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Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Recent Happenings Thread


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I now have 5 gym badges, a sad secret base, and have figured out a few pokeblock+ recipes. Steven took me up to find Latias, and apparently she likes me (and everyone else with A Sapphire). I plan on putting Meta back on the team one I get to a PC... I like Latias, but using legendries isn't really my style. Team's still a work in progress, I just don't really have clear vision of what I want on my team. I think I just spent so much time on Sapphire & Emerald that I've played with all the Hoenn pokemon.

Rainbow pokeblock+ (Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, & Rawst)
Red pokeblock+ (Pomeg)
Pink pokeblock+ (Pecha)
Green pokeblock+ (Rawst)

My current team:

Mightyena (F - 40)

Sceptile (M - 42)

Azumarill (M - 45)

Linoone (M - 41)

Latias (F - 32)



After fiddling with the Super Secret Base, I headed back outside and roamed Route 111's northern portion some more. After slaying a Fairy Tale Girl's Spoink and Mawile with my Swellow and Electrike, I picked Nanab and Rawst Berries and I saw Brendan again as I arrived at Route 113. I had my team healed for me again and then Brendan left after mentioning Prof. Cozmo. I walked through the falling ash of Route 113 and I battled a Youngster nearby and caught a wild Spinda as well. I battled and defeated a Ninja Boy, Parasol Lady and Fairy Tale Girl afterwards and I soon arrived at the Glass Workshop and obtained the Soot Sack key item in which to collect volcanic ash. I went back out and ran around.


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I headed into the Fortree Gym now that the Kecleon blocking it was out of my way. Inside the Gym, I had to push some rotating doors or whatever to get around, which wasn't too hard. Reached Winona quickly and then battled her. I sent out my Skarmory against her Swellow and set up Stealth Rock. Then, I took out Swellow with damage from Drill Peck and Toxic. I switched over to my Gothorita in order to defeat Winona's Pelipper and Skarmory with Charge Beam. Finally, I switched to Loudred to deal with Altaria and then won my sixth badge.

After finishing with that, I went back to Route 120 and continued on my journey. I battled some more trainers until my Loudred evolved into Exploud. When I got to Route 121, I saw some Team Aqua people head towards Mt. Pyre, but I didn't really pay them any attention at the moment. I stopped by the building leading to the Safari Zone, though I didn't go into the safari yet. Instead, I just continued into Lilycove City. I began looking around the city, but then I got dragged into a battle against Brendan. My Skarmory and Whiscash dealt with most of his team and then I saved soon after.

Prince Manaphy

I like Empoleon too.
So after the awesome Delta Episode, I took my team to the Battle Resort where Wally and I were excited to meet around and take on tough members. I even got to meet Archie and saw a lot of neat stuff.

But my third arc began when I embarked on a journey to capture the three legendary kings of Hoenn. I found the Sealed Chamber where I deciphered the language to open the tombs that sealed the three golems away. After obtaining a Relicanth and training a Wailmer to evolve into a Wailord, I came back to the Sealed Chamber and opened the seals that bound them.

I came to the Island Cave and started to decipher the Braille text on the wall. But while I was doing that, an opening appeared after two minutes of standing in front of the Braille wall. I entered the room, saw Regice and with one Quick Ball, captured the king of ice.

My next journey led me to the Desert Ruins. This time, a Xatu with a Careful Nature and my Sharpedo marched to Regirock and battled him. Though the stone Pokemon fought but like Regice, Regirock never stood much chance. A Luxury Ball should be its new 'tomb' for him and I'll be the one to send him out whenever I need to.

My last one journey located at the Ancient Ruins. There, the king of steel waited for me. Unlike the other two kings, Registeel resisted every attempt to capture him. The more the battle dragged on, the more Registeel's resolve to survive harened (in the form of Amnesias and Curses). My Flygon tried to dent it, but his defenses held on. I thought Rock Smash would do the trick by lowering its defenses but I found out about its Clear Body ability. It took a lot of Pokeballs of many variants to capture him but finally I did.

I came back to Pacificlog Town and reviewed the three golems I caught. Satisfied, I prepped myself for the next part. With the three kings subjugated, I readed myself to march to conquer their master: Regigigas the King of Kings.

(And to make this arc have any meaning, I made it epic as best as possible within 5 minutes. :p)
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went to pick up the mega stone from mother as soon i leave i got a unova starter and i haven't yet battled the league for a 2nd time... only done it once'

from the scanner in the ship

got the masters for the contests

caught the regis with pokeballs

caught zekrom

now just fliping in the sky
I played a bunch last night, got all the way to Verdanturf Town, beat Wattson, and got my Ralts, Wingull and Zigzagoon to evolve. This morning, I caught a male Modest Static Electrike to add to my team, got my Kirlia to evolve into Gardevoir, and levelled up a bunch so that I'm OP'd for the next leg of my journey.

