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Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire In-game Team Discussion Thread

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For my starter, I'm probably gonna go with Blaziken, there aren't many other good fire types in Hoenn except for Camerupt, who has a major weakness to water.

Yeah, but despite that, Fire/Ground isn't all that bad from a defensive standpoint. Besides, you can walk right over most in-game trainers with any Pokémon, even ones with type disadvantages.
What do you think of my team?


Any suggestions?


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Sceptile. (i've never picked a grass starter in de 3th gen and I don't want to use blaziken or mudkip. And Mega Sceptile looks badass.)
M-Metagross. My favourite pokemon. He is just awesome!
Azumarill as my fairy/water. Will switch her later on with Milotic. (favourite water pokemon)
Fire type will probably be torkoal or camerupt. Need to look which fire type I can catch

need to look for a good electric type and a good dark/dragon/poison type. Still thinking of which one.
Some good electric types in the game are: Manectric, Magnezone, Raichu.
I'd recommend Magnezone, great for Defense and Special Attack. Most likely found in new mauville.

Other good types: Absol, Flygon, Altaria, Salamence, Sableye etc...

I'd recommend a ghost type like Dusknoir instead of a dark type though. The only real good dark type in Hoenn is Absol, it has a great mega evolution though!

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I think I will go with Torchic. I'm already sending over my Swampert from Emerald, and a Sceptile that I got from Steven in HGSS. Although, my decision might change depending on how their Mega Stones are obtained...I don't quite have a team planned, but I do have about half a box of untrained Hoenn Pokemon in the bank. They will definitely be a part of the journey, in addition to the Shiny Beldum, and the demo Glalie. Final team could potentially include those two, Torchic, and my breeded Milotic and Bagon. Obligatory Box Legend as the sixth ranger.


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The variety of the Pokémon in the game does appear to be the same as the originals, but luckily all the Pokémon I need for my team are all catchable in the game at various points, bad news will be if I can't find them as fast as I'd like. I've got Mega Sceptile obtained from Prof. Birch, Swellow caught as a Taillow, Pikachu caught at the Safari Zone if it appears again or is able to be caught earlier than before, Crawdaunt to use as my Surfing Pokémon caught as a Corphish after getting the Good Rod, Torkoal from wherever it's found, and lastly, Glalie from the ORAS Demo that I'll use after my team is around the same levels or higher. Anyone who's watched the Pokémon anime in the Hoenn seasons should know this is based on Ash's team from Hoenn, except he doesn't have a Mega Sceptile or a Crawdaunt (yet). I was considering I'd EV Train them from XY but I'd like to make a team from scratch instead of relying on another game for it. I also thought of a team similar to May's from the Pokémon anime but some of her Pokémon are caught from Kanto and other regions, and Wartortle means getting Squirtle which I loath greatly, and Beautifly probably isn't even usable anyway.


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on my omega ruby am going use swampert , Beutifly, mytenia, shiftry, plusel, camerupt
on my alpha Safire am going use skeptile, dustox, linoon, sharpedio,swallow, volbeat

friend safari: Fighting

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Sceptile, Charizard (From Y), Event Shiny Metagross, Shiny Onix ( With Metal Coat so it will be a Steelix) (From Y), Feraligatr (From Y), and Gallade.


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For nostalgia's sake I'm gonna use my almost original team in my Sapphire. However this time around I'm not too keen to use any of the starters. I like Blaziken but I think I'm going to be choosing Sceptile as I want to try Mega Sceptile but I'm still deciding whether to keep my starter for my Hoenn adventure..

Let see.. Half of my team is already filled in route 102 by 2 rare species..

Surskit - My personal starter of choice. Of course it wouldn't be an adventure without my beloved favourite mon of them all. So much emotion. :p

Ralts ♀ - I remember when the guide came out for Ruby/Sapphire I fell in love with Gardevoir. When Wally caught his own Ralts I immediately had to catch one for myself.

Ralts ♂ - He's not in my original team but I've always like the idea of using both Gallade and Gardevoir in my in-game team. OR/AS is a perfect game to have them both.

Swablu - My almost in Magikarp-level useless cotton fuzzy bird. But when it evolves it becomes quite a beast. Its really fun leveling this adorable bird because of its erratic experience point. XD

Feebas - Where to begin? This damn ugly useless fish that I spent an 8 hour fishing for one! Such nostalgia right there. I couldn't care less if GF decides to make it harder obtain as the original. I'm still fishing for one. Still the most beautiful pokemon ever..

