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Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Recent Happenings Thread

Thanks to Nintendo's Street Pass weekend I pass 1 person today and got the Eon Ticket! YAY so I'm on my way to Southern Island
Yay! I got my Cosplay Pikachu to Lv.100 yesterday! I am SOOOOO glad that I went with a mixed set instead of a purely physical one, it made training her so much faster and smoother! I've made her a permanent part of my Kanto team, replacing my Volt Tackle Raichu from W2. This is her moveset:

*Avalon* the Cosplay Pikachu, Beauty forme (F) Lv.100@Light Orb
Docile, Lightning Rod
x/x/x/31/31/31 IVs, unknown EVs
-Icicle Crash
-Brick Break
-Grass Knot


1 more day ^^
I got my first and second badges pretty easily. I didnt even need to get my whole team to lv 16 to battle Brawly. Now I'm about to battle Brendan. This is my extended team:
marstomp lv 16
beautifly lv 16
surskit lv 16
zigzagoon lv 16
poochyena lv 17
whismur lv 16
shroomish lv 16
nuzleaf lv 16
tailow lv 16
geodude lv 16
magikarp lv 15
tentacool lv 15
gulpin lv 16
electrike lv 12


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Currently doing the Trick Master challenge. Completed four visits so far I do not like strength puzzles and doing the fifth one right now.


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Yesterday, I returned to the Battle Maison and started a Super Singles challenge. I selected a team of Mega Kangaskhan, Chansey, and Gengar. I didn't have much trouble winning the battles and I won many of them using only Kangaskhan. There was one tough battle somewhere around #47, though, where I was up against a lead Cobalion (always hate facing that Pokemon). I know I sacrificed Chansey to it after paralyzing it with Thunder Wave, and I think Gengar died too after taking out a good chunk of its HP. But Kangaskhan was fortunately able to win thanks to some Power Up Punch boosts.

Then, I made it to the battle against Chatelaine Nita. I interrupted my streak briefly in order to swap Chansey for Greninja, in case I needed Greninja's Ice Beam. I ended up not needing it, though. Kangaskhan took out Thundurus and Tornadus with ease. When Landorus came out, I switched Gengar into its Focus Blast. Landorus was stuck with that move thanks to its Choice Scarf, so Gengar was able to defeat it without getting hurt at all.

So, I won that battle and got the trophy. Back in the lobby, I saw Wally again and talked to him. I even got to have another battle with him using my main team.


I arrived at Gym Leader Liza and Tate's location in the Mossdeep City Gym and I finally challenged them. They used their Solrock and Lunatone and I used my Sceptile and Gardevoir against them. I attacked Solrock with Sceptile's Leaf Blade, but Solrock survived. Solrock was then healed and I had to swap my Gardevoir for Pelipper after Lunatone injured it. I eventually defeated Liza and Tate's Lunatone with Leaf Blade and Solrock with Surf and got the Mind Badge and Calm Mind TM from the duo. I headed out of the Mossdeep City Gym after winning and I saw a pillar of light appear in the ocean to the south. Mossdeep City's citizens were frightened and I talked to Steven and got the Dive HM and Devon Scuba Gear.


1 more day ^^
I went back to granite cave and caught an Aron and a mawhile with intimidate. I also beat all of the trainers on cycling road. Now I'm trying to find a marril with aqua jet and huge power which may be impossible >.> current team
Marshtomp lv 20
Linoone lv 20
Beautiful lv 18
Whismur lv 16
Shroomish lv 18
Nuzleaf lv 20
Poochyena lv 17
Magikarp lv 19
Tentacool lv 19
Geodude lv 16
Electrike lv 17
Gulpin lv 20
Aron lv 13
Mawhile lv 14


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Today, I started doing Super Double battles at the Battle Maison. I selected a team of Kangaskhan, Gengar, Greninja, and Gliscor. On my first attempt, I lost on battle 6 or something hilariously low like that after Gengar got frozen on the first turn. Tried again, made it to battle 44. That battle went down to my Gliscor vs their stall Weezing. I tried to stall it out, but I ran out of PP first and died from Struggle.

After that loss, I decided to try one more time today. I swapped Gliscor for Scizor, which ended up being a very good decision for me. I eventually made it to the fight against Chatelaine Evelyn. I was kind of worried about this fight at first, but in the end I won easily thanks to Greninja. So, I earned my second trophy.

Lastly, I had another rematch with Wally, this time against his final team.


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I finally beat Emerald after ten years of not touching it, then went back to ORAS to try to fill out more of the Hoenn Dex. I traded my one and only Weepinbell for an Alakazam on the GTS, one of the few that didn't want something riduculous in exchange for a common, then evolved my Turtwig to a Torterra, bringing my fully evolved Starter count to 17 of 18, last one is my Chimchar. I have both the HA Event Unova starters since the Samurott won't be released for North America until the 27th of this month (boo) And before that by random Wonder Trade I already had a female HA Snivy level 1 so now I have two HA ones. Now trying to find someone to trade me a Machoke/Machamp since I don't like holes in my Hoenn dex.

