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Olympus High: A Boarding School for Demi-Gods and Heroes (rated R) RP thread

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by VampirateMace, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Welcome to the Isle of Atlas. This RP is rated R; violence/gore, cussing, and other mature topics are to be expected, as you train in the art of becoming a hero.


    SU Thread: https://forums.serebii.net/threads/...hool-for-demi-gods-and-heroes-rated-r.663657/
    Discussion Discord: https://discord.gg/AM4VPwz

    1. Follow the standard forum and sub-forum rules.
    2. Don't SPAM, flame, or otherwise harass other players. I don't care if it's here or on discord, don't do it, be mature.
    3. Don't bunny (control others' character's) without permission. - IF you fight another player, you do not get to decide if you hit them.
    4. Your character is NOT Omnipotent, Omniscient, or Omnipresent (unless otherwise approved). Do NOT have them know things they shouldn't, teleport, or otherwise god-mode (yah, yah, I know, most of you are playing demi-gods). And please don't just one hit KO NPCs constantly, thank you.
    5. Put your name(s) and location at the top of your post. Inventory is not required.
    6. For those of you with multiple chars and/or pets, make it very clear WHO is doing WHAT.
    7. Do NOT be the idiot that forces me to make more rules (love you guys).

    1. VampirateMace (Lex - Child of Eris, Domain of Chaos)
    - - - (Apollodoros - Champion of Artemis, superhuman stamina)
    2. Schade (Devin - Son of Hecate, Domain of Knowledge & Necromancy)
    - - - (Nico - Son of Dionysus, Domain of Ritualistic Madness
    3. Minteh (Didyme - Daughter of Enyo, Domain of War & Destruction)
    4. Monster Guy (Leo - Son of Apollo & Eos, Domain of the Sun)
    - - - (Liam - Son of Aphrodite, Domain of Love & Beauty)
    5. Samayouru (Child of Persephone and Hades): *RESERVED*
    6. Vern (Champion of Hephaestus): *RESERVED*
    7. Skillfullness (Fawn - Champion of Pan & Selene, survivalist, nocturnal)

    Lex (Child of Eris, Domain of Chaos)
    Location: Ship > Port Town

    Lex gazed excitedly over the sparkling water. He could see the island now. He always missed home while he was here, but this place was wondrous and magical. He still might not be sure what it meant to be a hero, but the Isle of Atlas would always be the most amazing place he'd ever been.

    The ship made dock and passengers started to queue as the workers secured it. Sighing, Lex slipped on his backpack and grabbed the handle of his rolling suitcase. It was time for the most tedious and annoying part of a trip to the Isle of Atlas; customs. Cameras, cellphones, and other recording and communication devices were not allowed on the island, and security was strict. Lex could easily bypass that rule with his transfiguration powers, which meant he was basically on the honor system, but it didn't spare him waiting in line while everyone and their bags were inspected. Not to mention the annoying questionnaire.

    Forty five minutes later Lex walked out of the white dockside building into a paved courtyard sporting kiosks, exotic plants, and welcome signs. Across the courtyard, immediately in front of the building were a couple teachers with signs calling out, “First years! Freshmen! Over here!”

    Lex nodded at them as he walked past, exiting the courtyard and truly entering the small port town. He knew once they’d collected all the first years, they'd be leading them to the capital city (which would really be considered a small town elsewhere), and then up the easiest mountain path. It was the path he planned on taking, so best get ahead of this inexperienced crowd, especially if he wanted to make it in time to have dinner and unpack before tomorrow's classes.

    He could see the mountains already, but it would be at least a couple hours before he reached the base. He walked on, surrounded by make-shift fusions of old and new architecture, that gave the island a sensation of timelessness. He knew the island had once been ravaged by a tsunami, and since then everything had been built at will, first in a similar style, and later in more modern styles. Arrays of solar power collecting crystals were also scattered about the buildings. Other things were like that too, a lot of people wore chitons and togas, but there were also people in jeans or business suits.

    “Do do doo do, do do do,” sung Lex softly as she walked, not really concerned with if the other students going this way were irritated or not. It was a long walk, and they weren't supposed to have recording devices which basically meant no recorded music, unless they got a hold of an almost antique portable CD player, so she had to entertain herself somehow. Sometimes she missed her phone so bad it almost hurt.

    She kept an eye out as she walked too, figuring she'd find some nice little cafe or Pita Bell to stop at for lunch. Maybe she could even find some friends to eat with, or more realistically, some acquaintances that at least weren't completely off-put by her. Making friends wasn't exactly Lex's strong suit, but she managed.

