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Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Recent Happenings Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by Endless, Nov 21, 2014.

  1. Kall El

    Kall El ..Silence..

    # Advance Adventures

    It's been an epic adventure.. ive been playing through Hoenn nonstop.
    I'm addicted. This region, these games are the best ever.

    Soo previously I was at Lavaridge enjoying the heat.
    Since then I've beaten Flannery, Norman, Winona and the twins.
    Hmm they were all challenging but Winona was the toughest.
    I guess my team is strong, losing is difficult and not an option.

    Between the gym I met May and Wally a number of times he seems to have gotten stronger but didn't challenge me. May did. I beat her. She was much stronger. I really ennoy seeing them more often!

    Things were picking up now. First at Southern Island, then the institute and Mt Pyre. Team Aqua and its admins were wrecking havoc. Archie was on a rampage. He wasnt gonna stop until he got what he wanted.
    From shelly punching an institute guy and Matt disturbing the Latis. Ohh its been hectic alright.

    Caught a now Sharpedo and Milotic. My team is much stronger now.
    The balance has arrived. I wanna go all water in Hoenn at some point. But im ready for anything.

    So im explorin Hoenn, loving the tropical environments, its a bit tiring tho. Finding secret bases and as always dex naving away.
    Advance adventures have only just begun, the challenge, the battle remain.
    The dream continues..

    # Advance Battle!

    Destruction. That's what fell over Hoenn. Heavy rain everywhere. Archie had awoken Kyogre. Primodial destruction was destroying Hoenn. The people from speculating ran away into their homes. This was intense. And all Aquas shenanigans were building upto this.
    Even after following them to their hideout they were always a step ahead.
    The cavern. The sea. Archie did it. Even beating him in a close enclunter was not enough. Magmas Maxie couldn't either.

    Steven was here helping but the onus was on me. Traversing Easter Hienns deep waters, diving and rushing up and through I arroved at Sootoplis. Wallace, May, both teams were there realising their errors. This power was too much.

    I met the one and only nature wrecking Primodial Primal Ancient Kyogre!
    Wow. Its powerful. Its ancient. How could Archie handle this. I caught it and ended the destruction over Hoenn.
    Peace returned glittering over Hoenn, Littleroot, Mossdeep!

    I felt relieved that everything was ok.
    Hoenn was back. All my adventures uptill this point were worth it.
    Now I headed for Wallace my word its a difficult puzzle. But i beat him. After all I'm on a Master Quest this is how it ends.
    With the Eon Flute I can now soar. Woooah its amazing. I can feel Hoenn. Soaring whilst remembering all the adventures.
    The advance adventure had ended, the advanced battle had only just begun.

    # Advance Battle II

    It all begun in Littleroot. I headed back to meet Birch who upgraded my dex. Apparently new mons have returned to Hoenn after the events of Kyogre! Wow! I've already caught a lillipup, murkrow!
    With waterfall I headed to the lore, the mythical Meteor falls. I saw Deino! But I wanted a Bagon whom was way too hard to find. The one I wanted. I gave in. For now. I'll be back. I headed to Ever Grande. Wow its beautiful.

    Before I could continue I knoe I needed more and no Mence meant I had 2 catch something. It was Lairon. Then Aggron. And now Mega Aggron!
    Victory road was quick and smooth.
    Wally appeared and challenged me. I won. Against his mega!

    At the E4 I changed up movesets and bought items that I'd need.
    Beaten Sydney and Pheobe relatively easy well Pheebs was quite challenging.
    Glacia was really tough. I've been lucky so far.
    Drake woulda smashed me but like the first 2 members my team was tailored for him. I won and now will face Steven!

    Stay tuned!
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2017
  2. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    A couple of nights ago, I finished training my Goodra to level 100. I just fought all my Blissey Base trainers at the Secret Shore. I didn't take Goodra through the Elite Four like I did with my previous Pokemon, since I simply didn't feel like it at all, but I'll probably bring it along once I have another Pokemon or two to raise.

    Once Goodra's training was finished, I completed its moveset and then gave it some Poke Blocks. I wanted it to have a ribbon from a Master Rank Contest like my other Pokemon (plus I haven't been doing Contests since Sun/Moon came out), so I decided to enter it in the Beauty category. The Contest was tough and I reset a few times due to my bad luck. Finally, though, I managed to eek out a win, due to my lead from the first round.
  3. Kall El

    Kall El ..Silence..

