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Ok, they need to stop making the first gym rock type

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dude stop posting threads

nobody cares about your flailing over your pokemanz fainting


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The reason being is that the Fire type starter is generally the most popular of the three starters, being the "Cool, yet cute" thing that Japanese kids love. The game designers, knowing this. On purpose make the first gym Rock to challenge the poeple who picked the ever-so-popular Fire-typed starter. Kinda got screwed this gen with the popularity of Piplup over Chimchar.

So mabye next gen the first gym will be Grass or Electric.
SS.KUKEN, stop joking about pronz.

Kamikazewhatever, the creator know most people choose fire to start with. So they decided to make this into a strategy so the player doesn't just fire blast everything in his path. Deal with it and stop making so many useless threads.
No, water types are gay(IMO)

Fire fo lyfe

Try telling that to Misty. Oh, and watch out for that mallet of hers. XD

And Starmie, too. (Starmie can learn Electric and Psychic moves.)

I'd like to see a change in the first gym, too. If not a different type, use Bonsly or something. No more Geodude or Onix. At least Johto is unique by having the first gym use Flying types. Falkner is awesome. (His Pidgeotto knows Roost now.)


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First off, Don't double post.

Second, How exactly are rock type gyms supposed to f*** fire types over? Charmander learns metal claw at level 13-14. Combusken learns double kick upon evolution and takes neutral damage to rock types at that. Same case for monferno. He learns mach punch upon evolution and takes neutral damage to rock moves. so dont pull any crap about saying how rock type starter gyms are f***ing fire types over. Because they aren't.


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It's like they are trying to **** up people who picked fire. Why can't they **** up the people that picked water for a change? god damn.

Ok, 3 regions had the first gym as rock, so what. Be happy that in this gen all you got to do is evolve Chimchar and you can easily beat the gym. Plus there are other ways you can beat the gym without relying on your fire starter, so learn to do that.
Don't pick fire?

OR, train them high enough.
Monferno learns mach punch
Combusken learns fighting attacks

If you're desperate, just trade to get fire and grass starters. OR catch something else as well. Machop, budew, etc.

Btw your threads are starting to crowd out all the good threads by pushing them back. It does get annoying. You don't have to post threads about every little thing just because you can't be bothered to train higher, or catch something else.
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Well, I kinda agree about you that we need a wider variety but do you have to be so stubborn about fire types? Well, I suggest you try having a Ground type gym leader up as the first gym and see how fire-type Pokemon could whine ._.

Like everyone said, Fire type is really among the "cool" stuff even me so GF decided to place Rock as the first gym. Unless if you want Normal?

Though I would want to see a Dark-type gym for a change


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theres always a pokemon that can own rock types before the first gym you can capture, just look at when i picked chimchar in platinum, i caught a budew, weakened geodude with starly and chimchar, send out budew, used absorb at level 4, gained 3 levels off that, killed onix with 1 absorb, gained another 2 levels, killed cranidos with 2 absorbs, done, went from a level 4 budew to level 10 in a snap :/


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I think everyone is being overly harsh on the OP. It's a valid point. I really, really hope the first gym in the next region is not a Rock gym. It's not about being too difficult with a fire starter - Metal Claw/Double Kick/Mach Punch makes that point moot anyway - it's just incredibly boring and unimaginative to see the same type of gym at the same point in the game with the same Pokemon, over and over again! Try something new, GameFreak! And the fact that a lot of the gym's Pokemon are Rock/Ground and have low special just make them an absolute joke if you pick the Grass or Water starters, or if you catch a Wingull/Lotad/Budew/Bibarel before the first gym. Rock opening gyms are not a challenge, and not interesting.

If I had to choose, I'd go with Normal, as it's neutral to all three starter types and there is a wide range of Pokemon to choose from, so we won't just be fighting Geodudes and Onix. It's silly to say that you could just sweep a first gym using Tackle - Tackle sucks. Even if it deals neutral damage, it still sucks. As long as the leader uses half-decent Pokemon, it won't be anywhere near a walkover - certainly not as much as a walkover as it is facing a Rock trainer with a Water or Grass type.


Ray Tracer
Have you ever though that, even without any Fighting/Steel type attack, a fire pokemon easily destroys Rock type gym. If you're willing to train and evolve, then just use your STAB Ember and gym leader will be crying in the corner. Why? Their Special Defense is just horrid.


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1) Catch more pokemon to make it easier.
2) In firered, my first game, I picked charmander and won, with only charmander. I won the first time. it was easy. very easy. dont complain.

And id like to know how water types are gay, considering they are my favorite type and a whole type of pokemon isnt going to be gay
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