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Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Recent Happenings Thread


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So I Dived my way to Sootopolis. I managed to find a Green Shard from one of the Diving Spots on the way. First I head to the Pokemart and stock up on Ultra Balls and Super Repels. I then talked to the Collector inside and answered his question. By guessing it right, I obtained TM83 - Infestation. I then trekked up to the most North Western house in the city and talked to the Black Belt inside. He gave me Brick Break, of which I replaced Force Palm with it on my Breloom. I also picked up the Sablenite whilst I was there. I then headed back to Mossdeep and went downward and fought a bunch of Fisherman and Swimmers down the road. Coming up to the Seafloor Cavern, I prepared myself and entered. I destroyed all of the Magma Grunts that were there and picked up TM55 - Scald and TM26 - Earthquake. I went through the puzzles and eventually found Kyogre.

Before that, I headed back to Dewford so I could obtain a Modest, Synchronize Abra for catching Kyogre. While I was there I also picked up TM65 - Shadow Claw and a Steelixite. In the end I settled for a Naive Abra. I then headed back to see Kyogre become awakened by Archie. We then headed back to Sootopolis and met Wallace where I was given the Aqua Suit by Shelly. I then headed into the Cave of Origin and caught Kyogre.
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Alpha Sapphire: Taught my Swampert how to use Dive, and began exploring some of the routes with underwater areas. Made my way to Sootopolis City, even if going there isn't necessary at this point in the story. Got myself a Sableye Mega Stone and two TMs, and continued exploring the sea routes and got a Heracross Mega Stone. Finally reached Route 128, and found Team Aqua's hideout and the stolen submarine. However, before I can get any further, it seems I will need to teach Strength to one of my Pokémon. Not sure which one I should teach it to.

Update: Taught Strength to my Metang, and began exploring the cave further, fighting Team Aqua members and solving Strength puzzles on the way. Picked up the TMs for Earthquake and Scald as well. Headed into the deepest part of the cave where I found Archie having defeated Maxie, and about to awaken the sleeping Kyogre. Fought Archie, my Crobat and Delphox doing most of the work. Tried to finish the battle with Mega!Swampert VS Mega!Sharpedo, but when my Swampert got knocked out, my Crobat had to finish the battle.

Shelly showed up to try to warn Archie, but Archie didn't listen and used the Blue Orb to awaken Kyogre. We left the cave to find that a powerful rainstorm has started due to Kyogre's awakening, and if Kyogre reaches it's full power, it may drown the world. Archie, Shelly, Maxie and Steven have gone ahead to Sootopolis, and I'll be heading back there myself soon. After all, I have the Red Orb, which may be needed to calm down Kyogre and stop this rain.

Current team:

Swampert, level 50.
Delphox, level 45.
Crobat, level 45.
Linoone, level 44.
Latias, level 41.
Metang, level 39.
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Yesterday morning, i tried a loosely-founded method of hunting for shiny's using the Dexnav. I did catch a shiny Skorupi, although bashful nature.

I proceeded to find a shiny Eevee using this same method, but no luck.

Then later on, i did it again to find a Shiny Magby. After numerous encountering, i did find a Shiny Magby that was not only at level 48, but had Cross-Chop and possible 3+ perfect i'v's.

I ended up killing it when it was mid health by mistake.... le sigh.
Was so mad. I tried doing it again, but no luck. :(

At least i caught a Shiny Skorupi...


I left the Mauville City Gym after winning the Dynamo Badge and I ran towards the local Pokemon Center and healed my Pokemon again there and exchanged Pokemon as well. I headed to Route 117 and battled trainers and caught a Volbeat and Roselia and after visiting Verdanturf Town, I went to Route 111 and I talked to Victor from the Winstrate Family and we battled. I defeated him as well as his family and I received a Macho Brace for winning. Afterwards, I healed my team at Mauville's PC again and I taught Rock Smash to my Zigzagoon and smashed a rock at Route 111 next. I encountered Gabby and Ty nearby and I slayed their Whismur and Magnemite with my Kirlia and Marshtomp and saved my game.


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~Today, I did some more Secret Base stuff. I visited a bunch of other people's bases and collected their flags. I now have well over 200 flags.
~After that, I went to the berry fields near the Berry Master's house. I planted a variety of berries and watered them all.

