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Old Rivals, New Tricks (591)

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That was a good contest..... but it would have been nice to see Ambipom get another win


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This episode was good. It was cool to see Kenny win the rematch vs Dawn in the Contest. The Ambipom vs Prinplup battle was very cool. Mamoswine isn't quite getting really interested in contests just yet. Ambipom's appeal was very cool. It was funny how Meowth was thinking of actually trying to win the 3rd ribbon for Jessie himself. It was odd to see Ambipom actually be able to defeat a Haunter. It was cool to see Ambipom, Empoleon, and Pikachu practicing Ping-pong. It was cool how Ambipom and Prinplup were doing Ping-pong with Bubblebeam for the battle.


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Pretty good episode, I loved the appeal rounds in this episode, and the final battle round was pretty cool with combining Pokemon ping pong moves with contest battle moves. Too bad Dawn lost though, but I'm not really complaining much. 9/10


Jessie's Teeter Dance appeal with Mime Jr. was really cute, but I thought Kenny's appeal with his Machoke was bland. Dawn using Ambipom's Double Team in an appeal was interesting, and I liked that Mamoswine actually watched Dawn's battle with Kenny instead of simply sleeping. Anyway, poor Dawn. I wish Kenny hadn't won the ribbon.
I always think the only way the seals work on ball capsules is when it's right on the button. But, I guess they work as long as they're on the front.


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This episode was ok. I was sad Dawn lost but at least Kenny got a win which is more than i can say for most of the XY rivals.


Dawn losing to Kenny must have damaged her pride because she deserved to win more than he did. Poor Ambipom losing. 6/10

Mrs. Oreo

Mamoswine observing the contest so carefully was cute and Mime Jr's appeal was actually good. Kenny owning a Machoke surprised me and I didn't expect Ambipom to lose against Prinplup in the end.
Since Dawn had won two Contests in a row before this, her loss here seemed justified + it was a good thing that we saw Kenny as a big threat finally.
Dawn did okay, but I really wish Ambipom could have won this Contest, especially since the next episode is the Ping-Pong one. Of course Dawn cheated managed to defeat a Haunter with Normal-type moves...


Where does Kenny get all these badass Pokémon from? A Machoke now? Can't we have a manly man rival to have all these kind of Pokémon? Kenny's team does... not appear like you'd think it would.
It was obvious that Dawn wouldn't win because she has 4 Contest Ribbons while Ash only has 6 Gym Badges. It would've been nice though since that might've let us see her train for the Grand Festival. I like that Mamoswine also seemed interested in participating in Pokémon Contests.


This was a decent episode, though I wish we'd seen more of Jessie's battle. I think the problem That most people have with TR is that they don't get enough screen time to really be anything other than quick, uninteresting villains for the most part.


Kengo showing up was needed since we hadn't seen him in a Contest in ages, although I was irked by his win here since it came at the cost of Eteboth losing. Hikari seemed depressed when she lost, too.


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So for their appeals, Dawn used Ambipom and Jessie used Mime Jr. which was refreshing. It's about time Meowth got involved in a Contest again, so I was happy when he foreshadowed that.


Frankly, Kengo's Appeal and even his battling skills seem to have improved since we had last seen him, yet if anyone deserved to defeat Hikari, it was Musashi.
Was a good episode, I still find the idea of Pokemon Ping-Pong ridiculous and they make it sound way more serious than it honestly should be too. I didn't expect Dawn to use Ambipom in both the appeal and battle rounds. Kenny's a one-note character. What were the writers thinking trying to turn him into a major character? I'd much rather Conway or Ursula be Dawn's second rival than him.


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This episode was an excuse to make Kenny seem like a contender for the Grand Festival which is funny because he didn't even get past the appeal round in that competition. Dawn should've won here and gotten the 5th ribbon.


Scorbunnie said:
This episode was an excuse to make Kenny seem like a contender for the Grand Festival which is funny because he didn't even get past the appeal round in that competition. Dawn should've won here and gotten the 5th ribbon.

I think this episode was mostly meant to show his progress since his previous appearance, not necessarily to hype him up for the Grand Festival later.


Alola Shill
I think this was a decent final contest for Ambipom, but I expected better. Her appeal was nice and simple, a good tribute to her strengths. Kenny’s was fun actually, simplicity was a big theme here but it worked. That handstand was sick; he’d be a killer performer if he could even enter a Showcase. The battle itself was whatever, some nice moments but a bit crazy Ambipom goes out like that.

For all the rightful criticism Ping-Pong gets, it’s acceptable that it’s established Ambipom is good at using her tails and doing so gets her attention. Obviously this doesn’t negate much but it’s at the very least something to explain the next episode.

Mamoswine pretending not to care + Meowth being fired up to win for Jessie was funny. I liked Dawn taking her loss in stride and resolving to keep it up, nice progression.