My team so far:

Yara the Combusken, female Lv.34
Fire Pledge/Low Sweep/Rock Tomb/Aerial Ace

Fury the Nuzleaf, female Lv.32
Leaf Blade/Faint Attack/False Swipe/Low Sweep

Isis the Gardevoir, female Lv.30
Psychic/Draining Kiss/Magical Leaf/Calm Mind

Zeus the Electrike, male Lv.18
Volt Switch/Spark/Quick Attack/Thunder Wave

Mine!? the Pelipper, female Lv.28
Keen Eye
Brine/Air Cutter/Echoed Voice/Steel Wing

Ziggler the Linoone, male Lv.28
Covet/Cut/Rock Smash/Thief


Yusarin >_<
Already finished Wattson and it didn't take me long to finish him up since my Blaziken was already at a really high level ,42 to be precise

And now I'm on my way to Fallabror Town, just need to defeat the nearby trainers left and I also have met Aarune who showed me the first time what a secret base for a player looks like


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I finished training up my Carvanha, who evolved into a Sharpedo. I completed the Southern Island quest and gained the ability to use Mega Evolution, along with obtaining Latias. I then continued on my way to Fortree City. Due to all the time I spent looking for Carvanha, I expected my hunt for Feebas to be twice as long, but was lucky enough to find one within three tries with the old rod. I then moved onto the Weather Institute, where I swept Team Aqua with ease. My Trapinch also evolved during these fights, and I received the Castform shortly afterwards.

After defeating May, I arrived at Fortree City, where I bought some decorations for my Secret Base and moved onto Route 120. Like Feebas, I was expecting to take a long time hunting for Absol, but one ended up being my first encounter on the route. I then talked to Steven and received the Devon Scope and a Blazikenite. Remembering that I struggled with the fight against Winona in R/S/E, I took the time to train up my Pokemon some more, but the battle was a lot easier than I remembered. Now that I have the Fly HM, I'm going to go back to Dewford and Slateport as I missed catching a Nosepass and Magnemite previously, as well as fight all the trainers on the water routes that I still need to clear before moving onto Lilycove and Mt. Pyre.

My team is currently:
Kazoku / Vibrava Lv. 40 [F] (Earthquake / Crunch / Rock Slide / Dragon Breath)
Mephis / Sableye Lv. 40 [M] (Feint Attack / Confuse Ray / Night Shade / Shadow Ball)
Bandit / Sharpedo Lv. 40 [M] (Surf / Crunch / Slash / Ice Fang)
Vil / Shiny Beautifly Lv. 40 [M] (Rage / Air Cutter / Bug Buzz / Giga Drain)
Rose / Manetric Lv. 40 [F] (Discharge / Bite / Quick Attack / Thunder Wave)
Burnie / Blaziken Lv. 43 [M] (Scratch / Peck / Blaze Kick / Double Kick)


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Just received a call that my local game store received my Alpha Sapphire, I got to play Alpha Sapphire two days early in Europe :-D.

So when I'm home (in 2 hours) I'll start resetting for a cool TID and then I'll start SRing for a shiny Treecko like everyone else ;o
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Grabbed the Wailmer Pail. then made my way to Rustboro. Decided I wanted the same team i had before my Restart mistake, so i deposited TopSpin into the PC. I then took a quick trip to Route 116 to catch PopStar the Whismur. On the way back to the Pokemon Center, I Did the trade for Makuhita. I then deposited it into the PC and took PopStar for training in route 104. Once PopStar was about the same level as the others i headed to Rustboro gym. As always Hulk Swept through the gym with no problem. On my way out a Magma Grunt ran by, but i had to heal my pokemon. On my way back to route 116 I grabbed HM Cut for all the Trees along the way. Also had to catch a Nincada to use the HM. Eventually made my way into Rusturf Tunnel, where Hulk evolved against the Magma Grunt. On the way back to Rustboro, I Did the tree cutting Section of route 116 and collected the berry trees. I also caught a Skitty on the way back, because why not? After getting the Letter for Steven and the Buzznav, i started heading back through route 104 and Petalburg Woods. Decided to Rematch a few trainers along the way as well. Also collected the items along the other side of Petalburg Woods.

Ended off Resting in PetalBurg's Pokemon Center

;276; JetRay lvl 15
;259; Hulk lvl 16
;293; PopStar lvl 15
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I'm ready to head to Mountchimney (hope I didn't spell it wrong).

My team so far is: Marshtomp, Beautifly and Pikachu. ^^

Beautifly has been pretty good so far. I never believed she'd put so much work. But, I do understand It's still early game and the further we go, The harder it'll get for her. :p

Playful Latios

@Soul Dew
This morning I redeemed my Eon Ticket code in OR. You do actually walk up to the Latias and have to battle it. It will be level 30. After 4 Soft Resets I got a Calm 31/x/31/x/31/x one. I decided to keep it because then I have a perfect one for a support role. I then boxed it right away because I want to find out the format for next year's VG before I EV train it.


This is a title.
Continuing my journey and tinkering around with my secret base again. Damn, I really want to add more item than that :/
Caught Kyogre. Kinda hard there >_>
Beaten all of the gyms. Went to new mauville, got thunderbolt and taught it to my Skitty :3
Playing around with eon flute and soaring around before continuing. Found Thundurus(I forgot I got a castform in my team XD), Azelf, and Cobalion.
Went to Ever Grande and saved in front of the Victory Road ^^
Team is complete! They're Castform, Blaziken, Swellow, Skitty, Sableye, and Seadra C:
I gonna evolve Skitty and Seadra before entering league I think
or after... I am too lazy to. Lol.