    # Advanced Challenge

    The challenge is real. It's there. Steven was no joke, scraped passed him!
    The advance challenge has only just begun.

    So with apparent main game done, we starting my fav. Littleroot town.
    First we see mysterious people and happenings at Mossdeep's space centre. Things have only just begun.. Really cool I get to battle May, her team way stronger now.
    Later she says shes been ambushed, Wally too. I can sense a strange presence. Matt and Aqua grunts are showing up everywhere, Aqua are far from done! Steven is helping us out and eventually meet up with Zinnia. She beat me and literally everyone in Hoenn who tried her. I beat her 2nd time round.
    The delta episode was intense, travelling around Hoenn, Zinnia and co. And travelling to space!!
    Mega Rayquaza was epic, Deoxys was too and the lore and mythical history of Hoenn and the Draconids was amazing to learn!

    So after saving Hoenn again, Zinnia has gone away on a new quest I guess. Ended up in Littleroot again!
    The challenge is not over. First was cool to see our parents chilling together!
    Then Birch being Birch being chased not once but twice lol
    So choosing from the Johto starters was tough, took a while but it was Cynda and then Oshawott.

    So Wally has left home again!
    We meet him at the Battle resort, a really cool place.
    And meeting Team Magma leader and his Admins was interesting! And Looker is in Hoenn totally lost!
    This game is awesomee so much more to do!

    So next up is completing the dex, elite four challenge, battle maison and contest. Legendaries. So much to do.

    First, I've been catching Synchronise Ralts with useful natures. This shouls help me in future.
    I've caught a lot of mons mainly water mons as it's one of my targets to be a Water master in Hoenn of all places!

    So I got a Mega Gyara, Relicanth, Milotic and Lanturn. Also been Fossil hunting atm Omastar and Mega Aerodactyl leading the way. I also got an Elektrik which is a water mon essentially and Lilleep which has helped me in another quest!

    And that is catching shinies, got a few but there have been some tough moments!
    So soaring around Hoenn alot and its super fun esp. at night!
    Now have Samurott and Typglosion, existing mons are like 60's thanks to my several Blissey bases.
    They're awesome bloody awesome makes levelling much easier and fun!!

    So atm I'm doing new mauville quest, will probably try find some eevees, Ralts and other mons before heading out for legendaries oh and Larvesta which I've spotted thanks to Soaring!!

    Eventually my goal is to get back to Ever Grande and face the much stronger E4! And the Battle Maison too! Along the way I'll be dex having alot!

    Stat tuned. Hoenn is still here.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2017
  4. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    With my Goodra's training complete, I stored it in the PC. My current box of level 100s has six spots left now, so tonight I decided to breed for a Pokemon to fill the first slot. After looking through my other boxes, I found my Sport Ball Kricketot from the HGSS Bug Catching Contest (something I'd transferred up a while ago, in case I wanted to breed for some Sport Ball Pokemon), which made me decide to raise a Kricketune next.

    So, I put my Kricketot in the Day Care and hatched some Sport Ball offspring. I quickly got a Kricketot with three perfect IVs and swapped it with the one currently in the Day Care. The next two batches of eggs didn't give me anything with a better IV spread. However, after hatching another five eggs, I got a Kricketot with all the right 31 IVs.
    I'll start training that Kricketot next time!
  5. Kall El

    Kall El ..Silence..

    # Hoenn is where the start was

    My adventures in Hoenn have finally come to an end, well for now at least.
    It was amazing. Hoenn was always my number one region. And ORAS were amazing but now I have to leave for a region faraway, Alola.

    Well I rebattled the E4 with Infernape, Sharpedo, Aerodactyl, Elektross, Gyara and Aggron! Battles were tough but I've now gained my rightful claim to glory and being the ultimate Master of Hoenn.
    Afterwards I checked sea mauville, it was an interesting quest.
    I also gave the contests a shot winning my first one with Elektross they look great and look forward to them again.
    I looked around Hoenn one final time before I left.
    Honestly felt like a soothing silence of an almost completed journey. Like my time in Hoenn was done, it's time for new adventures.

    I'll be back one day. Still have so much pokes to catch, so many legendaries but for now Alola Hoenn, I'm off to Alola.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2017
  6. Flamer

    Flamer Well-Known Member

    Played a bit of AS for the first time in a while yesterday. Had originally just loaded it up to see if I had a Goompy or Castform to transfer over to Sun, but realised how much I’d missed it.