    Apollodoros (Champion of Artemis)
    Location: Outer Island > Ferry > Countryside of Inner Island

    Apollodoros trudged along the path that followed the inner coast of the outer island. He'd gotten up early, packed his few meager belongings into a rough rucksack, kissed his mom goodbye, and started out towards the next village. Normally, left to his own devices, he'd just swim across the cove, but the books and clothes in his rucksack unfortunately required him to take the long way.

    As he approached the next village, he could see his goal, the ferry landing. The ferry master waved at him as he stepped away from the people and animals who were boarding, “Apollo!”

    “Euippus,” he called back. He was familiar with the man from from previous trips to and from the school, where they had talked at length during the crossing. It was not really a long trip, but Apollodoros was not good at standing or sitting around for very long, so it helped the that the ferry master had taken an interest in his goal of becoming a hero.

    After a few more passengers boarded, ferry master started up the old solar powered motor and the little barge started puttering across the cove. The calves a farmer was taking to market brayed behind him. He turned to Apollodoros, “Now then, new school year. This'll be your last year won't it? Have you thought anymore about if you're staying on the island or going back out into the big world again?”

    Apollodoros sighed, looking back at the outer island, “It's a hard choice to be sure. This is my home, it always will be. But the world out there is fascinating, though I find parts of it difficult. Here being a hero means fighting monsters and natural disasters, but out there it's much more complex.”

    “So it's a matter of an familiar path verses an unknown one?” asked the ferryman as he moved to adjust the rudder. Apollodoros nodded softly, “Ah, I suppose you're right. I guess I already do know what to do.”

    Being at the back of the ferry sucked when they made land (half a mile outside of town), even if he still had the ferry master to chat with. All Apollo really wanted was to get off and be on his way, but there was a crowd of people and calves in the way. Come on, he had plans! He was going to climb the east face of the mountain today, which was supposed to be inhabited by grotesque troll-like giants. It was going to be a grand adventure.

    He could see the large ships docking in the distance, knowing their passengers from all over the world, mostly his fellow students, were being funneled through the island's strict customs routine. Not that there wasn't a lot of hoops to jump through to get on one of the ships to start with. The Isle of Atlas wasn't somewhere any old person could visit, otherwise they’d never be able to keep the magical creatures and relics here safe. Still, it made him glad to be on a ferry barge, where when enough of the others had disembarked, he was able to leap off, the contents of his rucksack clattering. He immediately started running, but quickly stopped, hearing a fellow student he'd not realized was on the ferry call after him, “Apollo, why are you going that way?”

    “I'm going up the east face!” announced Apollodoros excitedly, while pointing his hand axe directly at the mountain. His fellow hero raised an eyebrow, “Isn't that the most dangerous and reckless way to go?”

    “Ye-eah-haha,” cackled Apollodoros, “But it's my fourth year, so if I'm going to do it, now is the time to do it.”

    “Okay,” accepted the other student, “see you at school if you survive.”

    Apollodoros nodded and turned back around, starting to run again. Due to Artemis' blessing he wasn't worried about wearing himself out before he got to the mountain. The only thing he needed to worry about was biting off more then he could chew if he ran into giants. He glanced down at his left hand, he never wanted to let Artemis down again, nor did he want to loose any more fingers.

    Turning his attention forward again, he swung his axe into a sapling, clearing the path ahead of him. His confidence returned. He was brave and he was strong. He had this.
  2. Schade

    Schade Nothing to report, professor!

    Nico (Son of Dionysus, Domain of Ritualistic Madness yas gawd)
    Location: The SS. Boat Boat Boat -> Port Town

    As the music was getting louder, the entire atmosphere aboard the SS. Boat Boat Boat reached new heights. It was a perfect way of celebrating what was left of summer before Nico would arrive to where he was to spend his next couple of a long time. Sure, he always missed home when he was attending Olympus High, but at the same time, the experience of being there was just so different than what he was doing back home. for starters, people there actually understood his weird schtick; he was normal there. I mean.. As normal as one would be percieved when drinking hard liqor before every class. Point is, his strange unnatural powers weren't the main focus for why people were skeptic of him as a person, as it only fueled his already bad habits in a cheaper, more health-friendly way, kinda.

