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Old Characters in PM2019


There's no reason to believe at this time that Bea is the only Galar Gym Leader in Hyper Class.
I didn’t say she was. I’m just tired of Bea and she’s been the only one he’s faced so far.


Disappearing isn't that bad, actually.
Except that’s not really that big of a deal or a problem because Ash isn’t required to battle Milo as he isn’t doing the gym challenge so there is no particular order of gym leaders that he has to face.
Okay. Let me rephrase that.

Imagine being 70 episodes in but you have yet to beat a single Galar Gym Leader.


The biggest crime of the SM cameo is the blatant disregard of AG and DP references. Like you have Brock. There is no excuse to not have him and Ash talk about those adventures together too. Heck Misty was even in AG too anyway...
Unfortunately they were too busy pandering gen I fans.

I really hope if they are doing something for the 25th anniversary next year, it'll be something celebrating all of the anime rather than just one interation.


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Not really interested in Ash battling Volkner if Volkner uses Luxray again
Same lol
I love Volkner but there are trainers there other than Cynthia that would make for exciting opponents, they keep bringing back characters that Ash did beat but did he get to battle characters he hadn't like Drayden? Or characters like Wikstrom who finally made their debut? Nope!
If Sinnoh needed an opponent, it should have been either Palmer or Flint.

Surge was already hinted at and is honestly more exciting as it'll be cool to see how the character has changed. Along with what his team looks like now that he doesn't rely on Raichu. Mega Ampharos please

I didn’t say she was. I’m just tired of Bea and she’s been the only one he’s faced so far.
Same. Opal appeared but again like Wikstrom and Drayden, no battle.
I've honestly never liked her, I've never been able to see why people do other than 'OMG FEET! :D '

Give me Nessa, Bede, Marnie, Kabu, and Piers damn it!


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So I guess Bea is like Ash’s rival? Is this the first we’ve had a Gym leader based rival besides possibly Gary?
What about that girl with the Mega Lucario? I can’t remember if she was a Gym Leader but she was cool right ? :D


Can we please get the older, old forum back?
It might do, for marketing purposes. Its telling we haven't seen any anime exclusive character in the PWC so far, since they could have deffo slotted Ritchie in somewhere.

Rinto, the Hiker, Visquez (or whatever his name was)... Probably a few more if I paid attention.


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So Volkner is one of the Ultra Class opponents? I remember he was really strong, so it makes sense. Maybe Infernape is coming back to fight Volkner?

I would also like to see past trainers that Ash didn't defeat before, instead of rematches against the ones he did defeat. But I like Volkner anyways, and if he uses his Raichu it'd be a real challenge.

Hopefully we'll get more Elite 4 and Champions along the way from here to Master Class and Leon. Now that Ash defeated Unova Champion Iris, there's no reason to hold back.
I should have put Past anime exclusive character.
Well, I'm pretty sure Gary is anime exlusive. Sure, it has a game counterpart, but one that has a different name, objective and goal. Anime Gary and Game Blue are two totally different characters aside from their similar design, right now.