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Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: Expectations & Desires? [Not a speculation thread]

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danger chili pepper
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I don't know what to expect from this "new world" quote from the trailer

I think it's just referring to Hoenn finally in full 3D. With the major update in graphics, it would feel different.


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Remember that the following Pokémon were a feature as partner to the Walker and that their sprite set served a greater purpose in being used in the Pokéthlon was a significant factor.

Neither of those are the case here, and adding another constantly animating 3D model to every second of the overworld - including particuarly complex ones as Pokémon designs demand - would further strain the 3DS hardware that was already huffing and puffing in a few places in X/Y.

Yeah, the lag I sometimes get on X is already pretty noticeable; I don't want another render escalating the issue in OR/AS. Besides, I honestly didn't like the following feature in HG/SS. I just found it kind of annoying to always have another sprite on your tail constantly.


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Steven Stone as Ruby champion, Wallace as Sapphire champion? I feel like it's actually pretty likely, even though I know people won't like it.

Wally will have an increased presence throughout the game. I also kind of expect them to change his signature Pokemon to Gallade.

The games will have the plot from Emerald, though they'll have the version exclusive legendary head to the Cave of Origin after the big battle and you have to fight it. There will probably be a mega evolution twist involved.

Steven Stone will give you the Mega Ring and Key Stone at Dewford.

There will be changes to Surf to make it less annoying. Maybe increased Surf speeds, a decreased encounter rate, or a ferry or something.

They will shoehorn Cynthia in somehow. We will also be able to catch Dialga/Palkia (depending on our version) and Giratina once we have both. Cresselia, Heatran, Regigigas, and the Kami Trio will be in post-game.

Diving will be three-dimensional (North/East/South/West and Up/Down) and amazing. It will be like something out of an N64 platformer.

Fortree City will be amazing on the 3DS. You'll be able to see all of Hoenn's mountains in the distance. Sootopolis will be expanded significantly, and it will be a full 360 degrees due to the changing camera angles.

The regional dex will be at least the size of B2W2's (~300). I think it's sort of expected now.

~20 new Mega Evolutions, with a focus on Hoenn mons. We'll get Mega Unova mons in these games.

Those are all of my expectations. I have a few more, but they're kind of tinfoil-y/speculation-y.

My biggest tinfoil hat theory is that they're going to patch XY for ORAS compatibility, so the new mega evolutions and items will be added to the old games.


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But he has friends, its not just him. you really should learn how to take a sample size

The concept of "sample size" is itself a complete antithesis to your argument, unless your cousin's circle of friends includes just about every 8-year-old on the planet.


If I remember correctly, DPPt was the last time the surf speeds were painfully slow. I'm pretty sure they sped it up in HG/SS and kept it like that.


danger chili pepper
Staff member
Those are all of my expectations. I have a few more, but they're kind of tinfoil-y/speculation-y.

I think Steven will be kept as Champion while Wallace and Juan will be version exclusive Gym Leaders (since both are Water-type specialists).
It would be redundant to have Juan as the Gym Leader, then Wallace for Champion.


For the Patriarch!
There's always a possibility.

I know HGSS only expanded with cross-gen evolutions and kept the original distribution the same. They could also do the same with Hoenn. But I think it wouldn't hurt to increase the original 200+ Dex count into 250 or something...

Maybe they could fill the sea entirely with Mega Tentacruels?


MS Paint Sableye
Expectations? Well lets look at a few things they did in Pokemon X and Y:

~They gave us two different starters, one from the Kalos regions starter trio, and the other from the Kanto starter trio.
~They granted access to all the Kanto and Kalos legendary pokemon (with the exception of event only legendaries of course) in one form or another.
~They made pokemon who have Mega Evolutions available in the base Kalos pokedex.
~They made fighting in the battle facility more BP rewarding, with the system awarding BP for every battle won rather than every set won (usually in sets of 7)

The above aside, what do I expect from these new games?

~More trainer customization options. If this is a remake like we all think it is (which it is), then we will be playing as Brendan or May again, or at least someone who looks like them, and both of their outfits had a few colorations presented throughout pokemon history that could be worked with, and potentially many other options. Maybe we could also get the option to remove our hats? And maybe, just maybe, the ability to dress up as another Pokemon protagonist (Ethan in HG/SS comes to mind)?

~Some changes cold be made to the Battle Frontier of Hoenn. I hope they bring back the original Battle Frontier myself, but just with a few changes made to it, such as lowering the amount of battles or sets you need to go through to reach the Frontier brain. And also keeping that whole BP thing in mind. They could probably also somehow incorporate the Battle Castle, Hall, and Arcade from the Sinnoh and Johto Battle Frontiers.

