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Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Recent Happenings Thread

avenging bisharp

crime fighter
Just beat Winona and mega evolved shiny metagross for the first time
Current team:
Mudkip (lv 46, ever stone)


La Melancolie Noir
Recently in Alpha Sapphire

- While going about my Secret Base errands, one of my Secret Pals (a ninja boy, appropriately) finally gave me another Dusk Stone. I think I have two now.

- The Chansey I had been training evolved to Blissey with little effort, thanks to being in a Luxury Ball, holding a Soothe Bell, biking around a lot, and getting massages from the lady in Mauville and my Secret Pals. More Secret Pals helped her level up a lot.

- I caught Virizion! I got really lucky with my first Ultra Ball on the first attempt, but it turned out to be Calm, so I had to try again. The second attempt was much more difficult because Virizion kept using Giga Drain, but this time around, it was Naive, so I was fine with that.

- My Secret Base reached Gold rank.

- Today, I traveled around and re-battled some trainers, until everyone on my training team got to level 50. After this, I think I'll try challenging the Pokemon League...

Current training team: (everyone's level 50, except Gardevoir, who's level 51)
Agahnim (Alakazam) - Naive/Synchronize - Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Recover
Aladdin (Medicham) - Jolly/Pure Power - Zen Headbutt, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Hi Jump Kick
Anastasia (Glalie) - Naive/Inner Focus - Crunch, Ice Fang, Freeze-Dry, Frost Breath
Arwen (Mesprit) - Modest/Levitate - Thunder Wave, Ice Beam, Charm, Extrasensory
Atka (Kyogre) - Timid/Drizzle - Thunder, Calm Mind, Ice Beam, Origin Pulse
Bellatrix (Banette) - Hasty/Frisk - Sucker Punch, Destiny Bond, Phantom Force, Will-O-Wisp (from X)
Bocelli (Altaria) - Bashful/Natural Cure - Mirror Move, Roost, Dragon Pulse, Dazzling Gleam
Din (Salamence) - Naive/Intimidate - Brick Break, Crunch, Dragon Claw, Fly
Eirin (Cresselia) - Docile/Levitate - Mist, Aurora Beam, Future Sight, Slash
Elesa (Manectric) - Naive/Static - Charge, Flamethrower, Discharge, Thunder Wave
Elsa (Cryogonal) - Hardy/Levitate - Freeze-Dry, Ice Beam, Confuse Ray, Recover (from X)
Farore (Flygon) - Lonely/Levitate - Boomburst, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Dragon Claw
Gardevoir - Modest/Synchronize - Magical Leaf, Psychic, Hypnosis, Moonblast (from Diantha in X)
Halberd (Skarmory) - Jolly/Sturdy - Autotomize, Rock Tomb, Steel Wing, Fly
Hermione (Delphox) - Mild/Blaze - Sunny Day, Mystical Fire, Flamethrower, Psyshock (from X)
Hina-Ichigo (Blissey) - Modest/Serene Grace - Counter, Soft-Boiled, Refresh, Echoed Voice
Jafar (Seviper) - Bashful/Shed Skin - Poison Jab, Coil, Crunch, Glare
King Koopa (Blastoise) - Mild/Torrent - Water Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Aura Sphere, Aqua Jet (from X)
Kirigiri (Meowstic) - Lonely/Infiltrator - Shadow Ball, Signal Beam, Psychic, Energy Ball (from X)
Legolas (Sceptile) - Docile/Overgrow - Leaf Storm, Dragon Claw, Leaf Blade, X-Scissor (my starter)
Mary Read (Tentacruel) - Naive/Liquid Ooze - Hex, Sludge Wave, Toxic, Surf
Metagross - Hasty/Clear Body - Bullet Punch, Meteor Mash, Zen Headbutt, Hammer Arm (shiny, event)
Miror B (Ludicolo) - Naive/Rain Dish - Teeter Dance, Uproar, Grass Knot, Surf
Misty (Gyarados) - Jolly/Intimidate - Ice Fang, Aqua Tail, Crunch, Dragon Dance
