokemon game.


There is a tie for the type with the most weaknesses:

Grass and Rock.

Or, use the type with least amount of resistances

Ice, Ground, Ghost

They are the 5 candidates for the first gym including the Flying Type.


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That's because maybe it's fair for the people who get enthralled by the big, sexy, dangerous fire starters to get a little more of a challenge than the ones who think more, and don't just choose the most badass.

But I actually do like the ghost idea. Not only is it one of "the five candidates", but it, like rock, prevents early repeated tackle victories, like Brandyjay said.


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I don't mind the rock type gym, it's almost a staple in the series by now, but something different would be nice. Though when they started with flying in G/S/C, it was a pretty easy gym with the pokemon being pretty under leveled.
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