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Old Characters in PM2019

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
Out of all the past region Champions, I think Cynthia, Steven, Wallace, and Lance are the most likely to appear before the League. We have never seen Wallace partake in a battle in the anime so seeing Ash take him on to get points for the Galar tournament would be a very welcome battle especially since Wallace was stated to be an official Gym Leader as well as a Champion of the Hoenn League during the Wallace Cup arc in DP. Lance will probably appear with Clair in a Johto centered episode focusing on Goh and Ash taking the Dragon’s Den test. Cynthia could appear in anyregion being seen researching the local myths and legend of that region. Same for Steven except with Fossils.


Bring Dawn back from the around the time BDSP releases to at least one month after Legends is released. I want the original co-protagonist to stay as long as it's humanly possible.
You just want us to have that feeling that the female protagonist didn't use to be **** in the action department.

...Oh, wait. Dawn was the last good one.