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Old School Champion Poll

Discussion in 'Fan Sprites' started by Sweet May, May 7, 2011.


Vote for the best entry!

Poll closed May 10, 2011.
  1. Fused

  2. noobiess

  3. Innocent Bystander

  1. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    Another Week, Another Champion

    Thanks for voting on the initial poll for Week 111. This is where the top 3 entries shall battle it out. Do remember the theme was "old school" and spriters were told to use a RBY sprite and animated similar to B/W new animation style.

    You can only vote for one entry here! Excluding yourself. Good luck to the final three. :)

    The entries that made it to the top 3 this week:



    Innocent Bystander
  2. EzzPeon

    EzzPeon just a passerby

    I voted for noobiess.

    Poliwhirl is cool, especially when it's punching the air. :)
  3. Zozo1999

    Zozo1999 has left Serebii

    Ah, all three of the proper entries c:

    But I'm going with Fused Poliwhirl is going to fast IMO
  4. Plat. Frontier

    Plat. Frontier Epic Mustache

    I'm Just An Innocent Bystander!

    You got my vote. Great animation Tentacruel is great.
  5. dr. zoidberg

    dr. zoidberg Well-Known Member

    my vote goes for noobiess, it reminds me an old rayman game and it is wonderfully made
    the others were awsome too though :)
  6. Ayra

    Ayra ~Master Coordinator~

    Noobiess is my vote too, loads more going on than other two.

  7. munchlaxboy

    munchlaxboy Catching up on XY

    Voted for Innocent Bystander based on the great amount of detail and flow to the sprite. Every single tentacle moves in perfect tandem.
  8. Ditto123

    Ditto123 ~Word~

    Hmmm. Tough one. I have to say Innocent Bystander, cause it looks like da boss!
  9. GoldenOza

    GoldenOza Bored to Infinity

    Fused- Animation wasn'y smooth, coz parts were just standing there
    IB- For BW style, ther wasn't enough variation in the animation.
    noobiess- almost perfect. Voted for!
  10. Haxorusfan

    Haxorusfan Dragon Trainer

    Tentacruel is mad don't make him madder. Vote Tentacruel
  11. noobiess

    noobiess 6 different pokemon Staff Member Moderator

    Fused's sprite looks totaly 5th gen! Nicely done (even though you said it was a bit sloppy)

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