Vulpix - I'm planning to use one even though it was not really in my original team. I just think its a nice choice since the other pokes are my favourite might as well use a good old fave.

I'm quite excited to begin my journey. ;284;
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Well, whenever I start a new game, I usually just plan a few Pokemon I want to use.
I never played Gen 3 games, so I don't know Hoenn's Pokedex and thus what Pokemon I may encounter and where, but I know for sure that I'm going to use the following:
-Sceptile: It's my favourite of the Hoenn starters, and I also have some good memories with it from Mystery Dungeon (I chose it as my partner in Darkness, along with Chimchar);
-Flygon: One of my favourite Pokemon overall, and since it's getting a couple new moves, I have one more reason to use it.

I was also thinking to use:
-Gallade: Also one of my favourites, and its Mega form looks really nice.
-Metagross: What can I say? Metagross is Metagross. The shiny Beldum distribution means I can obtain one very early, so, ;360;?


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Cleffa - Clefable and Clefairy look awesome, plus I love fairy type pokemon but I never used this line before. I only hear good things about these, so ORAS is a perfect opportunity to play around with this bae.
Skorupi- Always seemed like such a cool pokemon, I'm curious about using it. Plus, it learns knock off which is becoming more and more useful lately
Druddigon - This pokemon intrigued me ever since it was released, I mean, it was one of those dragons that you could just casually walk by, there wasn't a big problem about finding one. Plus, I need someone with the Mold Breaker ability who will deal with the hordes of Sturdy pokemon who will undoubtedly be present in caves. And hey, it's better to use this cutie than a Pangoro lol.
Starly - I need something that flies. Basically. And I hate the taillow line. I find them ugly. So...yeah.
Petilil - I was going to have an Armaldo on my team but then I remembered the huge water areas we will have to go through, so it felt more appropriate to have a grass type on my team. And this pokemon looks so fancy I'm happy about using it. Also, I'll be transferring it with the sun stone it requires for it's evolution.
Skrelp - Skrelp looks awesome, and I have to have something that can swim. I wanted to use it in Y but on the day I got it, a friend gave me a Milotic to use in my playthrough. So Skrelp had to wait, but I will totally use him now! I named mine "Starry Eyed" :)


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I don't normally plan teams, though I've already got a team I'm interested in using this time around. I tend to use Pokemon I haven't used much before but it's fairly difficult to do that in Hoenn considering how many times I've played through it.


Blaziken is my favorite non-legendary Pokemon so that's an obvious choice. Pelipper because Fly and Surf on one Pokemon is cool, and he's got even cooler moves this gen compared to Gen 3 so I want to use him. Vileplume gets Fairy moves for whatever reason so I'm interested in using him, and it gives me a team of three before the Cycling Road rival battle. I also kinda like Spinda, and I used Dunsparce in Y so I want to keep using something as a serious joke Pokemon. Spinda just fits perfectly for that. Claydol is my favorite non-legendary after Blaziken so I can't pass up this chance either, and Magnezone is me making use of the new gen evolutions to give the feel of a new team I couldn't have done in R/S/E.

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I don't battle competitively, I just play the games. Right now for AS, I'm wanting to use these Pokémon:

Swampert - The first game I really played through was Sapphire, and my starter was Mudkip, so I'm going with that one again.

Talonflame - I played both Y and X and I caught a Fletchling in X that I never used or evolved so I want to bring it over and use it for Flying and Fire.

Diancie - Want a Fairy on my team, and I want to use its Mega.

Glalie - Want to use the Glalie I caught in the demo for the full game.

Loppuny - I've never used a Loppuny on a team, but I love its Mega Evolution so I want to use it.

Metagross - Gotta use the shiny Beldum we get from the start.

Going to need an Electric, so I'll probably switch in Manectric (also for nostalgia), and I have a shiny Furfrou I caught post-game in Y that I'd like to use.


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Even I have a possible team set on my signature, I may be changing drastically my plans, and also depends if trading to X and Y or using the Pokebank since the beginning.

At this moment, My possible team is:

Sceptile: One of my favorite grass starters
Pelipper: I'm going to see how it works in my team, flying slave too
Ninetales: My teams always have a fire Pokémon
Raichu: A Classic Pokemon coming to shock rivals
Clefable: Don't know what he is capable to do, and I want to test him
Goodra: This dragon looks awesome and has good moves.