~Next, I went to do some exploring and training on Routes 124 through 127. I battled all the trainers on the surface and then went underwater using Dive to battle more people. While underwater, I also caught some more Pokemon like Clamperl and Chinchou. I also went inside Shoal Cave and collected some Shoal Salts.
~Then, I Surfed all the way over to Pacifidlog Town. I skipped over all the trainers along the way, but I'll go back and fully explore those routes later on.

~I also entered Sootopolis City and looked around for a while. I stopped by the mart and sold things, then stocked up on some healing items and repels.
And now, I'm going to head to the Seafloor Cavern.


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Today's been a pretty busy day in good ol' Hoenn. Firstly, I Wonder-Traded a box full of IV bred Treeckos and got a nice HA Sableye, HA Sandshrew, and Petilil in return. The rest were mostly Wurmples and Zizagoons, which I released immediately. I also finally got my hands on that sweet Eloquent Table I've been gathering all that soot for on Route 113. Once I get enough flags for Mood Lighting I'll set up nice Ice gym or something (only 20ish more til Gold status).

After making my daily flag route, it was time to farm EXP with my Blissey Secret Bases and boost my new Wi-Fi team up to level 100. I got challenged by some random Passerby to a Double Battle and decided to test my team out. They had an obviously hacked team with all Shinies, and for some reason I couldn't Mega Evolve my Pokemon. I could click on the button and it would flash up, but nothing would change during the turn. Luckily the opponent didn't use any Megas either, but it was weird to say the least. Curse you hack users.


Yusarin >_<
blaziken just got to level 100 and that means I now have the opportunity to catch Reshiram

Of course I did the Eon Flute and traverse to fabled cave, save before battling reshiram'

Latios did the work with two dive, then I start throwing ultra balls , but just only until the second throw it just got caught

I wasn't even expecting that I would caught it that easily, and this means I only have cresselia left - then I can FINALLY start on AS ( this should now take days to finish as Crescent Isle has a slim chance appearing)


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Today's been a pretty busy day in good ol' Hoenn. Firstly, I Wonder-Traded a box full of IV bred Treeckos and got a nice HA Sableye, HA Sandshrew, and Petilil in return. The rest were mostly Wurmples and Zizagoons, which I released immediately. I also finally got my hands on that sweet Eloquent Table I've been gathering all that soot for on Route 113. Once I get enough flags for Mood Lighting I'll set up nice Ice gym or something (only 20ish more til Gold status).

You are doing good work. I wish more people would do the same when they get Com-mons in Wondertrade. The fewer bad/common mons out there, the better.


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So my team currently is

Salamence- Level 52
Agronn- Level 52
Metagross- Level 47
Swampert- Level 47
Latias- Level 39
Banette- Level 38

And I'm lost trying to find Ever Grande city, just found Heracrossite...

I'm very excited for victory road.. I've been taking it really slow trying to savour that games.

But getting so sick of Poochyena, Zigzagoon, Wurmple on wonder trade...


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Alpha Sapphire: After trying and failing to clear the Strength Puzzle in the Trick House, and heading back to Fiery Path to get the Toxic TM and a Fire Stone now that I had taught my Metang Strength, I made my way back to Sootopolis. Talked to Steven, Wallace, Archie and Maxie, received the Aqua Suit from Brendan, and talked to Brendan before heading into the Cave of Origin. Upon reaching the cave where Kyogre was, I activated Capture Power 1, before changing into the Aqua Suit and riding Kyogre down to the deepest part of the cave. After Kyogre completed it's Primal Reversion, I fought it. After a long battle, I finally caught it with a Timer Ball, and so Hoenn was saved.

Archie gave me the Blue Orb, so that I may control Kyogre's Primal Reversion, before he, Shelly and Maxie left. After that, I headed back to Littleroot, and got my Pokédex upgraded to the National Pokédex. Perhaps now is a good time to try to find some more members for my team.

Current team:

Swampert, level 50.
Delphox, level 45.
Crobat, level 45.
Linoone, level 44.
Latias, level 42.
Metang, level 39.


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I've been spending my day so far running around getting flags, up to 880 now. Also visited the Lilycove Hotel and spoke to the game director, in addition to my Hoenn Certificate, I also achieved something else thanks to my Groundon...

Achievement Unlocked: Time Travel Certificate Get.