    Either way, he wasn't going to spend his last few hours thinking about all the weird melodramatic aspects of his somehat strange life. Now, he was ready to party! Or.. he had been ready to party for a few hours already, and the party had lasted equally as long as well. It was surprising how engaged a cruise consisting of seniors would be. Several hours and not even a single broken hip. Must be some sort of new record. Nico had been slightly disappointd when he had managed to board the wrong cruise. How was he supposed to know that Boat Boat Boat and Party Party Party were two entirely different cruises? It was only a struck of pure intangable luck that this cruise was also heading to his destination, though arriving a few hours later than the other ship. Why any cruise ships were headed to the Isle of Atlas was a mystery though, but regardless, it was heading there, and Inga had just poured everyone another round of tequila shots.

    Who's Inga, you may ask? Eh who cares! Partaaaayy! It was certainly Way too early in the morning to be throwing a grand fest like this, but Every day was a party to Nico. Besides, the elderly of the ship always got up so early you almost start wondering if they actually sleep at all. The party had started out modestly, finding its roots in the morning bingo hall on the pool deck. The amount of people his own age was disappointing to the point of annoyance, so Nico had just said Yolo and joined the bingo crew. Though his Team, cleverly nicknamed the Gucci Gang had lost the bingo match, the spirit of the elderly had sparked Nicos lust for party, not that that was a big thing as literally most minor everday things does so. One or two bottles of water transmuted to wine and voila: Party city here we come! Nico was careful when using his power like this, as too strong alcohols would flat out murder everyone onboard. Instead, he made the wine weak, and hi-jacked the radio when the bingo refree was wondering how the elderly manage to smuggle such insane amounts of alcohol to the event. The elderly themelves had no idea where all this wine came from, but it didnt take long before Inga said something along the line of "F*ck this, f*ck bingo, let's get wasted!" and started what would forever be known as the elderly revolution of Boat Boat Boat. Throwing a small man into the pool many of the others followed. The people overseeing the cruise didn't really know what to do, and decided instead to make sure the party didn't go out of hand too quickly.

    It didn't take too long for the party to go out of hand. Almost as if enthralled, they were all dancing, drinking, enjoying life and generally behaving like baboons. This party would bring th entire track record of the party cruise to shame, and Nico was at the center of it. He was always at the center of the wildest parties. Ganted, he tended to start most of the wildest parties as well but.. details. The party was wild. Clothes was coming off, people invented wir new dances, at some point Nico transmutated the entire pool into wine and immediately regretted it while considering the poor sobs who were cleaning this mess up afterwards, the music was loud and the atmosphere was errattic to say the least.

    Several hours of which i am not going to delve too much into detail about in respect to peoples poor innocent souls later, the cruise arrived at its destination: Isle of Atlas. It was a quaint island, one that didn't draw too much attention to itself. Mostly because of the lack of literally anything modern of electric on the entire island. This was a somewhat annoying part of attending here, as all their phones, music players, margarita mixers etc would be confiscated at the arrival of the island. They would not have their phones during the entire semester, which sucked as nico's grandfather died two years ago during the semester and it took him 4 months to get the news. Regardless, it was a price one had to pay to be a god, probably. If you had access to 24/7 wifi connections and knowledge from the internet, anyone could be gods. Regardless, he handed in his phone with a reluctant frown, and held on tight to his water bottle. His abilities were known throughout campus, and due to his own insane tolerance to substances, the teachers rarely looked twice at it, though most of them didn't hide their disdain towards him. He liked to think they didn't know he could simply transmutate his own water from his bottle, but they knew. They knew and frankly they were over it. Points to Nico for believing in his own stealth though.

    One thing aboutt Olympus high was that the hike to the actual facility was a literal hell! Or.. Hades, if you're pricky about it. Without music? What was this place, some sot of ancient ruin? oh yeah.... Nevermind then. Nico usually kept himself company with his passive aggressiv power-walk, cursing to himself as he walked up the easiest path, which was still quite a hike mind you, and chugging down on water. "Oh you need that many bottles of water?" they asked him surprised during his first year. He'd plainly responded yes before stuffing them all down a bag. His luggage would arrive by different, and probably faster, means, as they were always ahead at his room before he was there himself. He had also packed down a few chicken wraps, decorate in a humoristic way to resemble the greek pillars adorning the place. Doing a light stretch-out, Nico chugged down the first of his 4 bottles of brandy before heading to the road signed with the appropriate signs.
  3. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    Didyme Thatcher (Daughter of Enyo, Domain of War & Destruction)
    Ship > Port Town

    Well, here she was, back again for what was to her fourth and final year at the school. Blue eyes looked out across the water and to the island that was now visible in the distance. Even now, years after she had first travelled here, the sight of the island, growing ever closer as the boat sped towards it, was enough to take her breath away.