    Started off in ‘my’ apartment in Mauville Heights, (basically the empty one I commandeered after the New Mauville side-quest). Was a little short on money, so went down to the food court and battled a few trainers there, earning a Pearl String and defeating a couple of rich kids. Toying with the idea of doing another league run. Bit more of a Pokemon Master-esque way of earning money than beating on kids in mall. Pretty sure I haven’t challenged the league with their upgraded teams yet. Not that it really matters. Several of my team are level 100, and I now have a Rayquaza.

    In the meantime, I went down to Slateport and caught the ferry to the Battle Resort. Having completed the Hoenn Dex, the last remaining challenge to complete my trainer card is a 50 streak at the Battle Mansion. After failing miserably first time round, I replaced Zapdos with my Protean Greninja. She took the lead role, with Mega-Kangaskan and Dragonite as backup. A high powered, all out offence seems to be working well. Up to 22 wins now.

    August 31st Update:

    My Battle Mansion singles run came to an end after 35 wins. Very much a hax induced loss. Can’t remember all the details, but Kangaskan flinch on a Rock Slide, fair enough, then Dragonite missed two Extremespeeds in a row. Any one of those doesn’t happen and I take the win. Still, pleased it took something as ridiculous as back to back misses from a 100 accuracy move to bring this team down. Its by far the most consistent I’ve put together for a Battle Tower style run.

    Started a new run, currently at 10 victories. Nothing too troublesome so far
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2017
  7. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Last time I played OR was...over two weeks ago now? Something like that. I was checking my Sun's PC boxes and noticed that there were a couple of Hidden Ability Pokemon I hadn't transferred up yet (namely Poliwag and Gligar), so I needed to do some breeding on OR. Getting a HA Poliwag & Gligar ended up being pretty easy as I only had to hatch three eggs of each species. The Poliwag & Gligar are now on my Sun game.

    Also, I got into some wild battles to pass the Pokerus onto the Kricketot I hatched last time. Haven't actually EV trained it yet, because I'm just too lazy right now.
  8. Flamer

    Flamer Well-Known Member

    Had a couple more runs at the Battle Mansion. The first ended in the 30s. Can't remember all the details, but it was my own fault. Had an opening to switch in Kangaskan and set up against a Carbinik, but instead KOed it with Greninja's Hydro Cannon. That left Geninja exposed to a revenge kill by the opposing Rhyperior, who I then wasn't able to take down.

    The next streak ended in the 20s in a similar fashion, although this time with me being too eager to switch in, getting Dragonite KOed by a Vaporean's Blizzard. Should have anticipated that.

    Not sure if I prefer losing because of hax, or being outplayed by the AI. Both are pretty bad.

    I'm still pretty happy with the team though. Hitting hard and fast reduces the opportunities for hax to come into play, and Dragonite and Kangaskan are both bulky enough to give me some wriggle room when it does. Could do with some better coverage for bulky Water types. Not a huge threat, although they certainly check our momentum.
  9. Barrysun

    Barrysun Well-Known Member

    I've decided to watch a couple of old matches of mine.
    (and watching my Sylveon destroying teams with a Pixilated Snore was so fun!
  10. LambzGoHard

    LambzGoHard Member

    Just started my Omega Ruby for my Pokedex clean-up, my team is fully bred and transferred over via Pokebank.

    My team, when fully evolved: Lanturn, Beartic, Vileplume, Houndoom, Druddigon & Alakazam.

    The team is doing extremely well for a speed run as i'm already at Team Magma HQ in a matter of playing a few hours a night for about 3 nights, I just really need the post game fire starters and the version exclusive legendary Pokémon-then I will go and explore Alola!!
  11. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Shiny hunter

    So I just got around playing my Omega Ruby after a long time and I hatched some of my remaining Swablu eggs. After that, I tried chaining Eevee on the Dex Nav for a bit and flew back to the Battle Resort afterwards. With not much to do, I challenged Wally to a battle, defeated his team and saved.
  12. Drummerdude

    Drummerdude Well-Known Member

    I've been playing Omega Ruby off and on over the last few months but have just been too busy/lazy to bother posting about it. I decided to try to beat the Elite 4 at least before Crystal came out. It had been awhile since I had played through this game and I enjoyed the experience as well as my team. I think I may have picked too many strong Pokemon as I never really struggled apart from Flannery but that was only because 3 of my team members were weak to Fire at that point. The Elite 4 ended up being pushovers apart from Steven whose Mega Metagross surprising outsped a lot of my team somehow.