~A way to rebattle gym leaders that makes them feel threatening. and maybe, just maybe, something like the Pokemon World Tournament that let you battle every gym leader from all the regions, perhaps along with some way to fight the Elite 4 of every region?

Thats about all I can come up with. Sorry if someone came up with these already, I didn't have time to read the thread fully...


danger chili pepper
Staff member
Please stay on topic guys. If you want to discuss statistics, this isn't the right place.
Thank you.

Back on topic, I'd like to repost my expectations on the game...

  • The game will obviously receive a major aesthetic overhaul. The game will now utilize a full 3D gameplay, and perhaps far more improved than XY.
  • The intro movie gets revamped, similar to what happened to HGSS’ intro.
  • All characters receive makeovers/updated looks -- outfits, hairstyles, and other physical features. Some major, some minor. This includes uniforms of Team Aqua/Magma.
  • The Pokemon might have more reactions and expressions both in battle and Amie.
  • Some moves to have updated animations.
  • Trainer customization returns. Your rival, Brendan/May, will keep their default looks like how Calem/Serena kept theirs.
  • Important trainers to have 3D models in battle, ordinary trainers to keep 2D mugshots like XY.
  • Day/Night system for Hoenn. There was a time system in RSE, but it wasn’t visually evident.
  • Seasons, if it actually returns. XY didn’t have it.
  • Walking is still restricted to grid, while skating/cycling allows free roam like in XY.
  • The whole of Hoenn (or at least majority) to be affected by Drought/Storm when Groudon/Kyogre rampages. It only affects the eastern area of Sootopolis. Would be nice, although I doubt it.
  • Mossdeep’s main attraction is Wailmer watching. This time, I’m guessing we’ll actually see Wailmers swimming around.
  • Sootopolis is said to have a fantastic nighttime view. I guess we’ll finally be able to see that, thanks to dynamic camera.

  • Themes are fully remastered/rearranged/remixed to utilize 3DS' sound capabilities. I guess we’ll be hearing more brass intruments especially horns and trumpets.
  • Ambient sounds (footsteps, running water, Pokémon cries) could be heard.
  • Cities/towns that share the same theme might have different musical arrangements, similar to Ecruteak and Cianwood in HGSS.
  • Would be nice for Gyms to have varying versions of the Gym Theme similar to B2W2.
  • Wally might finally have his own 'encounter' and 'battle' theme.
  • Scott, the owner of the Hoenn Battle Frontier, could get his own theme as well since he likes to show up very often.
  • Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza might each have their own battle themes similar to Lugia and Ho-oh, hopefully.
  • The Regis might have varying remixed versions of their themes similar to HGSS’ Legendary Beasts.
  • Team Aqua/Magma might have variations in their respective battle themes.

  • Expansion/Extension of cities, towns, caves, routes, etc. to include new buildings, landmarks, paths, rooms, etc...
  • Redesigned gyms and new Gym puzzles.
  • Pokemon Centers and PokeMarts will be kept separated. Changing clothes still done inside Pokemon Centers.
  • Dewford and Pacifidlog didn’t have PokeMarts. Both towns might have it now.
  • Boutiques scattered throughout the region.
  • The fog in Rusturf Tunnel and Mt. Pyre might have an in-battle effect. Fog was officially introduced as a weather condition in Gen IV but only had an effect in that gen. Who knows?
  • Slateport market will expand their catalog and probably add new stalls. I think this would be an ideal place to reimplement the Join Avenue.
  • New Mauville may be utilized for Electromagnetism evolution. Magneton and Nosepass are both Hoenn-native Pokémon.
  • Petalburg Woods might have Moss Rock, and Shoal Cave might have Ice Rock, regardless if Eevee would be obtainable or not.
  • Mauville Game Corner might remain as is, but because casinos are controversial, it will most likely be replaced with something else. Probably Voltorb Flib again, or something new.
  • In RS, both Team Magma and Aqua's hideouts are located at the outskirts of Lilycove. In Emerald, Team Magma's hideout was found at Jagged Pass. I think they’ll keep it at Lilycove since villains are version-exclusives anyway.
  • Possible addition of the Hoenn TV Station in Lilycove since Gabby and Ty mentioned in the games that they are working for the said station. There was no such building in RSE.
  • I think Lilycove might become this game’s Castelia or Lumiose.
  • Probably GF will mess with us about the Jirachi rumor involving the Mossdeep Space Center.
  • Probably more "gates" (those buildings that separate routes/cities). There were only two gates in Hoenn and it serves as the entry/exit point for the Seaside Cycling Road at Route 10.
  • Battle Frontier from Emerald SHOULD return. Seriously.
  • The Artisan Cave should be home to more Pokemon rather than just Smeargle.
  • All Pokémon Contests wll be held at a single venue, which is Lilycove City in Emerald.
  • That said, Battle Tents might replace the Contest Halls in RS similar to Emerald. Or, they might put entirely new buildings.
  • A redesigned Trick House with new and crazier puzzles.
  • A place to change Deoxys' formes. Most likely at Meteor Falls, but it could be somewhere else.
  • A place (or a method) to change Deerling/Sawsbuck forms.
  • Mirage Tower from Emerald hopefully appears at Route 111.
  • Same with Desert Underpass to be accessible. It can be utilized to obtain National Dex fossil Pokemon.
  • Trainer Hill from Emerald would be a nice returning feature.
  • New purpose for the Altering Cave on Route 103. Possibly be replaced with something else.
  • Access to Southern (Lati@s), Birth (Deoxys), Faraway (Mew), and Navel Rock (Ho-oh/Lugia) Islands. Hopefully some of the Event items are obtainable in the game.
  • Higher chances of accessing Mirage Island and the island having rare Berries rather than just Leichi. Would be nice to have more rare Pokemon aside from Wynaut.
  • Ability to capture Regigigas post-game, which might be put in a new room within the Sealed Chamber.
  • Some new locations to obtain non-native legendaries. Or they can just pop-out in some location post-game.
  • Friend Safari from XY might return, and might be a post-game feature added to Hoenn’s Safari Zone.
  • Photo Spots would be nice.
  • New areas around Hoenn, like a Unown Ruins somewhere (maybe Route 111). The last game where we can collect all forms was DPPt/HGSS.
  • Some areas might be renamed.