    When the ship docked, Didyme hesitated a moment before joining the queue of passengers. She disliked finding herself wedged somewhere in the middle, jostled about by the rowdier demi-gods and champions, whose antics usually ensured a small fight broke out before they had even gotten off the ship. A fight had broken out in her second year, one which Didyme herself had been involved in - or at least finished at least. That son of Poseidon had not looked at her kindly again after she broke his nose that day. The only downside to waiting near the back of the queue was having to wait for up to an hour to have her bags checked. No cameras, mobile phones, and other recording and communication devices were allowed on the island. It had taken Didyme by surprise when she first learnt of this and promptly had her mobile confiscated on her first year. She had been a little annoyed back then but had since grown used to it. Besides, she wasn't really the sort to spend periods of time gazing at screens, and much preferred to out and about doing something. The only thing that could perhaps be considered "modern" was the portable, battered cassette player (a gift from her father) she had with her.

    After thirty minutes at customs, Didyme walked out of the dockside building and proceeded to head into the small town. She spotted some of the teachers trying to call the first years to them, but many seemed fascinated by their new surroundings. Didyme found herself a seat in the shade and took a moment to consider which route up the mountain she would take. Although she could probably easily make her way up the harder paths, Didyme opted to go for the easiest path, which despite its name was still a decent hike either way.

    From where she was at, Didyme bent over slightly and ensured the laces of her converses were tight. She then unzipped her backpack, and retrieved the cassette player, and had a mental debate over which of the six tapes to listen to on the journey up the mountain. The tapes were all her father's of course; Didyme had been born just after they were coming out of fashion. Her father certainly had a varied mix at least. Of the six Didyme had bought with her, four were compilations, one was a mixtape her father had put together years ago, and the remaining one, which she had picked up by mistake, was a cassette of Baha Men's "Who Let The Dogs Out". Slipping in one of the compilations, the first track she was greeted by was a fast, upbeat song. Slipping out of her jacket she tied it around her waist before hoisting her backpack back onto her shoulders. Slipping one bud into her ear, she made a casual jog in the general direction of where the easiest route started. She passed another student on her way, who she believed was called Nick? Nico? Either way, he was a bit of a notorious party boy.

    "Hey, Nick!" She called out, wincing slightly as she said his name, seemingly aware that it was wrong. Didyme was walking backwards as she spoke, slowing her pace a little so she wouldn't trip. "I'll race you if you're up for it?"
  4. Schade

    Schade Nothing to report, professor!

    Nico (Son of Dionysus, Domain of Ritualistic Madness yas gawd)
    Location: The SS. Boat Boat Boat -> Port Town

    Walking up the notorious "Easier path" while coming up with a plethora of new an inventive ways of cursing the person inventing the concept of uphill roads and walking, someone ran past Nico with a speed and agility fit only to one of those "Athletic gods" kids. Sometimes, it really sucked to be the kid of the party god, not really having much to offer on the field of actual physical labor despite his better physiology. Barely avoiding getting the whiplash of his life as the bundle of raven black hair jogged past him, the person in question turned around, keeping a jogging pace as she addressed him. "Hey, Nick!", didyme said. She was a year older than himself, and was one of the people at the academy he had gotten along well with. She was in her usual boyish outfit of black and blue; she wasn't one to give in to vanity, after all. She seemed to be peppy as usual. It was annoying.

    "I'll race you if you're up for it?" she said with a.. wince? Eh, he must've imagined that. She wanted to race him to the top? For what? Did she even know how long this hike was gonna be? She must've, she had been here for a year longer than he had, after all. Perks of being one of them amazing sports gods, probably, though if memory serve him right, Didyme was the daughter of some sort of chaotic goddess of war, bloodlust and American Ninja warrior. it would be easy for her. For Nico, this endeavor would likely take up the entire day, if not parts of tomorrow if the climbing part of the hike hadn't changed over the course of the summer. Regardless, Nico had on more occasions wantd to just wait it out and hitch a hike with Maya, the daughter of hermes to the top as many students sometimes did. How the burly girl managed to stay airbourne while carrying so many students was beyond him, but nevertheess, the allure of bribing her into taking him grew stronger with each year.