Naruto (Ninetales) - Timid/Flash Fire - Will-O-Wisp, Hex, Flamethrower, Extrasensory
Nayru (Latias) - Hardy/Levitate - Recover, Dragon Breath, Mist Ball, Thunderbolt
Odonata (Yanmega) - Quirky/Speed Boost - Ancient Power, Aerial Ace, Signal Beam, Screech (from Black 2)
Ogre (Machamp) - Adamant/No Guard - Earthquake, Poison Jab, Cross Chop, Dual Chop (from Soul Silver)
Periwinkle (Florges) - Modest/Flower Veil - Energy Ball, Wish, Moonblast, Aromatherapy (blue, from X)
Playboy (Lopunny) - Rash/Cute Charm - Jump Kick, Dizzy Punch, Charm, Bounce (from Black 2)
Rapier (Virizion) - Naive/Justified - Retaliate, Giga Drain, Sacred Sword, Swords Dance
Remilia (Crobat) - Jolly/Inner Focus - Cross Poison, Confuse Ray, Haze, Acrobatics
Scarface (Sharpedo) - Lonely/Speed Boost - Crunch, Waterfall, Ice Fang, Thrash (from Black 2)
Shiemi (Lilligant) - Modest/Own Tempo - Giga Drain, Aromatherapy, Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance
Skeeter (Heracross) - Hasty/Swarm - Rock Slide, Shadow Claw, Megahorn, Brick Break
Suicune - Relaxed/Pressure - Sheer Cold, Ice Fang, Extreme Speed, Surf (shiny, from event in Soul Silver)
Suigintou (Absol) - Jolly/Pressure - Night Slash, False Swipe, Psycho Cut, Sucker Punch
Sunbaker (Heliolisk) - Lax/Sand Veil - Thunderbolt, Parabolic Charge, Dark Pulse, Razor Wind (from X)
Tamaki (Togekiss) - Quirky/Serene Grace - Air Slash, Ancient Power, Extrasensory, Dazzling Gleam (from Soul Silver)
Termina (Lunatone) - Hardy/Levitate - Stone Edge, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Psychic
Volkner (Zebstrika) - Hardy/Lightning Rod - Charge, Double Kick, Discharge, Wild Charge (from Black 2)
Wallace (Milotic) - Modest/Competitive - Scald, Recover, Coil, Ice Beam
Wargle (Braviary) - Bashful/Sheer Force - Crush Claw, Rock Slide, Tailwind, Fly
Westley (Zoroark) - Naive/Illusion - Fake Tears, Flamethrower, Extrasensory, Night Daze (from X)
Xavier (Gallade) - Jolly/Steadfast - Swords Dance, Psycho Cut, Close Combat, Leaf Blade
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So after slaying Zinnia and her team of Dragon-types inside of Granite Cave, she gave me that Meteorite Shard thing that Steven asked me to find. I headed out of the cavern afterwards and met up with Steven again and after that we had to find another Meteorite Shard at Meteor Falls. I rode my Mach Bike through Route 114 and caught a wild Skorupi that appeared around there and I also checked out some Super-Secret Bases. I then ventured into Meteor Falls itself and as I wandered around, I soon spotted my pal Steven again and we spoke to Zinnia's grandmother.


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Caught several more legendaries on Omega Ruby yesterday & today:
~Returned to Pathless Plain yesterday and encountered Cobalion there. Nothing that interesting happened during the battle and it was easy to catch.
~Today, I went there again to get Virizion. Again, it was an easy catch.

~Put my AS Lugia in my party yesterday and then went to Trackless Forest to catch all the legends there all in a row. I got there during Entei's time and caught it on the first turn in a Quick Ball. Soon after, I was able to fight Suicune, who I caught in a Net Ball after several turns. Finally, I battled Raikou last. Raikou was the most annoying of the three to catch as I fainted it a couple times due to some unlucky critical hits. Fortunately though, I caught it on my third try.

