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Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: Expectations & Desires? [Not a speculation thread]

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Grey Wind

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There's a couple of changes and stuff I'd like to see:

- Bigger cities. Most of the towns back then were on the small side, so I hope they update them to make them more interesting (especially Mauville and Lilycove, they should be more on Goldenrod's level imo).
- Bigger post-game. I like Spock's idea of another Sevii Islands type area.
- Return of Emerald's Frontier.
- Expand the underwater routes - make them differ visually and maybe add more trainers and wild Pokemon.
- Online secret bases!
- Make Mirage Island more easily accessed.
- Better rivals. I'd like the games to be true to the originals, but I'd also like Wally's role to be expanded (more appearances, basically) and to have a final battle with May/Brendan before they decide to quit battling instead of them just fading away.
- I want Steven to be the champion. I don't like the idea of the champion and final leader being the same type.
- Difficulty levels available from the start.
- Move tutors.
- Mega Sceptile :(


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I hope we get to do the hideouts again. That would be pretty interesting to see with the remakes and the 3D look. Can't wait to see Team Magma and Aqua again. Maybe they will change their outfits just a bit or some of the events that happen changes. Maybe to see Dive return to the games. I just really can't wait to see how it will all look in 3D. I've trued going back and playing those games and I just can't so I'm super stoked to make a return with the better graphics and all the new things that will come from it.


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Expectations: Pokémon Contests!! :D One of the best things from gen 3.

Desires: Mega Metagross. This needs to happen! It would be freaking amazing.


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for me, secret bases return, make use of streetpass so we can visit other people's secret base, , have some of the TMs have exclusive moves that are different to teach my pokemon, Pokemon following me, hopefully we'll see a return to orre someday, with more snagable Pokemon.


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Desires? To head to Space finally. Now that'd be an amazing post-game feature.

And Pokémon following you again. Although, maybe a height restriction so only Pokémon that look realistic next to Trainers, going into buildings etc. can walk alongside you.

I also wonder what type of accessory will be implemented for these games!

Also, I'm expecting Mega's for Jynx, Plusle, Minun, Sceptile, Swampert and either Mega Evolutions or new formes for Groudon, Kyogre and possibly Rayquaza.
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Previously Iota
I know they've had multiple chances to do so before now, but I really want them to give Castform a Sandstorm and Fog form.

Also, I cna't wait for Contests. I don't want to see Super Contests, but the usual, RSE Contests. They were a pretty fun sidequest, and, other than the Pokéathlon, have been the only decent sidequest for me in the series. I'd love to see them integrate some sort of animation for the attacks so we can see them in a Contest form.


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I know they've had multiple chances to do so before now, but I really want them to give Castform a Sandstorm and Fog form.
I would like to see this as well. But, I think that Fog form may be a bit of a stretch seeing as there is no way (yet) to induce it in battle. But I would say that Sandstorm is a distinct possibility.


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My main desires? Be able to get Deoxys and Jirachi, my two favorite legendaries.

Oh yeah, and remixed Deoxys theme. THAT WILL BE AMAZING!


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I'd love to have pokemon swimming beside you as you utilise Dive that would be so cool

I'd really like for a new gym leader and maybe a new city just to make it slightly different

Though I have found ideas of it being a post-apocalyptic hoenn a very interesting idea... Maybe the volcano erupts destroying sootopolis city and other ares... That would be very interesting to see


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Fine here's mine with no contest mention because I hated them.

•Gym roster updates: I could definitely see Glacia and Aurorus along with Drake and Haxorus in this.
•Better rival teams: Only Swellow fully evolved and Shroomish/Wailmer/Numel were jokes.
•Smarter Maxie/Archie: Pretty underwhelming bosses in terms of knowing how to be evil. Hopefully ORSA fixes that.
•Secret Bases: Online capability plz or no thanks.
•No other Megas not named Lati@s: Wait til next gen.
•Music: I loved the RSE tracks and I'd like to see them remixed.


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I want Contests to come back, those were fun. It was a big mistake to get rid of them. Also, I want Dive back, they could make it look really cool in 3D. 3D Secret Bases would be cool to see too. I want Mega Evolutions for the other two Hoenn starters, even though I'll pick torchic anyway.


-Normal/Fairy Mega Dunsparce (#1 priority)
-Secret bases with at least the level of customizability that clothes have in XY
-Speaking of, more customizability for clothes
-Mega Sceptile and Mega Swampert
-Either fewer or smaller or more interesting ocean routes
-New areas
-Villain teams that aren't hopelessly stupid
-It's a pipe dream, but cuttable overworld grass
-At least 400 new Pokémon to "make up" for the "pitiful" amount introduced in XY, because a lesson needs to be taught
-No Feebas tiles pls
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I thought this was an April fool when I first saw it, wow, wasn't expecting these any time soon!

Would love to see some use for the white rock, particularly a Jirachi space event. The return of Mew on Faraway island and a bigger role for Mirage Island would be cool, perhaps put an event Pokemon on it for those lucky few that see it?

A use for the strange souvenir would be nice, and maybe there'll be a new "faraway region" involved...


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For me I'd like to see Wally as a gym leader/frontier leader/ champion. just anything huge.
and like previously stated would love for the pokemon to walk beside us like in HG and SS.
also for more awesome mega evolution/typings. and new pokemon with new type combinations ^w^


I think it's implied by the fact that the Groudon and Kyogre on the covers look pretty different. I can't imagine that they'd make them formes, although it's equally likely. Make the Red Orb and Blue Orb Mega Stones!!

Great idea, and certainly plausible


Psyduck is cute <3


Sky Emperor
What I desire from these games is to finally get Jirachi in order to have for real all the Pokèmon! :)
As for the other features, going in space would be awesome, but what I'm looking forward to are new areas and possibly new post games facility. :D


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I'm expecting Hoenn to get a relatively big overhaul.
The biggest issue, that I'm sure they're aware of, is how half the region is water routes. And the water routes are really boring. Breaking up these long string of basically nothing with things like more islands, more varied design (curves, things like the currents, dive short cuts), or MORE POKEMON (seriously like a third of the dex was water types but you only found tentacools and wingulls by surfing around because????????) would go a long way to making them more interesting.

And I could easily see the cities getting revamped or more places added, possibly with some routes being changed up for one reason or another; they're already remaking the region from scratch, somethings are bound to get completely changed.

Kutie Pie

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Personally, I'd like to see Secret Bases returning (and to not have the sixteen-item limit, though I think there'll be a limit anyway), and fixed water routes. I also expect the rival to not rage-quit before Mossdeep City so we can see the final evolution of the Pokémon he/she picks. That was such a cheap move, and is what made them my least favorite rivals in the series, next to the fact I was so used to a jerkass rival, heh.
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