    Not giving her a proper responce, nico just glared at the overly enthusiastic Didyme as she practically shone in a brilliantly competetive light. The hike was going to be hell anyway, so why not just go aong for the ride. Chugging what was left in his second bottle of rosè wine (he really regretted not bringing more bottles with him for this trip now.). "Heck yeah lets do it!" He yelled out in a peppy tone, releasing a low burp, making his immediate surroundings smell like rosè. "But racing for what? not dying?" he laughed. "Tell you what, if we manage to find that new Food food Food store along the way, the loser has to buy the winner a bottle of water and a burrito!". He didn't actually know if there was a Food Food Food general grocery store anywhere on this island. As far as he remembered, there was a Pita Bell at some point, but that was stil hours ahead. he already regretted accepting the offer though, as even though they would likely make the trip a 30 min or so shorter, he hates physical labor of any kind and would rather lay down on the side of the road and sleep, hoping someone would just find and pick him up like they did his second year.

    Either way, Nico was not one to turn down a friend. jogging in place, he grinned eidely as he clutched to the straps of his backpack. "Ok then, on the count of 3.". didyme also seemed to prepare herself for a dash. "One... Readysetgooooo" he shouted as he started jogging before counting down on his haux timer. let's see if she fell for it this time!
  5. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Fawn (Champion of Pan & Selene)
    Location: Port Town

    Fawn shifted the bag on her back and took in a deep breath of fresh air. While the sea and the ride over to the Isle of Atlas was fascinating, it was nice to be on solid ground again. Naturally she felt more at home surrounded by the trees and she greatly looked forward to the trek up to Olympus High.

    She had arrived early in hopes of skipping the crowd, but it seemed others had the same idea and she had to push her way through groups of chatty friends after getting through customs. Same as last year, her old Creative Zen Nano MP3 player passes the test so she can enjoy music to study to. The rules were harsh, but understandable. Without the anxiety of being a first year, she intended to take in the sights around her as she walked up to the school on the mountain this year. For now, she would wander around the town and see if there was any place she should stop by before starting her journey.

    To the side she noticed all the first years beginning to gather and she waved enthusiastically to one of the teachers she recognized. Just last year she had been a timid first year, but this year she was determined to set out boldly on her own. Easier said than done…

    The nature around the island was invigorating and inviting to her. There was all sorts of interesting plants and animals that inhabited the island. Her first year had been a whirlwind of learning all the new things that came with being a chosen champion of a god, but it had been an exciting whirlwind. Even at the heart of the town she could pick out familiar flowers and birds that flew overhead. She smiled serenely, letting the sun warm her and running fingers through her hair for the wind to play with. All around the town the plants and animals were filled with anticipation at the arrival of the students.

    For a moment she closed her eyes, careful to walk more slowly. Taking away her sight, she let her other senses take over for a moment as she strolled through the busy town. Sounds of the bustling citizens died away and she felt the warm sun on her skin, smelled nearby berries and wildflowers, and heard cries of little rodents scurrying through the bushes; it all gave her such wonderful feelings. A heavy sigh escaped her mouth as she felt truly at peace.

    Until Fawn ran into someone in front of her.

    Since her eyes were closed, she hadn’t noticed a student a few feet in front of her had stalled for a moment and without adjusting her direction, Fawn collided directly into their back and knocked herself over.

    “Ah! Oh, oh goodness, I am so sorry! I-I just stopped looking at where I was going and I just, oh gosh sorry.” She looked up into a somewhat familiar face with distinct different colored eyes. This was Lex, the child of Eris if Fawn remembered correctly, one who was able to switch between female and male at ease. She stood quickly and made sure they were also alright after the crash. A few people turned to look, but didn't slow their stride. They were just another pair of students passing through to the townsfolk.

    “Wow, sorry about that. I was kind of spacing out. Ummm…” She faltered and glanced around, trying to find something to bring up to save her from the embarrassment she felt bubbling up. There was a food stall up ahead that caught her eye. “Maybe I could treat you to a drink? Again, I’m really sorry, it’s just, it's so busy here and well, I was caught up in the moment… but yes! I, uh, could get something for you to make up for this maybe?”
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2018
  6. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Slurpuff and Alcremie both deserve love

    Leo (Son of Apollo and Eos, Domain of The Sun)
    Location: Ship > Port Town

    Leo jumped up and down excitedly as the Isle of Atlas finally came into view. He was starting to get fidgety on the ship. Yes, he had Video Games to play, and an MP3 player to listen to, but sitting on a boat for hours still gets boring. Once the vessel finally docked, he stepped off the ship for what would be his last year at Olympus High. It was a happy and sad moment. Even though he missed his family back home, this island was still wonderous and magical.

