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Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Recent Happenings Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by Endless, Nov 21, 2014.

  1. Flamer

    Flamer Well-Known Member

    After beating the Elite 4 in Ultra Sun, I've decided to come back to AS to work on my National Dex again. Completing its been a long held aim since I first started playing Pokemon. Got close in Silver, and made a good go of it in Pearl, but so far haven't been able to finish one off. I doubt I'll be able to in AS either in all honesty. However, I have been tentatively working towards a living dex in Bank. My problem has always been that I get close-ish in one game, then get bored and move onto another. Being able to collectively work on it across generation should make it much more achievable

    Starting at the beginning of the dex, I traveled to the day care just outside Mauville and bred some Bulbasaur from one I got in a Wonder Trade a few years back. Bred another Charmander too, along with a Caterpie, couple of Weedle, a Rattata and a couple of Abra. Took them to my Secret Base, and evolved

    Bulbasaur -> Ivysaur
    Bulbasaur -> Ivysaur -> Venasuar
    Caterpie -> Metapod
    Weedle -> Kakuna -> Beedrill
    Rattata -> Raticate
    Abra -> Kadabara

    Levelled up Rhydon, and Buzzer, my Electrivre from Pearl, to lv100 while training

    Then decided that starting with the Kanto Pokemon was probably the wrong way to go. They're readily available in lots of games, not least Let's Go, where I'll probably be doing a fair bit of dex completion. Doesn't look like there's going to be much else to do post-game. So, switched to the other end of the dex and hopped on the GTS to get a few Gen 6 Pokemon. Made some decent trades, picking up a Chespin for Trekco, Bunnelby for Pichu, (had lots leftover from breeding a competitive Raichu) and Flabébé for Ralts

    Bred a couple more Chespin and another Bunnelby, then took them back to my Secret Base and evolved

    Chespin -> Quilladin
    Chespin -> Quilladin -> Chesnaught
    Bunnelby -> Diggersby (what a nightmare inducing Pokemon that is...)
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  2. PrimalPalkia

    PrimalPalkia Active Member

    found 3 shinys in 3 days in a row
    ( 1 per day for 3 days straight )
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  3. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Since my last post, I continued hatching Stunfisk eggs. I don't remember how long it took (this was back in...late May?), but I did eventually get a Stunfisk with the right IV spread.

    I decided to have my Stunfisk win a Master Rank Contest right away (I chose the Cuteness category IIRC), so I then gave it a bunch of PokeBlocks and made some changes to its moveset. My first attempt at winning the Contest was a bust since I had some pretty bad luck during the first few rounds of the talent portion. After resetting, my second try went much better - Stunfisk won after maxing out the crowd's excitement twice.

    Also, I planted a few more berries, and harvested them all quite a while ago.

    I haven't really done anything else on OR since then. Whenever I get around to playing again, though, I'll start actually training my Stunfisk.
  4. FlaFlo

    FlaFlo New Member

    Currently going through mainline Pokemon games I have not played before and it's AS turn. Hoenn looks amazing in 3D! I like the changes that have been made, especially in Mauville City. I just got done beating Flannery, so I'm more or less at the halfway point of the story. My current team:

    Grovyle lvl 33
    Masquerain lvl 33
    Cosplay Pikachu lvl 32

    Yeah, I'm a bit overleveled, seeing as Norman's Slaking is at lvl 30, maybe I should capture a 4th member for the team. Cosplay Pikachu is a lot of fun, though.
  5. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria 4th anniversary of ORAS, 16th anniversary of RS

    I challenged Wally again and collected a Lum Berry as what I would usually do if I had more regularly played ORAS but again I haven't played Omega Ruby in a long time. I also tried to do horde encounters with Swablu at Route 114 but then I went over to Route 113 to collect soot. I just collected enough for a Blue Flute but I'll try to get both the Elegant Desk and the Elegant Chair.
  6. Spider-Phoenix

    Spider-Phoenix Go, Go Power Rangers

    Tried challenge Super Singles on Battle Maison. For two times, I lost on over 44 wins. How frustating!
  7. I’ve been replaying Omega Ruby over the last few days, and it’s been really fun (I noticed stuff I never cared to look at on wikis, which means I’m STILL discovering new stuff after nearly three years), but the highlight of the whole playthrough came last night as I was just starting the Delta Episode. I walked into a Pokemon centre and asked to have my team healed, when the nurse said that MY WHOLE TEAM HAD POKERUS. I’ve only ever encountered a single shiny in my life and that’s nearly six times more common than Pokerus, but it still happened. I’m not using Groudon in my team so I put the Pokerus on him and stuck him in the PC to preserve it.

    Oh yeah I guess I might as well mention my team:
    -Bruh (Blaziken, named because I didn’t have any other ideas)
    -Kotomi (Mightyena, names after Kotomi Sanada from Akiba’s Beat)
    -Fritz (Gallade, named after Fritz Aiden Leverton from Cinderella Phenomenon)
    -Delcatty (Millium, named after Millium Orion from Trails of Cold Steel)
    -Minun (Aoyama, named after Yuga Aoyama from Boku no Hero Academia)
    -Latios (Luke, named after Luke Triton from Professor Layton)

    Used this team during the whole game except the short period of time when I needed Surf but didn’t have Latios (used a Zigzagoon HM slave then), and they even got me through the elite four and Steven (the latter of which I won yet again thanks to the Rocky Helmet, so it’s my new favourite item).
  8. Ducolamia

    Ducolamia SAYYYY WHAT???

    Restarted Alpha Sapphire. Didn't get the Deoxys from the Delta Episode, but I already transferred my team. So I'm just gonna restart regardless.

    Chose Mudkip and restarted for a good nature, then I caught a ralts that is modest, female, AND HAS TRACE. I have a feeling this will be a good run. Hopefully I can get a shiny too if I can, the last one I got was....wingull.
  9. SubtleVVeirdoh

    SubtleVVeirdoh Unova Enthusiast

    After getting through VR on Black, I decided to restart AS. My last theme was using Pokémon that were Blue or categorized as such.

    Haven’t decided if I’ll go with another theme, though, atm I’m resetting for a decent natured Treecko.

    At one point I had a Rash Treecko, but I dropped my DS and lost 3hrs worth of unsaved data...
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  10. Living Arrow

    Living Arrow Member

    Just fired up my ORAS games and found a complete Hoenn Dex on AS and not a lot on OR. So, I’m going to wipe OR and try resetting for a shiny starter. Last time I did this, I got a shiny Mudkip and named him Mr. Kipling but this time I’ll go for Torchic.

    I also ordered a new copy of AS because I don’t want to overwrite the complete file that I have but much prefer the encounters with Team Aqua than Team Magma. Thinking about what style playthrough to run and currently considering a Typelocke...

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