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No 100% on my full OR team yet, but the ones I know I'm using for sure are;

Swampert - Swampertite
- Brick Break/Hammer Arm
- Ice Punch
- Stone Edge
- Earthquake

- Sky Uppercut
- False Swipe
- Stun Spore
- Mega Drain/Giga Drain

- Fly
- Giga Impact
- Steel Wing
- Brave Bird

Will probably use groudon when available, and the same goes for Latios (Please be given at 35).

For AS I'm going for;

Sceptile - Sceptilite
- Leaf Strom/Leaf Blade
- Dragon Pulse/Dragon Claw
- Focus Blast
- Frenzy Plant

Altaria - {Alterite}
- Moonblast
- Fly
- Dragon Pulse
- Flamethower

Gallade - {Galladite}
- Psych Cut/Leaf Blade/Night Slash (will likely alternate depending on which legendary I'll be facing)
- Close Combat
- Thunder Wave
- False Swipe

Latias - Latiasite
- Mist Ball
- Psychic
- Ice Beam
- Dragon Pulse

Metagross - Metagrossite
- Zen Headbutt
- Hammer Arm
- Meteor Mash
- Thunderpunch

Kyogre - Blue Orb
- Origin Pulse
- Water Spout
- Ice Beam
- Thunder


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When I first played through saphire, if I remember correctly I used:

Swampert, Aggron, Armaldo, Exploud, Sharpedo and Kyogre. Not a very balanced team, but I loved each of my choices.

This time round, I'll be going for different teams on both OR and AS.

Sceptile - Love his new mega, dragon is a favourite type of mine and sceptile has always been a favourite starter of mine to playthrough with.
Mawile - As I had saphire and my brother had ruby, I never used mawile. I still have never used it, despite the craze in XY. There have always been other steel types which appeal to me more, but I'd like to give it a shot woth it's new fairy typing.
Gallade - Obviously never used it in gen three. Used gardevoir in my X playthrough, and she was great. Honestly always hated Gallades type and design, so didn't pick him up in any other gen. But it's mega is alright, so again I'm wanting to give a less loved pokemon a chance on my team.
Armaldo - Loved this guy in saphire, but never used it to it's potential really. Knowing now that bug is super effective against the ever present grass, psychic and dark types In hoen I'll be taking him along again.
Milotic - Again never used her before. Nightmare to obtain until BW, never actualy had one till then (where WIFI allowed meto complete a national dex for the first time). Her design has grown on me in the past few years, and I now appreciate the use of bulky pokemon better than I used to. Was all about damage output.
Camerupt/Groudon - briefly used camerupt but fell out of love woth it quickly. Was always disappointed with the lack of fire types in hoen, still am really. But now that groudon atlast gains a secondary fire typing, I'll be giving camerupt a go and if he sucks as bad as he looks, I'll just swap him out late game for the big guy.

Swampert - Favourite of the gen three starters. Have had Atleast five swamperts in my time, ground water is one of my favorite type combos to use in game. Swampert has always been a beast, and his new mega just looks like a dream. Can't wait to get running this guy in the rain!
Heracross - Once again, never used this guy. Like armaldo I'd never really appreciated the use of bug types, and fighting type is nice too (despite the birds). If indeed he is available mid game, he'll be making the team.
Metagross - Hated this pokemon until gen six really, and he's only just grown on me. As he's being given away though I'll take him along, making the most of the oppertunuty to have him from the start of the game rather than having to wait right til the end to then painfully train a beldum. Awsome pokemon statistically, so I'll save one to train properly for online and use the second to have some playthrough fun :)
Craydilly - My brother chose craydilly an I chose armaldo, so I'm wanting to give him a go :) there's a chance I'll go for ludicolo instead, though with swampert I'll have two water types which I'm trying to avoid, and itl leave my team lacking one of my favourite types. Rock.
Glalie - Mega glalie? Yes please. Amazed at finding this rather lack luster pokemon to be one of my favourite megas so far from all of gen 6. Love his design, and the one in my demo is adamant which is a bonus :)
Altaria/Rayquaza - Love dragons and am making it a personal target to have one of every fully evolved dragon trained up from playthroughs :) never liked her as she seemed too ' girly ' when I was younger. My bro had a level100 altaria he trained in colluseum and he still today stands by her being awsome. So I'll give her a space on my team. Similar to camerupt, if I don't like her I'll just swap her out for a shiny EV trained rayquaza I have.

So that's basically it. Have true I make two balanced teams, utilising pokemon ie never use before or have but have not really appreciate due I being about ten when these games came out.
I tend to keep one version with it's original file, but play over on the other. I'll most likely keep rubies save file so I can try out a water monotype or rain team with primal kyogre on saphire!