    The ship eventually docked, and Leo grabbed his Pinkie Pie themed backpack, and his rolling suitcase. Then he had to wait in another line to have his bags inspected, and fill out an annoying questionnaire. He had been there for four years already, you’d think they’d keep this information on file or something. The one good thing was that this would be his last time having to do this.

    Forty five minutes later Leo walked out of the building. Once he was out, Leo put his suitcase onto a cart that would carry their stuff up to his dorm. Having to roll that around would be a burden. He did however hang on to his backpack. He fumbled through it, and pulled out a portable MP3 player. Cameras and recording devices weren’t allowed, but he knew of some electronics that were. He wasn’t about to take this long walk without having some music to listen to. He learned that the hard way his first year.

    It was a bright sunny day. Just the way he liked it. Being a Demigod of the Sun made
    it so much easier to function on sunny days. He had opted to take the easier path, which was still a bit of a climb regardless, but doing that just made more sense. Mainly because it would be more likely he would see other students. He put his earbuds in his ear, turned on the MP3 player, and started singing along with the song that played, while skipping along the path. The song in question was Smile Smile Smile by Pinkie Pie.

    Liam (Son of Aphrodite, Domain of Love and Beauty)
    Location: Port Town

    Liam did all the same things that the other arrivals did. He got off the boat, had his bags checked, and all of that. To be perfectly honest, Liam was not at all looking forward to taking this hike. It was one of his least favorite parts of being in this school. That, along with not having access to his cell phone. He thought the people here were just being ridiculously paranoid by not allowing them.

    There were however two things Liam did like about this school. One of which were all the hot guys. There was that guy who was that handsome and muscular kid who was Poseidon’s son. He wore nothing but a bathing suit outside of classes, and was often dripping wet from constantly going swimming. He looked like he had jumped right out of that swimming anime. There was also Leo Silverstone, who was hot, and an absolute sweetheart.

    The other thing he liked, were the powers he got from his mom, Aphrodite. With them, he could get the attention of any boy, and sometimes convince them to do things for him. Every year, he charmed a muscular boy into giving him a piggyback ride down the path. He thought maybe this year having some guy carrying him bridal style.

    As he was walking, ogling the attractive guys he walked past, fantasizing about them carrying him in their arms, and looking for who would be the lucky dude this year, he came across two people he had seen before. There was Lex, who apparently wanted to be a girl today. Liam obviously preferred them as a boy. He was so pretty as a boy. He was pretty as a girl, but Liam wasn’t into girls that way... And there was also Fawn. He had heard her name before, but he never had much interactions with her. They looked they had just bumped into each other, and Liam couldn’t help teasing them. Just a little.

    “Oh hey you two!” The pink clad young man said with a smile and a wave. “Are you two having a meet cute right now?” The blonde boy giggled. “My mom is a love goddess. I can tell when the seeds of love are in bloom!”
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2018
  7. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Lex (Child of Eris, Domain of Chaos)
    Location: Port Town > Path > Pita Bell, City of Atlas

    The port town was really not that big, and Lex was on the other side of it in no time. As a third year, it was not hard to recognize some of the other teens around her as they walked (jogged, and ran), in mass, towards the mountain, accompanied by the occasional hired cart of luggage. The school population was relatively small by modern school standards, but a few classes worth of teens was still a lot of teens for anyone viewing or participating in this yearly migration.

    Not far outside the port town, she stumbled forward, almost falling when she'd paused to let some faster students by, but the student behind her failed to notice she'd stopped. Turning about Lex saw Fawn, getting up before she could even offer to help her. If she remembered correctly, she was a champion? Honestly it was hard to tell. Some of the demi-gods looked down on champions, but as she understood it, they were no different really, there was no guarantee either of them had what it took to be a real hero. Lex still wasn't even sure what a real hero was, much to her frustration. Fawn was already apologizing though, and offering to buy her a drink. So much fussing over an accident that was partially her fault too. Lex took an embarrassed step back, holding up her hands, “Hey it's okay, there's no need for that. I should have stepped out of the way rather then just stopping. . .”