Today, I also transferred over a few more Pokemon from my X version. One of them was a Conkeldurr that I just sent over for the dex entry so that I wouldn't have to trade my Gurdurr later. I decided to put the Conkeldurr up on the GTS for an Articuno since I didn't want to have to transfer up an Articuno for my dex later. Ended up receiving a shiny Articuno, so that was pretty cool.

Ascended Dialga

Grad student
- I'm post-game in Alpha Sapphire and filling up my Pokedex. I have every single non-event legendary in my collection, most of which were transferred over. The event legendaries I have are Celebi, Victini, and Diancie
- I've collected every TM in the game except for 21 Frustration, 84 Poison Jab, and 90 Substitute
- I managed to get my hands on a Contrary Snivy. I also traded my Luxray for a shiny Hoppip
- I just caught a Tropius with perfect IVs in Defense, SpAttack, and SpDefense; bringing the number of Tropii in my collection up to 3

My current party:
Shiny Gengar
Shiny Skuntank
Shiny Skiploom (in training)
Snivy (in training)
Noibat (in training)


Shiny Huntress
Caught Reshiram yesterday, he broke all my Luxury balls :( I wanted the Black and White Dragons to be in Black shiny balls but nooo...he ended up with a unfabulous Timer ball instead. Got two of the three Kanto dog/cat things, Raikou refused to go down and then I hit Run instead of Bag so I had to go all the way through the League again to wait for a respawn and the Trackless Forest to appear again >_< Got Entei in a Timer ball (boo) and Suicune in a Dive ball (yay!) But no Quick ball for Raikou...yet. Also got Thundurus, named him Thor (duh) now I need to trade in the other Sky Riders from my X and Y to get the Landorus in the versions. And then I did some Platinum'ing of the areas and routes for Pokemon and evolved some Hoenn dex'ers. I had a female Japanese Ralts and I levelled it all the way up to a Gardevoir and then used my male Ralts Rafe to become Gallade. Here's hoping for a Shiny Ralts. I have never had the patience for the Masuda method but this time I think I will. Their first Ralts was born with three Egg moves, that was pretty cool.
I finally finished transfering every pokemon from my X and Y versions into both my Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, and I completed the pokedex! My next goal is to start sring for shinys and completing all the vents, as this has taken an immense amount of time I managed to get a hacker to trade me a Hoopa, which is AWESOME.


So at Meteor Falls, my good friend Steven headed back to Rustboro City after talking to Zinnia's grandmother and I simply wandered around some more and tracked down some Pokemon using the DexNav and found and caught a wild Clefairy and Druddigon and afterwards I also captured a wild Bagon inside of a smaller cave and headed back out. I used my Eon Flute at Route 115 and soared until I arrived at a Mirage Forest out at sea near Lilycove City. I caught a wild Purugly, Cherrim, Tangela and Sunkern there and then I flew to Pacifidlog Town. I explored the sea routes to the east and I encountered a Finneon and Alomomola and then I dove underwater and saved my game there after slaying a few trainers.


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Caught Tornadus and Groudon in OR, then tried to Pokebank over the missing starters from Y, but instead the Nintendo servers decided to have a seizure and won't let me move them through to OR. Or there's too much drag on my internet right now, I can wait till my parents go to bed so they get off the network for me to use my DS.


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With Ludicolo providing a more nimble Dive option than Kyogre, I was able to reach the Secret Isle. The base there was very pretty, although the battle was a little underwhelming. Was just a lv30 shiny Linoone. Very tempted to take the base on Secret Isle for myself, although I'd imagine a lot of people already have one there, so wouldn't get many people visiting. Plus, its kind of annoying to get to.

Then went and found Secret Meadow. Only had time to visit one of the bases, but had a fun triple battle against the trainer. Think I've got 4 or 5 there so I'll get round to them this evening if I have the chance

Now up to 40 flags, (haven't been taking the flag hunting very seriously to be honest).
Yay! I found the Substitute TM in OR yesterday morning! I just have the Snarl TM yet to find, and that'll be done! I also found the Gyro Ball and Flash Cannon TMs in AS, so that hunt's finally started, as well.

