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Old Rivals, New Tricks (591)


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i figured kenny would win from the begining, but in the battle i almost thought dawn was going to win so this episode sure was good.


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A neat and entertaining episode.
Today it wasn't one of the main protagonists who caught my attention for a change, but the seldomly appearing Kenny, the deserved winner of this week's contest.

Let's get started:

I really liked Dawn's playful and somehow clever reaction to Mamoswine's pranks. Isn't it heart-warming how lovingly and nicely she treats her Pokemon? I may not be a fan of her "cutie-collection", but I do love the way she behaves towards her Pokemon.

But unfortunately, Dawn's appeal didn't knock my socks off. To be honest, I found it neither appealing nor fascinating at all! All Ambipom basically did was making the notes (from the ball capsule) explode, throwing around stars (from the swift attack) and jumping around. What was so special about that? If I were a judge, I wouldn't have let her pass into round 2 this time. Sorry Dawn.

Talking of the judges, is it only me or did Mr. Contesta look much younger today?

Now Kenny's AWESOME Machoke: This appeal did knock my socks off, maybe because I myself do weightlifting too and thus admire Pokemon with an impressive body or muscles. Great Machoke! One of the best moments today.

And thanks to Jessie memory, we saw the Gabite from the last contest again, even if only for a few seconds. Although it was only a random Gabite which belongs to a random coordinator, Gabite reminds me of Garchomp and Garchomp reminds my of whom?? ;);):crush::crush: Cynthia awwww,I wallowing in memories:crush:

Although I'm rather sceptical when I comes to contest battles, because many of them are illogical in my eyes, that final battle between Kenny and Dawn sure was rousing and well thought-out. Good job writers!(And the praise is coming from somebody who's an expert in analyzing Pokemon battles!)

But this leads me straight to the worst scene of the episode. Since when have Normal and Fighting-type attacks been able to hit Ghost-type Pokemon??? The attack Ambipom used in that battle against Haunter (we only saw a short snapshot of it though!) could either have been Focus Punch (a Fighting-type attack) or Double Hit (a Normal-type attack), both of which normally don't affect ghosts.
Normal or Fighting vs. Ghost...Again the old mistake we already witnessed so often in the past. Come on writers, please no relapse into old times! :eek:hdear:

Aside from this mistake, it was an interesting episode in which everybody(even Team Rocket) gave it their all!

6.5/7 out of 10 points


I really liked this episode. It was kind of obvious that Dawn wouldn't win this contest since that would've given her 5 ribbons while Ash only had 6 badges. I liked how they animated some of the attacks in this episode as well.

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Good thing that Kenny won, though I'm sad Jessie didn't get past Dawn, after that wonderful show by Mime Jr. Seviper could've bitten the tail of Ambipom prior to the hit... The ping-pong part didn't really get me over, I think having that is a bad idea... I'm curious to what will Meowth try when he goes into Contests.


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Hmm Kennys voice annoys meXD He sounds like a girls voice.
I think I liked Jessies appeal the best, hers honestly impressed me. Kennys is second. While I thought Dawns was at her best, it wasn't enough to make me go oh and awe like Jessies and Kennys did. That whole Ping pong thing sounds weird, but if it means keeping Barry a bit longer I'm all for it. The guy is to funny. I saw a bit of Penguinshipping hint in here. And what I'm mainly looking forward to in the next contest is Meowth battling in it, he sounds so determaind to win, hopefully without cheating this time. It'd be nice if Meowth made it all the way to the finales for Jessie. I liked the music that was playing during the part where Meowth said he'd win the contest for Jessie, it was cool. Also I noticed a new opeaning, its ok. Over all I'm not a fan of contests, but if the next one means Meowth battling in it than I'm actually excited for once. This episode was ok though.


Mamoswine takes interest in contest, I was shocked win Meowth took charge and said He Wanted to compete in the next contest
Great Episode I foresee Mamoswine versus Meowth:)


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This is what sucks about rivals, they can do incredicley stupid and boring appeals and still pass. Seriously, how is that entertaining? You expect great strength from Machoke.

Dawn and Jessie has good appeals.

I was kind of disappointed in how Dawn lost. I mean she had to lose since it is too early, but still cheap. Ambipom looked like she was doing well, then one hit and down she goes. Lame.

Another decent filler IMO.

This isn't a filler!


Wonderful... another bloody contest... I haven't got the slightest interest in them, but for a Pokemon Masochist like myself, that's no excuse to be skimping on a summary.