    She was going to suggest maybe they have lunch together, but another voice was speaking now. A voice accusing them of getting lovey dovey. Lex looked up, it was Liam, the pretty boy in the same year her. She thought she recognized his voice. He was so obsessed with love, it was cute, until it was annoying, though right now it was still cute. She laughed lightly, “Weirdo, we're just talking about getting drinks. Actually, I was thinking of going to Pita Bell for lunch, if you guys want to join me? I know you might want a drink before then though.”


    A couple hours later the three of them were inside an open old-style white marble building, in the main City of Atlas, and waiting in line to order their lunches. Pita Bell. This was about the closest thing this island had to a fast food join, baring the monster run drink stand half-way up the mountain. Lex looked over the menu board's selection of pita based sandwiches; gyros, felafel, kebabs, grilled cheese. There were also snacks like vegetables or pita chips with hummus. All written in a bastardized form of old Greek, which Lex was not great with, but after two years of school where it was used part of the time, she could read enough to pick out important words.

    She ordered a pork gyro and a bottle of water, which she took over to a table to wait for the others. After this they'd be ready to head up the mountain. She uncapped her bottle as the others sat down, transfiguring the cap into a silver ring (just because she could), and addressed then, “So, I assume you both plan on taking the easy path up? I know some people think taking the hard way up, makes you a better hero, but I don't think just being a body builder would make you a hero either.”

    Apollodoros (Champion of Artemis)
    Countryside of Inner Island > East Mountain Face

    Apollodoros ran joyfully through the meadows and forests, moving ever further east from the main path most students were taking. He only stopped occasionally to check that he was headed the right direction, climbing a tree if he needed to. Some people were happiest in the city, doing book work or making pita sandwiches, but here was where he was really in his element. This was the wild, and he was a wild man. He didn't need to tame the wild, or escape the wild, or even survive the wild, to him the wild was home.

    His journey was fairly uneventful, and finally he stopped at the foot of the mountain, where he crawled up onto a large boulder. He wasn't tried, but he was hungry. He pulled off his rucksack, detaching a leather canteen, and pulling out a rough cloth sack. After taking a long drink of water (that he'd gotten from the village well) he reached into the cloth and took out a thick strip of dried venison, eagerly tearing into the tough meat. He turned to look at the steep eastern face as he chewed. It was steeper then he'd realized, but certainly not the steepest mountain in existence. He had a rope, but you had to hook it on something for it to be any help. Eh, that was fine. He didn't need a security rope (at least not in his mind), and was already mentally mapping out his ascent.

    After lunch, he had a couple more pieces of deer jerky and some raw root vegetables, he made sure his rucksack was tightly secured, and slipped his axe into the band of his belt bag, where it would be out of the way, but also handy. He was expecting to come across monsters, and he was going to need a weapon if they were hostile. He got out the rope, looping it over his left arm, encase it came in handy later, and since his right hand and a better grip, the left should deal with the rope.

    “Okay, let's do this!” asserted Apollodoros, hyping himself up. Finding a good hold, he grabbed onto the rock face and stepped up with his rough bare foot. Hand and foot, one after another he crawled up, ignoring the sharp sensation of the edges on his hands. As long as he didn't actually cut them, this could only make him stronger, right?
  8. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Fawn (Champion of Pan and Selene)
    Location: Path -> Pita Bell, City of Atlas

    Lex was cool and quick to respond. “Hey it's okay, there's no need for that. I should have stepped out of the way rather then just stopping. . .” They did seem somewhat embarrassed, but fortunately most students seemed focused on starting their climb and not on the two of them. Fawn took a calming breath and smiled more easily. Of course it wasn’t something she should make a fuss about, but sometimes it was the little things that made her most anxious. She was glad they were being relaxed about it, but before she could respond, another student approached.

    “Oh hey you two! Are you two having a meet cute right now?” The blonde boy giggled. He was Liam, son of Aphrodite if Fawn’s memory was reliable. He was pleasant enough, but as Fawn typically wanted to stay out of the spotlight, he was not someone she had frequent run-ins with. “My mom is a love goddess. I can tell when the seeds of love are in bloom!”

    Fawns heart started to beat rapidly and she found it hard to form any words. She was sure she was blushing heavily, feeling the heat in her face, but she couldn’t get her voice to work and explain it was a simple misunderstanding. She was very unaccustomed to her romantic life being brought up, much less with someone she had essentially met for the first time. While she was paralyzed, Lex chuckled and addressed Liam.