I've also been breeding and raising some pokemon to fill out my national pokedex. Secret Friends can be a gargantuan help when one is hatching eggs. Also caught both a Mantine and a Mantyke at the Battle Resort.

Life is good. One of the next couple of days I'll probably be transferring over some pokemon from X, to help fill out the dex.


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OR Wedlocke - Part 4

I swear Semple is a bad omen. Since the last update, she's went through another 2 partners - a Spoink and a Cacnea. Here's hoping Asura the Kecleon - her latest pairing - will fair a bit better. He's already a lot of fun to use with Skill Swap and Colour Change, plus his stats are decent enough. So I'm now in Fortree town and about to take on the 6th gym badge. Nora, Semple and Nahla have all evolved since last time and are all far more useful now. I'm still concerned though about who to use against Winona; Nora would be a decent enough bet with Rock Slide, but her Altaria's Cotton Guard could be troublesome, plus Claude is her partner who's weak to Flying. Semple and Asura are a bit underpowered and will probably get walled by her Skarmory and Altaria, so they're a no go. Remy and Nahla are my only special-orientated pair, which is preferable against a Cotton Guard-ing Altaria, but the former is weak to Flying and most her team resist the latter's STABs. Basically I'm a bit screwed, so I'll probably grind a bit before taking her on.



Quirky [37]
Bulldoze, Rock Slide, Surf, Power-up Punch


Brave [36]
Psycho Cut, Swords Dance, Rock Tomb, Close Combat



Brave [36]
Earth Power, Lava Plume, Rock Slide, Amnesia


Bold [37]
Giga Drain, Dazzling Gleam, Growth, Venoshock



Rash [37]
Secret Power, Waterfall, Aqua Ring, Rain Dance


Sassy [37]
Skill Swap, Secret Power, Shadow Claw, Power-up Punch

Lacey [8-15] ♀ - died to a Sailor's Machop. Paired with Victor.
Pez [12-22] ♀ - victim of the Winstrate's Meditite. Paired with Victor.
Victor [5-21] ♂- see above. Paired with Lacey and then Pez.
Lorenzo [3-22] ♂- killed by a Cool Trainer's Numel. I was pretty gutted about this one - I'm a sucker for underdogs and was hoping the two bugs would power through. Paired with Gina from the start.
Gina [6-21] ♀ - tried to avenge Lorenzo and did a decent enough job, but was critted by Flame Burst. Hey, at least they died together.
Berty [14-21] ♂ - aww, I love Koffing - they're absolutely adorable. He lost to the exact same Numel as the two above - but on the rematch this time. I loathe that thing. Paired with Semple.
Paolo [17-19] ♂ - I can't actually recall how he died, but it was during grinding anyway. Paired with Semple for his short tenure on the team.
Wagner [18-27] ♂ - another Machop was responsible. Razor Leaf failed to KO and he was subsequently slaughtered. I really should have switched out for Semple, but I got cocky and figured a level 22 Machop wouldn't have something as OP as Revenge. Paired with Semple.
Twizzle [21-25] ♂ - thought he'd be alright taking on Lavaridge Gym since he had Thick Fat as an ability, but was killed by a Fire Punching Meditite. I swear, those things are terrifying in a Wedlocke. Paired with Semple.
Cameron [21-30] ♂ - I was quite excited at using a Cacturne for a change so I was pretty pissed at this death. Like Twizzle, he was killed in a gym, this time Petalburg, by a crit off a Zangoose. Paired with Semple.


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After capturing Kyogre, everyone seemed pretty damn happy about it. Archie gave me the Blue Orb headed off. I also obtained the Eon Flute from Steven to call upon Latias. After healing up and testing out Soaring a little bit, I headed back to the Sootopolis Gym and defeated all of the Trainers there. After quickly defeating Wallace's Gym and earning HM05 - Waterfall, I explored Route 129 alongside 130 and battled a ton of Trainers on my way. I found the Heracronite on my travels to Ever Grande, so I picked it up and found the Waterfall. I healed and then entered Victory Road.

Requiem Aeternam

Dance like an eggplant!

Finally got the Shiny Luxio. 6 hours of chaining and on the 220th Encounter. After accidentally breaking a 344 Chain the other day.

Congrats :) Shiny Luxio looks awesome. Think I'm going to MM for one of my own soon.