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I haven't really been playing OR much the last couple of weeks, haven't really touched my 3DS at all, but I've been breeding for some new Pokemon to use. So far I've gotten a HP Ice Manectric, a HA Emboar, a HA HP Ice Emolga and a HA Absol. That now brings my total of IV bred Pokemon up to 33. Would be 34 but I've removed my Serperior from the list as its HP type isn't very good. I'll breed for a new one later. Currently I'm trying to MM for a shiny Moon Ball Ponyta but I think after I hit 3 boxes, I'll be switching my focus onto something else, most likely Gardevoir.

Right now I'm trying to beat Super Triples in the Battle Maison again using the team that got me to 89 wins before I lost. The battles have been really easy so far but my streak is below 30 and 40+ is where I usually start seeing all the Pokemon that I hate (GW Talonflame, legendaries etc). Still need to go back and win Super Singles but I can never get past 30 anymore. My luck is rubbish in Singles.


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Managed to complete the Trick House completely that last puzzle though... yesterday and ended up doing some Wonder Trading because I had spare Pokemon on hand. I ended up with new Pokemon entries, but unfortunately, none of them were Legendaries. lol Training some of my other Pokemon to get their evolution dex entry and so far, I've successfully evolved my Remoraid, Carvanha, Tentacool, Quilladin, and Patrat. I'll probably continue to do my evolving today.

I also finally caught Mesprit! Just need to catch the other two of the Psychic trio. I'm also hoping to redo the Elite Four challenge for the second time so I can catch Deoxys...and to get a spare Metagrossite. lol Just at the moment, I am a bit under leveled, but that's what grinding is for!


I left Steven's home after getting the Devon Scuba Gear and I healed my team again at the Mossdeep City Pokemon Center and went northeast to Route 125 and Shoal Cave afterwards. I caught a wild Sealeo inside and explored as much of the cave as possible during high tide. Afterwards, I fished and caught a Wailmer on Mossdeep's shore and taught Dive to said Wailmer right away. I Surfed along Route 127 on my way to Route 128 and Seafloor Cavern to stop Team Magma. I battled several Swimmers and other random trainers on the small islands in the sea and then I used Dive to go underwater next and I battled and beat a Free Diver and caught a wild Chinchou and Clamperl and saved my game next.


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So I've been playing a Wonderlocke on Omega Ruby and had been doing quite well, getting all the way to Mossdeep City and losing only three pokemon total.
Then it happened, the day I will remember as;
The Bloody Sunday

So it starts when I wonder trade off the Tentacool that I catch at Mossdeep and gets a Deino called Blue how has Fire, Thunder and Ice Fang and Dark Pulse. Then I wonder trade a Golbat for a Japanese Gible with Iron Head and Outrage. Thinking that I'd get some levels on them so they'll be useful in the future, I drop Dustox and Tentacruel off in the PC and scoop up my new prizes. I switch train them with the trainers in the gym and they level up to their late teens. However I felt that my four main pokemon, Charizard, Mega Pidgeot, Electrode and Zangoose were too over levelled for the gym leaders and decided to give myself a challenge. I kept Electrode in the party "just in case" and switched the other three out for Persian and Forretress. To complete the party I scooped up a Chinchou who only needed about 330 exp to evolve into Lanturn. I figured it would be good to prepare it in case something ever happened to Tentacruel or Electrode.
The battle was a disaster. Persian and Forretress couldn't cut it and fell while I was forced to sacrifice Chinchou as Death Fodder in order to heal Electrode.
One gym battle and my death count had doubled!
After that I decided to boost my numbers by heading out to the as-yet unexplored Route 105, Route 108 and Sea Mauville, intending to catch three new pokemon to wonder trade off as well as do a bit of grinding with some of my reserves. A got all three pokemon, but the cost was high and by the time I had surfed from petalburg city to Slateport city, Blue the Deino, Azumarill, Combusken and Pikachu has all fallen as well.
To add insult to injury, one of my wonder trades resulted in a level 2 caterpie while another gave a level 7 Silcoon! Admittedly my main team does have a Dustox but he's there because he's been there since day one and has put in nothing but the finest of work. I'm sure that with a good amount of grinding Butterfree and Beautify would have their own uses as well, but they just don't compare to those who fell today!


