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Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Recent Happenings Thread


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I feel super late to the party on Alpha Sapphire. Been trying to land a shiny through the GTS and there is no hope, everybody just wants an Arceus or a Palkia.
I just defeated Norman and will surf on with Linoone, quite possibly the best HM Slave ever


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I feel super late to the party on Alpha Sapphire. Been trying to land a shiny through the GTS and there is no hope, everybody just wants an Arceus or a Palkia.
I just defeated Norman and will surf on with Linoone, quite possibly the best HM Slave ever
Whats your FC, I could use a friend to help trade evolve some pokemon.

Storm the Lycanroc

Oshawott Squad
I've been feeling nostalgic for the Hoenn region so I decided to restart my copy of Alpha Sapphire. I wanted to do something different for this playthrough and after some thinking I decided to treat each encounter like an episode from the anime.

How would I encounter these Pokemon? What are their personalities and traits? What kind of interactions would I have with them?

- (Male, Jolly Nature, Likes to run) - After moving to Littleroot Town I heard a commotion coming from Route 101. There I saw Prof. Birch being chased by a Poochyena. He asked me for help and to choose a Pokemon in the bag, I immediately grabbed the first ball I could find and Treecko appeared. After a few minutes Treecko successfully defeated Poochyena and it ran off into the forest. After returning to the lab I accepted Treecko as my first Pokemon partner. Throughout our journey he's been a great partner and gotten us through many tough battles. Later in our journey I acquired a Sceptilite and through some serious training we mastered Mega Evolution.

- (Male, Mild Nature, Likes to thrash about) - I first encountered him as a Poochyena on Route 101 chasing Prof. Birch. After Treecko defeated him he ran off into the surrounding forest. Several hours later after resting it tracked me down as I reentered Route 101. Wanting revenge it snuck up on Treecko and bite the lizards tail. Not to happy with being bitten Treecko retaliated with a Pound and smacked the canine in the face. After a heated battle it was once again weakened but didn't want to give up, impressed by it's determination I decided to catch it. Since then both Poochyena and Treecko have had a rivalry with each other, one usually attacking the other. It wasn't until a few months later when they both participated in a double battle as a Grovyle and Mightyena that they started working together. Later in my journey he and Manectric became inseparable since he fell in love since they first met.

- (Female, Modest Nature, Alert to sounds) - I was lost in Petalburg Woods and didn't know which way to go, while checking my PokeNav for directions Treecko was exploring the treetops. While jumping from branch to branch he found a hollowed out tree filled with berries. Not caring who the owner was he happily started eating them, caught off guard a Taillow started attacking him and he fell backwards out of the tree. Hearing the scuffle I ran over to see the two of them fighting. After weakening the small bird I threw a ball and captured her.

- (Female, Careful Nature, Impetuous and silly) - I was out shopping in Mauville City when I heard a commotion coming from one of the restaurants. After turning the corner I saw an Electrike running out of the restaurant with a sandwich in it's mouth. I'm stopped in my tracks by the owner and he asks me to track down that Electrike since he's fed up with it stealing food. I sent out Mightyena to help track it's scent and which lead us south to Route 110. After some searching we found it in the forest giving food to a hungry Plusle and Minun. Mightyena was the first to approach the Electrike and was enamored by the other canine. At first Electrike was defensive but I stepped forward and offered to help. After sometime we all went back to the restaurant and I explained what happened to the owner. Seeing the situation that Plusle and Minun were in he offered to give them food in exchange for being the restaurants mascots. Seeing the two of them would be taken care of I offered Electrike to come with me. She happily accepted and went into the ball I threw. Sometime later she evolved into a Manectric and proved to be an important member on my team. She also started to accept Mightyena's advances as hes been infatuated with her since they first met.

- (Male, Jolly Nature, Loves to eat) - I just defeated the Lavaridge City gym and decided to explore the desert on Route 111 to see what treasures it holds. However the weather had other plans since a sandstorm rolled in pretty quickly. Lost and unsure which way to go I wandered aimlessly through the desert. After some time I tripped on something moving in the sands, to my surprise a Trapinch poked it's head out and stared at me. It smiled at me with it's wide mouth and gestured for me to follow it. After some time the little Pokemon showed me to small opening in the cliff side. Since it'd be a few hours before the sandstorm subsided I decided to set up a secret base to make it a more comfortable space. While setting things up the Trapinch continued to follow me around. Once the sandstorm ended I stepped out of the cave entrance and looked towards the Trapinch to ask if it wanted to come with me. It happily smiled and entered the poke ball I held. Now that he's a Flygon we soar across the region to explore the many uncharted islands.

- (Male, Modest Nature, Likes to fight - I entered a fishing competition along Route 118 and an abnormally large Carvanha was attacking everyone's boats. All the contestants were determined to catch it since it was guaranteed to be a winner. With patience and determination I was able to catch Carvanha in a ball. Afterwards I won the fishing competition and set out to train this aggressive Pokemon. Sometime later after some intense training and bonding he evolved into a Sharpedo. Now he's proven to be a valuable asset while traveling across the oceans of Hoenn.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
I’m currently in the middle of the Delta Emerald episode. I am satisfied with my progress so far.


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Loaded up AS for the first time in a while the other day. I'm slowly migrating my Pokemon collection up to Home and wanted to get things in order. In particular I'd like to get my Electrive, who I caught as an Electabuzz on FireRed and was part of my team on Pearl, a Hoenn Champion ribbon before he moves up to the next gen.

Assembled a team for the League. Has a mix of Pokemon from my original team; starter Swapert, Linoone, Latias and Kyogre, and a couple from post-game; Typhlosion and of course Electrive

Before heading to Ever Grande City, I decided to jet off on Latias to a few Mirage Islands. Didn't find anything interesting on the first couple, but then came across a Porygon. Still finding new Pokemon to catch even 200 hours in! Since Porygon are pretty difficult to obtain, I started up a chain and am now catching a few to transfer on to later games.