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Not 100% sure yet, but the ones I'm definitely using are the following:
1) Blaziken, cause speed boost blaziken with swords dance is epic. I'll probably breed a speed boost torchic to trade over so that the speed boost works before Mega-Evolution as well, and just box or trade away the one I get at the start XD.
2) Altaria. I love the mega Evolution's typing, and Pixilate is epic. Never using Salamence though. He's just broken.
3) Shiny Gengar, Trading over from X, already EV trained, but still level 25. Timid with flawless speed. I'm actually not completely sure whether to use Gengar since I'm not that big of a fan of ghost types, but I'll probably use him anyway.
4) Shiny Event Metagross. Also not 100% sure on this one, but hey, an event pokemon is an event pokemon, and a shiny on top of that XD. Metagross with Metagrossite is also very powerful, so it'll be very useful on the team.

Not sure about the rest though. I have plenty of options. I want a water type pokemon though, so maybe Milotic, and then possibly replace it with Kyogre, since his primal reversion looks sooooo cool. I mean, those glowing yellow patterns, it's shape, the way the tail has those 'tassels', it's just amazing . *O*, but I don't really make a habit of using legendaries much, but I might just make an exception this once.

Might also use Volcarona, but if I feel like using her, then I'd have to get rid of blaziken, and instead lead with Sceptile, which'd add another dragon types in, but I love volcarona ;_;. Oh well. I'm sorry Volcy, I let you down ;___;, or I could just not care and lead with Sceptile and have volcarona in the team. It's a really hard choice... Blaziken or volcarona.... But I think Volcarona wins, so I'll lead with sceptile.

K, won't bore you more with my thought process, final team: Sceptile Starter/ Volcarona/ Metagross/ Kyogre/ Altaria/ Gengar. We'll see about gengar though, and if my love for Blaziken wins out, gengar will be replaced by him, either that or metagross.


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I'm most likely using the same team I used in RS which was Sceptile, Gardevoir, Manectrike, Torkoal, Flygon, and Crawdaunt.

I might of switched Flygon for Pidgeot but since Pidgey most likely won't be found in the game outside of trade with the stone most likely being found in the post game, I'll most likely stick with Flygon.


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I'm pulling through with the team that first brought me through emerald. When going through my first pokemon game (YES Hoenn was my first!) there were a few that caught my fancy immediately and have stayed memorable to this day.

Fig the sceptile was my first ever pokemon. I still remember him from way back when. Rash nature with unknown EV's and max coolness I think. Move pool of dragon claw, leaf blade, earthquake and solarbeam. I'm going to try to replicate him the best that I can.

Menace the salamence was my post game monster that brought me through the battle frontier along with being a complete pain to find and train up for 12 year old me. I'm going to try to get a bagon ASAP. He was docile nature with fly, dragon claw, crunch and flamethrower.

Chortle the altaria was my main flying pokemon and she was pretty good especially since I wasted aerial ace on her. I still remember her being modest with dragon breath, fly, fire blast and aerial ace.

Zahara the flygon was my early game powerhouse and the pokemon I used for dig. It was my second strongest pokemon for a while until I got Menace. She was lax I'm pretty sure with dig, dragon breath, crunch and fire blast

Medusa the tentacruel was an interesting mon to say the least. She was my go-to surfer and diver. Funny story was that I actually started with a gyarados that I taught surf, thunder, fire blast and ice beam as my water mon. Not wanting to get rid of these moves, I decided to use a level 35 tentacool that I caught instead. After it she up just one level, she evolved! I was so surprised that I decided to keep her. She was adamant with surf, waterfall, dive and sludge bomb

Okami the ninetales was kind of a filler mon that I decided to bring along because of its power and typing. I was going up Mt. Pyre when I ran into a vulpix. Remembering that ninetales was my mom's favorite pokemon, I wanted to catch it. Little did I expect it to have flamethrower already, which nearly took out my sceptile! I was so impressed that I decided to let him stay. He was naughty with flamethrower, confuse ray, overheat and return.

Other pokemon that I have also used include Tsubama the swellow, Jose the ludicolo as well as a variety of unnamed mons such as azumarill. These spokemon, however, don't hold too much memories...
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I'm honesty stuck on what Pokemon I want for my team.

My main game will be Omega Ruby, so Swampert will be my first pick, I also have plans for a Flygon on the team. Possibly thinking of using Hoenn only Pokemon in my first run through.
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