1 more day ^^
I gave up trying to get a marril with aqua jet and settled with one with huge power. After that I got pretty much everyone to lv 20 and beat Watson who wasn't difficult with just geodude. Then I beat some trainers and went through the fiery path and caught a torkoal. Finally I beat some more trainers and am now seeing if I can find a spinda with a good egg move.
Current team
Marshtomp lv 24
Linoone lv 22
Mightyena lv 23
Beautifly lv 20
Shroomish lv 20
Nuzleaf lv 20
Surskit lv 18
Loudred lv 20
Gyarados lv 20
Tentacool lv 20
Aron lv 20
Mawhile lv 23
Electrike lv 24
Azumarril lv 20
Torkoal lv 14


Still at Route 126's depths, I caught a wild Lanturn and after beating a Scuba Diver , I arrived at Route 128 and resurfaced. I walked on a square island where the pillar of light came from, then I Surfed again some more afterwards and I dove underwater again into the trench. I resurfaced at Seafloor Cavern next and spotted Team Magma's stolen submarine there. I ran through the cave afterwards and I battled a Team Magma grunt after using Strength to push a boulder away. After that I arrived at another cavern and pushed several more boulders with Strength and I Surfed along some currents in the next cavern I found. I soon spotted another Team Magma grunt and after beating him and his team, I saved.


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I have been filling my pokedex, only needing cross gen evolutions, Electivire, Porygon 2 and Z.
And something pretty awesome happened.
My sister was looking through Twitter and talked to one guy about Vivillons. Guy wanted Icy snow Vivillon so bad, but he couldn't find one anywhere. Then my sister said that Icy snow was our pattern, and guy went nuts. He said that he would give something good if he could get icy snow vivillon. We agreed to trade, not knowing what we could get return, but we really didn't care. Trade started and we offered our Vivillon that we found in box and that guy offered DARKRAI!! I mean, he just happily traded away his 6 iv, fully EV trained event Darkrai that was from event few years ago. We just shocked and that guy just said thank you billion times.

That was good day.


I slayed several more Team Magma grunts inside of the Seafloor Cavern and then I entered a cave with boulders that I had to push. Afterwards, I found the Earthquake TM in a cave with magma and I ran down some stairs next and then I arrived at another cave with a magma pool and I saw Maxie and Archie. I battled against Maxie after he bragged to me and I beat his Mightyena with Gardevoir's Dazzling Gleam and his Weezing with Psychic. I then battled and beat Maxie's Crobat with my Manectric's Discharge and Maxie's Mega Camerupt with my Pelipper's Surf. After beating Maxie, Tabitha showed up and he and Archie left and Maxie's Red Orb awoke Groudon, who escaped towards the surface in a blast of heat.


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Moved on to Super Rotation battles at the Maison. I used the same team of Kangaskhan/Scizor/Gengar/Greninja that got me through Super Doubles. Anyway, my team continued to serve me well during the Rotation battles, winning each battle without much trouble. I don't recall struggling with any of the battles I did.

When I reached the Chatelaine fight, I interrupted my challenge briefly in order to swap out Greninja for Gardevoir. I really needed my Gardevoir's Moonblast to help with the battle. The battle was kind of sloppy overall, with me just spamming moves and hoping the right Pokemon would be rotated to. I managed to win eventually, though.

Now, I've earned three trophies. Will start Super Triples later today.


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Wonderlocke hit another stumbling point today when I faced Groudon and stupidly forgot that Tentacruel was part poison. My highest levelled pokemon, and my team's surfer died in the blink of an eye, forcing me to use my masterball for fear that my entire team would otherwise be decimated (not something I was keen on happening, especially in the aftermath of Bloody Sunday.
To add insult to injury I found that Groudon could not be wonder traded, forcing meto box it and forfeit a trade!
After that I decided to got explore the routes south of Sootopolis and around Pacifidlog. This journey resulted in my capturing of three Tentacool, two Magikarp a Pelipper and a Tentacruel to trade off, getting a Froakie, a Poochyena, a Watchdog, a Snorlax, a Steelix and a pair of Eevee which I am planning to evolve into Jolteon and Glaceon.
The only places left to explore before the league now are New Mauville, Evergrande City and Victory Road, as well as a couple of those islands that you can only get to via Mega Lati@s. Though I still have to beat Wallace first Hopefully Cacturne and Electrode are strong enough to take him on without a repeat of the Mossdeep battle against Liza and Tate!


Got my shiny charm, first time i've ever finished a full poke'dex since Gen1 days. Living poke'dex now sat in my bank waiting to be shared onto all 4 of my 6th gen games.

Got to work with that shiny charm, and just MMed my first ever hatched shiny (only 4th self caught non-locked shiny ever). Treecko, with HP water. Imperfect HP and Attack, but otherwise nice (14/13/31/30/31/30). Absolutely delighted with this, as it was the last egg, from the last batch that I was going to do before going to bed, due to running out of o-power points. Almost didn't spot it at first. 69 eggs exactly, so did not take long to get at all.