Not been doing much in ORAS over the last couple of days. Only really been battling in the Battle Maison and levelling up some Pokemon using the Blissey bases. I have been deciding on which Pokemon to breed for next and have decided to rebreed my gimmicky Triples team, the first team to carry me to 50 in the Battle Maison (lost due to an Overheat critical on my Dual Screener).

Last night I began to gather the Pokemon in the PokeBalls I want. I started by returning to HeartGold and catching a Lure Ball Wobbuffet, which took 3 attempts to get as I ran out of Lure Balls the first couple of times. I also caught myself a Sport Ball Pinsir, Sport Ball Scyther, Fast Ball Pidgey, Love Ball Miltank and Friend Ball Ralts. Lots to keep me going for now. I also got a Dream Ball female Skorupi (non-HA) and bred for a Dream Ball Drapion. Need to get an Ability Capsule to change her ability to Battle Armour but I have lots of BP to spare so that's no issue. I am now searching for a female Super Size Pumpkaboo on my X.


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So, whilst travelling through Victory Road, I made it my goal to obtain every TM on my first time through. So, on BF1 I found Flamethrower, and on 2F I found TM81 - X-Scissor. Next up was the battle with Wally. I swept him with my Roserade. After being given the gift of a Dawn Stone, I headed to the Pokemon League and discovered the nearby Mewtwonite Y. I healed my Pokemon and entered Sidney's Room. My Breloom one-shotted his entire team with Brick Break. I entered Phoebe's Room and challenged her, but her whole team was no match for my Roserade and her Shadow Ball. Next up was Glacia, who got destroyed by Breloom and Roserade. Finally, there was Drake, but he was no match for my Mega Sceptile with Dual Chop. Steven was waiting for me. It was a long battle, but I did it. I beat the Champion.


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man, I wish the Battle Maison wasn't such a crapshoot. Getting owned by an Umbreon is not cool. Seeing that little punk get lucky on every turn of confusion followed by two straight misses by 90% accurate attacks...ugh. Die! That was only two matches into a new run, but it felt like having another 50+ win streak go down in flames.

EDIT: OMG! TWICE IN ONE DAY! You've got to be kidding me. Exact same scenario; Umbreon comes in, Confuse Rays my counter (M-Metagross), gets both confusion hits and then dodges two more attacks with 90% accuracy. By this point it has stacked Curses and used Moonlight/Leftovers to heal what little damage I did before the switch, so it doesn't matter what I do, the damn thing winds up walling my team and taking me out with Payback after toying with me. Such cheap BS!
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After the Cutscene with Zinnia, I headed back above Dewford to see my old buddy Fisherman Elliot, and as per usual, he didn't gift me a Water Stone upon ending our fight. Anyway, I soared over to May's House to set off the events of the Delta Episode. I then soared over to Petalburg to battle an Aqua Member and find Steven. Then I headed over to Rustboro where I was told to go to Granite Cave. When I arrived, I found Zinnia and she challenged me to a battle. After defeating her I got a call from Steven saying to meet him at the Mossdeep Space Centre.

However, I was slightly bored, so to spice up the Delta Episode I decided to head to Route 129 to find a Blue Shard to trade for a Water Stone, so I could finally evolve my Lombre. After diving around a bit, I found a Blue Shard as well as a Lustrous Orb. I soared over to Route 124 and claimed my glorious prize - A Water Stone. My final team member has evolved and I now possess a Ludicolo!


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I finally got the oval charm. It took me a while. Sadly, I couldn't get a Jirachi.
But I also managed to fill 2 boxes trying to hatch a 6IV female Eevee. I actually got four 6IV male Eevees. I had to resort to storing some of them in my Pokemon Bank....


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I've made a lot of progress in my AS game today.

I made my way to Route 103 and battled May, defeating her with my Treecko. After, she talked to me a bit before she made her way back to Littleroot Town. I followed her back to Littleroot and went straight to Professor Birch's lab. He gave me a Pokedex and May gave me some PokeBalls.

As I made my way back to Rout 101, I was stopped by my mother, who gave me the DexNav Plus. After that, I entered Route 101. I talked to May, who explained the features of the DexNav when a Poochyena appeared in the grass. I approached it slowly and managed to catch it. I also caught a Zigzagoon and a Wurmply and I continued to go north until I reached Oldale Town.

I healed my party up and I made my way towards Route 103, where I caught a Wingull and then made my way back to Oldale Town before I saved my game.

Party Pokemon