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gee that's swell
Locke-Kefka said:
but Ice Dragon has been here since Sept.2005 and i've been here since Aug.2005 so y can't i join?

You can join as long as you are not lying about your original join date


Things that have changed since when I first joined....oh boy, that's a long list. But then, I originally joined probably before almost everyone here. ^^;; Errrr....I grew more mature, I broke off and resurrected the 'garden, a feud developed between myself and Joe...and that's just the most relevant beginning. ^^;;;


I was at Serebii net since August 2000.


Pokemon Master
What's one thing that has changed about you since you first joined?
well, ive mature loads, you should see my first posts, pure spam! i found appretiation for sprite comics and ive even made my own!
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