- Barry & Ash are training extensively for the Ping-Pong Tournament. I'd say that for them to be working this hard, it had better be worth it; if I find out that the prize up for grabs is nothing more than a congratulations, I'm going Bi-polar on someone...
- In the meantime, Kenny is claiming that he'll beat Dawn in this upcoming contest. We shall see about that...
- Dawn trains extensively with her Ambipom, just as Ash began having flashbacks of her when she was still an Aipom, & still belonged to him.
- Just then... OMG we're under attack from an Ice-Type!!
- Oh, it's only Mamoswine, being an attention *****...
- Just as Dawn turns her back on it, it uses Ice Shard again, but Dawn slyly tilts her head to her left to avoid its attack. That's perhaps the only part of this episode that I found laughable.
- In the meantime, Jessie is contemplating her next contest strategy, which is pretty much stolen from Ursula. She plans on using James' Mime Jr.
- The contest begins, & we start off with... "Jesselina!" With Mime Jr. standing perfectly still, then it suddenly uses Teeter Dance, Which is a hit for the entire crowd. I'm very sure that if someone in the audience were blind, they wouldn't budge in the slightest, but chances are, they wouldn't even be inside here...
- Fast forward to Kenny's appeal, in which he uses his Machoke & his amazing strength. Bleh... we see that in the entire Machamp family, so why the audience finds that awesome, I don't know...
- We now get to see Dawn's appeal, in which she uses her Ambipom & her moves to a dazzling effect; this is basically the only appeal that I find even remotely interesting, & that's not saying much.
- The people that make it to the second round is Dawn, Kenny, & against all odds, Jessie, among five of the other not-so-important people here.
- Fast forward again to Jessie's defeat at the hands of Dawn. Jessie should just give up, now!
- We now get to the final fight between Kenny & Dawn! Let the killing begin!!
- A minute into the fight, the two of them turn it into a Ping-Pong contest, which gets the crowd going, but not me. Wake me up when something interesting happens...
- The makeshift contest is over? Okay, I'm up. Kenny's Prinplup uses Metal Claw in a fashion that has it resembling a drill, but Ambipom uses Focus Punch to fight back.
- One last Drill Peck at max power, & Prinplup gives Ambipom a case of Dead.
- Kenny wins his fourth ribbon, & is now caught up with Dawn.

Finally, the "Gouge your eyes" fest is over. Now I can concentrate on something else...


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Usual contest episode but glad that Kenny won his 4th ribbon. It had to come sooner than later
Dawn shouldnt have used Ampipom in both rounds though she should have used Pachrisu in the appeals or Mamoswime in the battles and used Ambipom for which round she didnt use it in. That was her let down i thought
But im sure she will win her next ribbon in the next round and it shows maybe Kenny might be at the grand festival now too as he only needs one more


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haha mamoswine feels left out


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Finally Dawn loses. Kenny seems more like a better rival than Zoey. She's always helping her more like she's the childhood friend and Kenny's the rival.


Finally Dawn loses. Kenny seems more like a better rival than Zoey. She's always helping her more like she's the childhood friend and Kenny's the rival.

What? Dawn's lost plenty of times before :S

As for Kenny, when I watched it I thought he was ok, but nothing close to Zoey. She's still better than Kenny or Dawn.

6/10 episode.


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No she's not. She's more like a teacher. A rival is like what Paul is. A person who doesn't need to teach because the trainer can just watch and learn.


Mmm, Ambipom wasn't strong enough.

too bad that Dawn lost.

and i loved to see Kenny's Machoke.



Team Awesome
Too bad that Jessie didn't win this contest, she was awesome with Mime Jr. I loved how Mime Jr. had the entire audience and the judges doing teeter dance, that was beyond cute. :) At least Jessie has gotten better over the years with the contests, but there were still some contests like this one that she should have won.

Too bad Dawn didn't win the contest either, but at least we got to see a good episode for Kenny. And it was funny when Mamoswine kept using ice shard while Dawn was practicing. Too bad it's the last contest for a certain pokemon, though. :(

Overall, awesome episode, but I wish Jessie had won.


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Well done contest episode, one of my favourites in Sinnoh. Infact, the best GB episode so far. Sucks to see Ambipom it her last contest.

I loved how Kenny did his performance; he showed that a good act doesn't need to involve improvised fireworks and colorful shiny light displays all over the place.

Also, it wasn't surprising that Dawn lost; she had won three contests in a row before this, after all.


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It was fairly obvious that Dawn was going to lose because it was too soon for her to win her last ribbon but overall she did pretty well. Kenny and Jessie's appeals were also good. Nice episode.