  • Incorporate events from Emerald, and addition of new storyline events not present in the original games.
  • More in-depth storyline involving Wally, Brendan/May, and the villains.
  • That said, the main characters might change their default names. I hope not.
  • Prof. Birch should show up more often considering he’s a specialist on Pokemon habitat and distribution. We should be able to battle him at least twice.
  • Gym Leaders and the Elite Four to be more involved in the storyline, hopefully. Or at least be seen outside of their gyms more often.
  • Post-game, GLs could be found somewhere in Hoenn depending on time and day like HGSS. It is possible that they have a single area just for rematches, similar to the Sinnoh Battleground, Saffron Dojo or Battle Chateau. Or they could just stay in their gyms for rematches similar to Emerald.
  • Both Juan and Wallace are Sootopolis' gym leaders. They could be version-exclusive Gym Leaders, similar to Iris and Drayden on BW. If not, probably Juan will still make an appearance in the game whatsoever, but only as an ordinary NPC.
  • If the Frontier returns, your apprentice trainer might return as well.
  • Team Magma/Aqua might add new admins.
  • Post-game Looker Sidequest again perhaps?

  • All standard gameplay mechanics introduced from Gen 4 onwards are carried over.
  • A redesigned Pokedex. Most likely expanded to include Gen 4 evos of Pokemon found in Hoenn. Specifically: Gallade, Probopass, Magnezone, Budew, Roserade, Dusknoir, Chingling, and Frosslass.
  • Several Gen 4-6 Pokemon might now be native to Hoenn which expands the Dex a lot further.
  • Version-exclusive Pokémon and wild Pokémon locations changes as a result of the above.
  • Pokedex might be split, but I doubt it.
  • In RS, the National Dex can only be obtained if you trade a Pokemon not found in Hoenn. But pretty sure the National Dex will be unlocked naturally post-game.
  • As I mentioned bove, Birch is a specialist on Pokemon habitat and distribution. I think it would make sense if the Pokedex would have the helpful habitat feature from B2W2.
  • Groudon and Kyogre will be exclusive to their version alone, rather than the other appearing on Terra/Marine Cave post-game, which was the case in Emerald.
  • The Jade Orb is an item introduced in HGSS, and was necessary to encounter Rayquaza. In RS, there was no such orb. It’s highly likely that this Key Item will be in this game as well for the same purpose.
  • Hopefully, catching Feebas would only require a phenomena, rather than finding those 6 annoying blocks. That said, the Trendy phrase from Dewford might no longer have use. Ah, the joys of finding Feebas.
  • Feebas to evolve again via Max Beauty, but still keep the Prism Scale method.
  • Speaking of fish, the Chain-fishing mechanic might be carried over.
  • Regarding the Trendy Phrase, if it stays, I think we’ll be able to type whatever we want now.
  • A redesigned PokeNav, with upgraded features. With Match Call, I doubt VS Seeker will return.
  • The Mach and Acro bikes might be combined into one, similar to the Sinnoh bicycle -- two gears in one. However, unlike the Sinnoh bike, the Hoenn bike will have the ability to perform tricks.
  • A more enhanced Player Search System from XY. Meaning, Mr. Bonding might show up again to give us those O-Powers.
  • Double/Tag Battles from Emerald. Triple, Rotation, Sky, and Inverse battles as well. Maybe Underwater battles, too?
  • Horde encounters.
  • Phenomena encounters.
  • New trainer classes.
  • Same TM lineup from XY. Dive to become an HM again (it should be).
  • That said, Rock Smash and Flash will most likely stay as a TM. The two were HMs in RSE.
  • Utilize the original Pokemon Contest format. I prefer the Appeals rather than the Dance Round.
  • Ability to grow new berries introduced in later gens, now with Mulch, Berry Mutations, weeds and pests.
  • Berry Blending and Pokeblocks make a return.
  • In XY, berries can be picked from huge trees scattered around the region. I think Hoenn will have these special trees too, in addition to the smaller berry trees scattered around the region.