I haven't been doing my secret base rounds lately, simply because it's so boring and repetitive. I really wanna get more bases, but I don't know when I'll be able to use my sister's WiFi connection again. Ugh...

Autobot N

Restarted my AS because I kinda got bored of it when I got to Wallace's gym. This time, I decided not to use a member of the Ralts evolution line because they level up slow. I then decided to catch a zigzagoon to do some wonder trading, so I walked into the grass... and found a Shiny Ralts.

EDIT: Decided to use it so all the trainers would be jealous.
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I’m Back...
Got to play through AlphaSapphire in order to build up Pokèmon that I would like to use. Currently I'm up to Fortree City and going to be taking on Winnona soon. The 6th party member hasn't been decided yet but I did decide to keep the Latias that wanted to join my team. I nicknamed her "Latia" in the same manner as her brother "Latio" from my OmegaRuby team. I also decided to trade over Galladite so that I can Mega Evolve my Gallade "Chrom" earlier than it would normally be.

In OmegaRuby, It's mostly Shiny Hunting and preparing to take on the Battle Maison. I've already completed my National Dex with 719 and plan to add Hoopa once he is distributed legally by Nintendo in the near future. The target of my Shiny Hunt is Chain Fishing for a Corphish at the small edge in Petalburgh. It's actually really nice to have a well trained Malamar in my Kraken from my Y team with the right ability to help out in Chain Fishing.


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Today in Alpha Sapphire

I decided it was finally time to challenge the Elite Four. I did so with the following team, all at level 50:

Periwinkle (Florges) - Modest/Flower Veil - Energy Ball, Wish, Moonblast, Aromatherapy, @Sitrus Berry
Farore (Flygon) - Lonely/Levitate - Boomburst, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, @Lum Berry
Playboy (Lopunny) - Rash/Cute Charm - Jump Kick, Dizzy Punch, Charm, Bounce, @Lopunnite
Atka (Kyogre) - Timid/Drizzle - Thunder, Calm Mind, Ice Beam, Origin Pulse, @Blue Orb
Metagross (shiny/event) - Hasty/Clear Body - Bullet Punch, Meteor Mash, Zen Headbutt, Hammer Arm, @Metagrossite
Westley (Zoroark) - Naive/Illusion - Fake Tears, Flamethrower, Extrasensory, Night Daze, @Lum Berry

--Vs. Sidney--
Instructions: Send out Periwinkle and spam Moonblast. Surprisingly, she was faster than everyone except Sharpedo, whose Poison Fang didn't even take out half her health. She also took a little damage from Shiftry's Fake Out, but then her Sitrus Berry activated and recovered some of her HP.

--Vs. Phoebe--
I started off with Westley, who was disguised as Metagross. He OHKO'd Dusclops with Night Daze, as if to say, "Yeah, I'm totally a Zoroark." When Phoebe sent out Sableye, I switched to Playboy, who Mega Evolved and OHKO'd it with Jump Kick, thanks to the Scrappy ability. I kept switching between Westley and Playboy for the rest of the battle. Westley OHKO'd Banette with Night Daze. Dusknoir was the most difficult part - Playboy 3HKO'd it with Dizzy Punch, while taking two Ice Punches and a Fire Punch, using Charm before the latter. For the last Banette, Westley's first Night Daze missed, and Banette's Shadow Ball broke his illusion. But the second Night Daze OHKO'd it.

--Vs. Glacia--
First, my Metagross OHKO'd the Glalie sent out. Then Glacia was stupid enoough to sent out two Froslasses in a row, despite me having my Scrappy Mega Lopunny out. He OHKO'd them both with Jump Kick. For Walrein, I sent out Atka, who changed to Primal form and OHKO'd it with Thunder. The last battle was a bit annoying - Metagross' first Meteor Mash missed, and Glalie used Hail, then Protect, meaning Metagross got hit twice by hail before the second Meteor Mash hit.

