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Old chateu girl


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I was wondering, has anyone seen the girl in old chateu? When entering old chateu, go up the stairs, then in the middle door. Now in this corridor go to the first room on your right. Occasionally, you will not be able to walk for a while and a girl will appear on the room to your right. She will float out ( She moves, but shows no walking animations ) but as far as i know, cannot be found anywhere else in the house Has anyone else seen her? ( I did this on platinum, and haven't played Diamond or Pearl so i'm not sure if it happens on them. ) Has she got any use? Is she part of a sidequest or is she just there to scare the bejebus out you?


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This has never happened to me. But I would LOVE to experience it. But it's probably only in Platinum, I havent seen it in D/P.'

EDIT: Actually, it does happen in D/P I googled it and they say it's an easter egg event.
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This has happened to me alot. The first time i felt like shitting myself. I was that shocked. xD


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There are a bunch of them, as far as I know they're pointless other than to provide scenery.


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I have seen the girl, but not the butler.

Of course, nothing is as creepy as finding an Antidote in the kitchen's trash can.

Think about it.


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The girl (along with the old man) has no real affect on anything, she's not part of the main plot, and she's not part of a sidequest. They're just there for ambiance.

But yeah, I have seen them a few times, I didn't find it scary, but it was neat...

I guess.

@Kinali: Antidote in the trash can? How is tha-

Oh, I see. Not scary though.
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I saw the girl in Pearl and Platinum but never the old man.
I've also seen in the girl on my Diamond, but not the man. I've always wondered if she did anything. Glad to know she's just a decoration.


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Ive only seen the girl about 2 times... The first time i kinda got freaked out XD.. I walk into the room then i saw her and i was like.. "A ghost? O_O" the second time i saw it, i was still freaked out and went "Hey, didnt you just leave or something?"

But i have never seen the old man before.... But i will someday i guess XD


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I don't know why these threads keep popping up, its kinda annoying. Yeah I saw the girl, not because I was looking, but because I wanted the Substitute TM but I didn't know what room it was in. Its not like its a glitch in the game, its built in. The thing I'm more interested in is the Diamond Dust snow in Snowpoint City.


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There are 3 things in Old Chateu the girl,the old man and the room that is before to the room of girl in that room there is a pic just go close to it and you will know what I'm talking about.Oh and Rotom too so thats makes 4 :)
I've seen the girl and the old man. The first time i went inside i saw the girl and started walking around trying to find her again incase something interesting happened. Then when i went back inside i saw him. It didn't freak me out though i thought it was just very random like 'oh look a floating girl... fair enough' :/ As other people have said though they don't really do anything just show up randomly to kind of make the place abit more creepy.
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