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Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Recent Happenings Thread


Ace and Aspie, for life and light!
I got a digital copy of Alpha Sapphire before the eShop goes away. Just started a new game tonight on what my computer tells me is National Dessert Day, and with Halloween incoming, I thought about naming my team after sweets! My Mudkip is Muddy Buddy, and that first Poochyena with the special bitey move will be Brownie Bite. Whismur will be Shortcake, Shroomish will be Key Lime Pie, other possibilities are a Spinda named Rum Ball, a Lunatone named Moon Pie, a Swablu named Cotton Candy, a Sableye named Rock Candy, that kind of thing.


Call of Fate
Yesterday, I started a playthrough of Alpha Sapphire. I picked Treecko, saved Prof. Birch, beat Brendan, but sadly failed to catch the special Poochyena with Thunder Fang. I then caught a Zigzagoon, a Poochyena, a Wingull, and a Wurmple, and saved.


Ace and Aspie, for life and light!
Yeah I learned the hard way that you reach a certain point where you can't SR for the special Poochyena, and that's probably BEFORE Brendan/May talks to you.


Call of Fate
Continued playing through Alpha Sapphire. I caught my next team member, a Ralts, met Norman and Wally, defeated an Aqua Grunt in Petalburg Woods, and arrived in Rustboro. I beat Roxanne, saved Peeko, and arrived at Dewford. I then defeated Brawly and met Steven before sailing to Slateport. I caught my next team member, an Electrike, met Archie in the Oceanic Museum, beat Brendan on Route 110, and arrived in Mauville. I got the Mach Bike from Rydel and explored the basement of Granite Cave, where I caught a Sableye, my fourth team member. I then explored Route 117, arrived in Verdanturf, and returned to Mauville to battle Wattson. I got my Dynamo Badge, used Rock Smash on the rocks on Route 111, and saved near Fiery Path.


Avid Pokemon TCG Card collector.
Finished a new playthrough of Omega Ruby, was unable to get a Froakie from a GTS trades or Wonder Trades. Instead i got a Fennekin early on from a Wonder Trade...Braixen form turned out to be a great including help alongside Fletchinder against the Brendan's fight on that road below the Cycling Road considering i had Marshtomp as my starter.
However Wattson was still as annoying as ever with Supersonic's confusion Braixen paralyzed. Despite being slightly slow Delphox was also quite useful against a lot of enemies in the game.
Least favorite gym was still Sootopolis City. So many unavoidable battles when you fall down from the tiles. But that last puzzle floor has so many
steps... and that Pokefan Lady on the far left that is becomes mandatory battle since she always spots you and walks right onto one of the ice tile you need. So you're forced to fall, leave the gym to reset her position and finish all the reset tiles on the 3rd floor. :mad:
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Call of Fate
A few days ago, I challenged the Pokemon League for a rematch in Alpha Sapphire. My team was Omastar, Emboar, Zekrom, Latias, Lugia, and Dialga. Emboar was much weaker level-wise than the rest of the team, and losing to Glacia's Vanilluxe due to freeze hax was just embarassing. Steven wasn't that hard, though. I got the Metagrossite from him, watched the credits, and heard Prof. Birch calling for help. The gag wasn't all that funny, but at least I got to choose a Sinnoh starter Pokemon. I chose Piplup and saved the game.


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I restarted my game recently in Pokémon Omega Ruby, chose Mudkip.

Just beat Brawly and I’m really enjoying things. Didn’t think I could find the Alakazite this early. Have only heard one mention of Mega Evolution, but did get the Eon Ticket via StreetPass.

Looking forward to getting legendaries from the islands.