    Beautifly was definitely the biggest surprise and was quite powerful. Mawile unfortunately takes so long to learn decent STAB moves and was pretty weak unless it was Mega Evolved. Claydol had difficulties knocking Pokemon out do its below average Atk and Sp Atk. Overall though I had fun and now need to decide if I want to complete the Delta episode or just move over full time into Crystal.
  13. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Shiny hunter

    So I decided to replay Omega Ruby after a long time. First, I flew to Lilycove City so that I could participate in the Loto-ID at the Lilycove Department Store. I received a PP Max from that and soared on Mega Latios and got off on a Mirage Cave. After random encountering a couple of Pokémon there, which there were barely any, I decided to soar off to other random places and talk to random NPCs. After that, I decided to Fly to the Safari Zone to collect some dropped items that I missed. I collected all the remaining items, flew back to the Battle Resort and saved there.
  14. Ace Trainer Rocko

    Ace Trainer Rocko New Member


    I recently got very lucky in the Wonder Trade I received a shiny Mespirit level 100 with Pokerus. Willing to trade for another shiny. Need a final team member for my Saphire playthrough.
  15. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Last night, I finally played Omega Ruby again. I think the last time I played it was way back in September lol.

    Anyway, I decided it was time to begin training the Kricketot I hatched back in August or something. I began by EV training it, going back to my usual EV training spots and getting into Horde Battles. The EV training took a little longer than expected since I forgot to equip a Power item at one point, but it wasn't too bad and Kricketot evolved into Kricketune pretty quickly.

    After that, I taught Kricketune some TM moves and nicknamed it. I then played with it on Pokemon Amie before heading to the Secret Meadow for some Secret Base battles. I got Kricketune up to level 90.
  16. NovaBrunswick

    NovaBrunswick Canada Connoisseur

    Today in Omega Ruby, I looked through my team again after such a long time of not playing, but I also had a trade to do. I bred a Torchic from my Blaziken (Quebec) and a Ditto for someone who wanted all three Hoenn starters before the first gym. He traded me a Pansear in exchange for the Torchic, but as I already had a Pansear in my PC, I let it go. I went around Hoenn battling some of the Trainers for some extra cash and just reliving the feeling of battle again.
    Aquarelle likes this.
  17. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Finally played Omega Ruby again, and did a few things:

    -Hatched a few Pokemon for transfer to Ultra Sun. I noticed that there were a few Apricorn & Safari ball Pokemon I didn't have on US yet even though I knew I had them on OR. So, I ended up breeding around a dozen Pokemon, including Hoothoot, Machop, and Bidoof.

    -Finished training the Kricketune I was leveling up last time. I only had to do 3 more Secret Base battles to get it to level 100.

    -I planted some berries since I haven't grown any on this game in a long time. Hopefully I won't forget about them.
    NovaBrunswick likes this.
  18. NovaBrunswick

    NovaBrunswick Canada Connoisseur

    Today in Omega Ruby, I battled the Trainers at the Battle Resort for the first time since I returned to the game yesterday. I decided to fill up some empty Dex slots by putting in my Poochyena (Port Hardy) and Swablu (Miramichi) at the back of my team temporarily for them to level up until they evolved into Mightyena and Altaria respectively. After they evolved, I flew to Lilycove City to gain access to the Contest Spectacular fan club by showing the man at the door my newly-evolved Altaria, like Lisia's, then I brought my Blaziken (Quebec) and Absol (Taber) back into my usual team. I also picked some Berries I'd planted yesterday on Route 110.
    Aquarelle likes this.
  19. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Shiny hunter

    So I went onto Omega Ruby after a long time and I participated in the Loto-ID at the Lilycove Department Store. I received a PP Up and I flew to the Battle Resort to participate in some more battles in the Battle Maison. I did some more Super Multi Battles and participated with Kangaskhan and Sylveon with Maxie as my partner. My Super Multi Battle streak is currently 10.
  20. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I checked my berry plants today and saw that they were ready for harvesting. My yield wasn't too large, since I didn't water my plants much, but that was fine with me. A few years ago, I would plant berries on OR and water them frequently, but I just don't feel like checking my plants that often anymore.
    Anyway, after picking everything, I planted some new berries.

    Next, I hatched a few eggs. My current lv 100s PC box still has room for 5 Pokemon, so I decided to start breeding for a Pokemon to fill one of those spots. I picked Stunfisk, a Pokemon I've been interested in trying for a while. I've hatched 5 Stunfisk so far.

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