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I just defeated Primal Kyogre in the Cave of Origin. The graphics and cutscenes in this game are spectacular. I already can tell that it'll have low replay value if I choose to restart but the first run was awesome. The team I have currently is also one of my favorite in-game teams I've ever assembled tbh.

Player: Brendan
Badges: 7
Sceptile lvl 44
Gallade lvl 43
Exploud lvl 43
Gyarados lvl 42
Camerupt lvl 44
Glalie lvl 44


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Starting my playthrough of Alpha Sapphire was a slight more difficult for me because I spent at least 10 minutes deciding on a name for the Female trainer. (I have to be creative for this sort of thing.)
Using FFXIV as a slight bit of inspiration, I settled on Merlwyn and began her journey, choosing Treecko as her starter. She's made it as far as Rustboro, but still without Roxanne's badge.

In the meantime, Duelleck has obtained his third and fourth badges, foiling Magma's plans on Mt. Chimney in the process.
Spending a bit of downtime in his badge quest to catch Pokemon missed on previous routes and areas-- especially fishing, during which he managed to find a shining Tentacool at Slateport's beach.

... But what he really wants is a Magikarp.


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After surfing from Petalburg to Slateport and realizing you can't do anything on the Abondoned Ship without Dive I headed back to Mauville and headed east where I encountered a Legendary Pokemon which led to my capturing a different Legendary. Then I headed north towards the Mimic Square and soon arrived at the Weather Institute where I defeated Team Magma once more with feeling. May was next on the list and once I got Fly I headed into Fortree City. I wasn't able to access the gym however do to something invisible so I headed to Route 120 where Steven game me a Devon Scope. With it I headed to the gym and easily got through with Anorith and Manectric. After a recent string of somewhat difficult gym leaders it was disappointing to have an easy fight where I didn't even need Anorith or Manectric.

After earning my sixth badge I headed down the rainy route and got to the Safari Zone and explored for a bit. After that I headed into Lilycove to heal up before heading deep into Mt Pyre.

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1 more day ^^
I got to lilycove after catching a shuppet. After that I beat Brendan who I'm pleasantly surprised to see evolved all his pokemon. After that I flew to Dewford and caught an Aron. Now I just need a sableye and then will go to Fallarbor and buy dome more quick balls.
Current team
Rip Tide the swampert lv 36
Bruce the ballade lv 35
Poppy the Roselia lv 36
Fiora the skarmary lv 36
Clawsome the anorith lv 37
Typhoon the absolute lv 35


So I kept running through Route 113 and I finally arrived at Fallarbor Town and I quickly saw Brendan again and we both walked into Professor Cozmo's house. Once inside I heard about Professor Cozmo being abducted by Team Magma and I healed my team at Fallarbor Town's Pokemon Center afterwards. I met Lanette inside as well and she invited me to her house at Route 114. After shopping for items at the local Poke Mart, I ran west and arrived at the Fossil Maniac's house and got the Dig TM from a kid there. I headed back out next and got the Roar TM at Route 114 from a guy with a Poochyena and I battled a few Fisherman as I went south past a bridge. I then arrived at Lanette's house and saved outside.

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I beat Alpha Sapphire on Sunday, so I'll share what I've done since then.

I caught Suicune, Rayquaza, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Dialga, Heatran, Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion. I failed to catch Deoxys and Thundurus. I also trained my team of Blaziken (PersonalFowl), Swellow (Chirpington), Pelipper (Derp), Exploud (Ahhhhhhhhhh!), Sandslash (Pinecone Jr.), and Latias (Dwagie-Poo) up to level 65-68. During that, I caught some HA Pokemon, which were mostly Poochyena. I traveled to the Battle Resort, and battled most of the NPCs that were outside. Apart from that, not much happened.
So I made it to the point where you receive the free Latios. Flannery was a pushover, Pelipper made the entire gym a total cakewalk with Brine, while Blaziken's High Jump Kick made Norman's gym just as easy. I'll hit up the Rte. 111 Desert later, after my 3DS recharges, but here's my team in the meantime:

Zeus the Manectric, male Lv.31
Discharge/Overheat/Bite/Thunder Wave

Isis the Gardevoir, female Lv.38
Psychic/Moonblast/Magical Leaf/Calm Mind

Yara the Blaziken, female Lv.41
Flare Blitz/High Jump Kick/Rock Tomb/Aerial Ace

Fury the Nuzleaf, female Lv.39
Leaf Blade/Faint Attack/False Swipe/Low Sweep

Mine!? the Pelipper, female Lv.39
Keen Eye
Surf/Air Cutter/Secret Power/Steel Wing

Sixth slot is empty, awaiting something to fill it. I think I'll catch a Trapinch on Rte. 111, since I need a Dragon-type rather desperately and I don't have WiFi access to claim my shiny Beldum.
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