--Vs. Drake--
This was the easiest battle yet. Atka swept the first four dragons, since they all had a 4x weakness to ice. For Kingdra, I sent out Periwinkle, who OHKO'd it with Moonblast. Why he decided to use Kingdra last is beyond me...

--Vs. Steven--
First, Steven sent out Skarmory. Farore went first, but I had to switch to Atka. Skarmory used Toxic and Spikes and had the Sturdy ability, plus Steven used a Full Restore on it. So Atka had less than half HP remaining afterward because of Toxic. Then he sent out Cradily, who was OHKO'd by my own Mega Metagross' Meteor Mash. (Take about a taste of his own medicine.) For Aggron, I stayed with Metagross, who withstood an Earthquake after using Hammer Arm. Of course, Steven used a Full Resore again, and Bullet Punch didn't do much damage, so I ended up switching to Farore to absorb the Earthquake, then KO'd Aggron with her own Earthquake.

Then he sent out Claydol. I sent out Atka, and used a Full Restore on him while Claydol used Light Screen. Despite that, Atka was still able to OHKO it with Origin Pulse. Next he sent out Armaldo. Because the Light Screen was up, I sent out Playboy to stall. He used Charm to lower Armaldo's Attack, and his Bounce managed to paralyze Armaldo too. Once the Light Screen was gone, I sent out Atka again, who KO'd Armaldo with Origin Pulse.

Then Steven sent out Metagross, so I switched to Farore. As expected, Metagross Mega Evolved, sneaking in a Bullet Punch before Farore brought its HP below half with Earthquake. As was not expected, Metagross was faster than Farore, KOing her with Giga Impact. So I switched to Westleyn(disguised as Playboy), who finally KO'd Metagross with a Night Daze.

After the battle, I entered the Hall of Fame, the end credits played... and then I was surprised to be battling Brendan! Thankfully, all my Pokemon were fully healed, so Farore was back in action. She OHKO'd his Swellow with a Rock Slide, Atka OHKO'd his Wailord with Thunder, Farore OHKO'd his Raichu with Earthquake after enduring a Quick Attack, Playboy OHKO'd his Breloom with Bounce, and Farore OHKO'd his Mega Blaziken with Earthquake. Easy battle, although nobody seemed to gain any experience. Oh well.

Dragon trainer

Arise from the Ashes
Alpha Sapphire I finally got a shiny torchic starter my first fire type and first shiny starter pokemon. Trying to get a shiny ralts and lotad before the first gym.
Omega Ruby currently soft resetting for a shiny archen and fossil pokemon after my torchic success. I also got a eon ticket which I'm happy about.

On both games I got shiny beldum just need to pick it up and reset for required nature.


After diving around Route 129 and Route 130 and picking various items including several Plates from the ocean floor, I used my Eon Flute once more and flew to a Mirage Mountain and caught a wild Zebstrika and Elekid there. I explored a Mirage Cave next and caught a wild Tynamo inside and picked up several items as well. I fixed my Super-Secret Base at the Secret Meadow afterward and I got a Dusk and Water Stone from my Secret Pals. I flew to Mossdeep City next and saw Team Aqua causing trouble at the Space Center there. After battling five female Team Aqua grunts and confronting Matt, Zinnia arrived and destroyed the Meteorite Shards.


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I went soaring in the sky yesterday and encountered Tornadus. I weakened it down and paralyzed it using Absol, then captured it in an Ultra Ball. It only took a few turns to catch.

After that, I evolved several more Pokemon for Pokedex purposes. I updated my BuzzNav and visited the new Secret Bases I got in order to fight the trainers there for experience. When I was done with that, I rematched some trainers around the region. I managed to get several fully evolved Pokemon registered in my Pokedex as a result of all that battling, including Reuniclus, Arbok, and Vespiquen.