  • In XY, there’s a dedicated area for planting berries. It is entirely possible that Hoenn might adapt this rather than having scattered fields around the region. An ideal location would be Route 123 besides the Berry Master’s house.
  • Maximum capacity for the Pokeblock Case to be increased.
  • Ball capsules and Seals might probably return since these things add special effects when Pokémon are sent out in Contests.
  • Speaking of Contests, dressing-up Pokemon with accessories… in 3D. It would be a nice addition if the player’s attire is judged as well.
  • New moves introduced from Gen 4 onwards will have its own corresponding Contest Appeal and Jam points.
  • Enhanced Secret Bases. It would utilize new and updated features from Gen 4 including wireless communication. Streetpass can be utilized in this.
  • Secret Power, which is required to build Secret Bases, is no longer a TM for Gen 6. But, it is possible that a move tutor will be available to teach the said move, similar to what they did with Headbutt in HGSS.
  • That said, new Move Tutors.
  • Swarms on every Route that feature foreign Pokémon. Swarm wasn't present in XY however, but it was in RSE.
  • Obtain new sets of starter Pokémon. Prof. Birch gave us Gen 2 starters in Emerald.
  • More focus on Ribbons rather than Medals.
  • More Mega Evolutions perhaps, espcially Hoenn starters. Stones scattered all over Hoenn.
  • Other features introduced in XY such as Pokemon Amie, Super Training, Skating, and Trainer PR videos should become a staple to the series and should be improved further by adding more modes/features.
  • Some overworld Pokemon might be ridden similar in XY.
  • If Photo Spots make a return, I hope they implement Commemorative Photos from HGSS wherein you can take a photo of you and your Pokemon, as well as notable NPCs such as Gym Leaders.

It got lost on the sea of posts.


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they haven't really confirmed if it will be hoenn yet they just said new adventure new world retake on the gen 3 games new story line etc


Strong Winds
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If I remember correctly, DPPt was the last time the surf speeds were painfully slow. I'm pretty sure they sped it up in HG/SS and kept it like that.

Even in Platinum, the Surf speed was pretty fast. I never noticed a difference in Surf speed between Platinum and HG/SS if there was one. Seeing that Hoenn is a region with a ton of emphasis on water, the Surf speed will probably be just fine. The Dive speed was always a bit on the slow side, though, hopefully that's a bit faster. Granted, I imagine it will be slower than surfing, but now I'm just trying to be too realistic about this.
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Psyduck is cute <3
Can we talk about starters? I don't know which starter I should go with. I used to always choose Blaziken, but I went with Swampert for a nuzlocke and now I love it. I never tried Sceptile though. Which starter should I go for?


Radio - On Air!
Maybe they could fill the sea entirely with Mega Tentacruels?

LOL Oh I hope not because that would mean every Tentacruel in the sea would be carrying Tentacruelite mega stones. I mean, how else would you be able to see a Mega Tentacruel? xD Tentacruelite farming confirmed!


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What I really want:

1. Contests make a comeback
2. Secret bases.... with STREETPASS! OMFG!
3. Battle Frontier makes a comeback
4. 3D underwater
5. Plot taken from Emerald
6. Other legendaries like back at HGSS

But hey, this is generic stuff. Considering I've never thought on what I want on a Hoenn remake before it's actually confirmed!


For the Patriarch!
Can we talk about starters? I don't know which starter I should go with. I used to always choose Blaziken, but I went with Swampert for a nuzlocke and now I love it. I never tried Sceptile though. Which starter should I go for?

Sceptile is the greatest of all time. The choice should be obvious.
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