    “Weirdo, we're just talking about getting drinks. Actually, I was thinking of going to Pita Bell for lunch, if you guys want to join me? I know you might want a drink before then though.” Sighing, Fawn nodded and smiled again. Once again they were saving her from any embarrassment, though she had a feeling Liam was only having fun. It still shook her up a bit, but maybe she needed some shaking up in her life. . .

    “Absolutely! Pita Bell for lunch sounds good, and company on the path isn’t bad either.”


    At the Pita Bell, Fawn ordered a grilled cheese and the cup of carrots and celery. It was a light and refreshing meal; anything too heavy would make climbing the mountain path miserable. For now the three of them sat at a table to enjoy their food before beginning the trek again.

    With a flourish, Lex turned their water bottle cap into a ring which fascinated Fawn. Some of the powers these students had been given or born with were just amazing. She started wondering what other kind of powers the two of them might have.

    “So, I assume you both plan on taking the easy path up?” Lex asked, breaking Fawn out of her daydreams, “I know some people think taking the hard way up, makes you a better hero, but I don't think just being a body builder would make you a hero either.”

    Nodding, Fawn replied, “It’s only my second year so I wanted to take the same path I took last year. Last year I was so excited about everything I couldn’t really pay attention, so this year I wanted to see it all again when I wasn’t so distracted by everything. So far it’s been really nice. Lots of fun plants and animals on the island here.” Rather than going on a passionate rant about the things she has been studying, she waited to hear what Liam had to say. Even though she loved to talk about the things she knew, it was equally interesting to hear what others had to say so for now she held her tongue and listened, munching on carrots and celery.
  9. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    Didyme Thatcher (Daughter of Enyo, Domain of War & Destruction)
    Port Town

    It took a moment or two for Nico to respond to her. At first, he simply glared back at her, and Didyme would be lying if she said she wasn't a little bit affronted by the look he gave her. In hindsight, his surprise at her request probably wasn't completely unwarranted. From what she knew of him, he didn't strike her as the sort to engage in spontaneous exercise like she was. Chugging what was left of his bottle of wine, he finally responded. "Heck yeah lets do it!" He yelled out in a peppy voice, proceeding to emit a low burp which made the air smell distinctly of wine. "But racing for what? not dying?" he laughed. "Tell you what, if we manage to find that new Food food Food store along the way, the loser has to buy the winner a bottle of water and a burrito!"

    "This is just for fun," Didyme responded with a small laugh. Didyme certainly had no intention of dying on this cliff. She knew it was difficult for some, especially given how much of a hike it was, but she doubted any of the teachers would have left them there to die. At his suggestion that whoever lost had to buy the winner water and a burrito, her smirk widened. Shaking her head in amusement, before quickly nodding. "Alright deal. You do know it's not a Pita Bell though, right? It's one of those monster run drink stands. They're not always very friendly, but don't worry, if you get frightened I'll scare them off for you."

    With a wink, she proceeded to ready herself for a run like Nico was doing. Looking over at him she saw a wide grin on his face, tightly holding onto the straps of his backpack.

    "Ok then, on the count of 3."

    Didyme got into a running stance ready for the count.

    "One... Readysetgooooo"

    His words threw her off at first, but she still bolted at the word "go", running a few metres ahead of him before realising she couldn't hear him. Slowing slightly, she looked behind her, seeing that this first attempt had been something of a joke, as he had simply jogged forward. Slightly unimpressed, Didyme returned to him, ensuring he did a proper countdown this time, before finally starting their race, making sure he was actually following her this time.

    Port Town > Drink Stand

    After a good solid hour of racing, the two had finally reached the drink stand halfway up the mountain. To Didyme's surprise, Nico had kept up fairly well, though she found herself slowing at times to match his pace, and also partly to ensure he wouldn't fall behind and pass out somewhere. When they got to the stand, Didyme offered to buy some drinks and snacks for the pair of them. Although that wasn't part of the deal initially, she had been impressed by his performance, and by offering to buy food and drink for them, it was her way of rewarding him.

    The two found themselves sat under the shade afterwards. There were a few tables and chairs located next to the drink stand, so that if customers wanted to sit and drink they could. Swinging her backpack onto the table, Didyme drew up a chair and gestured for Nico to take the seat opposite. She put the water on the table as well as two bags of tortilla chips to eat. Didyme stuffed her chips into her bag but was quick to crack open her and take such large gulps that when she put it down again it was virtually empty.

    "Gotta say you did better than I thought," Didymed admitted with a grin, "I half expected you to keel over at one point, so the fact that you didn't is quite impressive."

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