When I was bored with training, I returned to Lavaridge Town. I talked to someone near the hot springs and received another egg. After running around for a while, a Togepi hatched from the egg.
Right now, my National Dex is at more than 650 caught.

The last thing I did yesterday was going to the Battle Institute in Mauville. I did a Single Battle test with my Milotic, Swampert, and Altaria. The first several battles weren't too bad and I managed to win. However, I lost the last battle, where this Power Whip + Explosion Lickilicky wrecked my Swampert & Altaria. My score wasn't that great, but I did receive some BP.


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After slaving away at battling Blisseys for a week or so on my Omega Ruby, I've nearly completed my Hoenn Pokedex (caught). I just need Delcatty and Wigglytuff, both of which need a moon stone (which I don't have), plus Latias (from Eon Ticket), Registeel and Regirock, which I'm soft resetting for shiny versions.


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Recently in Alpha Sapphire

I had just defeated the Champion for the first time earlier today, but decided to go ahead and do the Delta Episode as well. Everything was pretty straightforward - I'll leave all the details out so that I don't spoil things for the people here who haven't done it. Instead I'll just talk about the very end where you battle the legendaries...

When it came time to battle Rayquaza, I was a bit worried, as the team I came with was in their low-50s level-wise, while Rayquaza was level 70. My Altaria (who Mega evolved so as to gain the Fairy-type) took off a little of its HP with Dazzling Gleam and Dragon Pulse, but then got KO'd by Extreme Speed. I sent out my Manectric in an attempt to paralyze it, but she got KO'd with Dragon Pulse before she could even attack. So then, I sent out my Tentacruel, who I brought only for the purposes of using Surf. She survived a Dragon Pulse before using Toxic on Rayquaza. For the next few turns, I just stalled a bit with my other Pokemon, but Rayquaza mowed them all down like they were nothing. Eventually, I was down to my last Pokemon, Gardevoir. By that time, Rayquaza's HP got into the red zone thanks to Toxic. Knowing this was my only chance, I threw an Ultra Ball... and much to my surprise, that caught it!

Still in shock about my first Ultra Ball catching Rayquaza, I didn't pay much attention to what Zinnia was saying after that. I did get to put my new Rayquaza into my party, so I replaced the low-level Linoone I had brought along as an HM slave (which I didn't need anyway, as the only HM required was Surf to get to the Sky Pillar). After that, Zinnia challenged me to a battle, and I was relieved to discover that my party had been fully healed. Thankfully, it was easy - I just had Rayquaza Mega evolve and spam Dragon Pulse.

And then came the battle with Deoxys, which of course I couldn't save before. Thankfully, it seems Deoxys can respawn after defeating the Elite Four again, so I was fine with just KOing it this time. Although Deoxys was level 80, this was easy - all it did was use Cosmic Power, and despite that, Rayquaza was able to OHKO it with Dragon Ascent. And if I really need a Deoxys immediately, I have an event one in Diamond that I can transfer over, so this shouldn't be an issue. Also thankfully, after the Delta Episode ended, I looked at Rayquaza in my party and discovered that it had a Gentle nature and had a high IV in Special Attack (which is higher than its Attack, interestingly enough). I was hoping for a nature that doesn't lower either of the Attack stats or Speed, so I was quite pleased.
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So after Zinnia had ruined the Space Center's plans to stop the asteroid and snatched Aqua Admin Matt's Key Stone as well, I had to chase her down to Team Aqua's Hideout. As I wandered around and stepped on warp panels at the hideout, I encountered and battled a few more Team Aqua grunts and I soon reached Archie's location and saw Zinnia there as well. After chatting with me, Zinnia left and I got the Sharpedonite Mega Stone from Archie and Shelly and Steven called me and asked me to go back to the Mossdeep Space Center. Once there, Steven spoke about Wallace, the Cave of Origin, and the Sky Pillar. I flew to Sootopolis City and after talking to Wallace, he went to the Sky Pillar and I flew over there.