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Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Recent Happenings Thread


Gives 'em the slip..
I finished the Delta Episode last Monday. I could care less about finishing it, I really just wanted to get both bikes and to the Battle Resort.

Most needless fool's errand in a main series game yet, and yes I'm including Giratina and the Distortion World. I know a lot of people don't feel the same way I do, but I really disliked being forced to finish the Delta Episode quest before obtaining all of the available TM's and getting to the Move Tutors, even after E4. Oh well, now I have a God Slayer Click = Win MegaRaySpaz.

(Dear Belgrim; Hawlucha is a STUD. Adorable... no. Manly-stud-studliness, yes. Seriously, it's eyeballs should be growing hair from all the manliness.)


Let's go to the beach, each.
Brendan ran home to mommy when I beat him and I pranced into the Lilycove Department Store after healing my darlings again at the local Pokemon Center. After shopping and buying some Hyper Potions and TMs, I sashayed back out and visited the Contest Spectacular and the Lilycove Museum and then I went to the shore and saw several Team Aqua grunts loitering and scheming, then I Surfed towards Route 124, but a pod of Wailmer there were blocking the way. I did a few trades next and transferred Pokemon to Pokemon Bank, then I headed over to Route 122 afterwards and Surfed south from the dock there and I made it to Mt. Pyre. I arrived at the interior of the cemetery next and saved my game.


Active Member
Started chain breeding egg moves onto feebas, and yeah i know, late to the party on it.
Also trying to grab a shiney feebas :3 so all these excess feebas have been sent on a grand world tour :p


Been on battlespot for a while now....can I just say how much I LOVE the fact that nicknames show up now?!

Yeah I did start to notice that. I feel like the only person who ever gives their team nucknames. And I give them normal human nicknames.

So recently ive been breeding for perfect shiny Eevee for every eeveeloution. I also do elite 4 money runs from time to time.


Let's go to the beach, each.
At Mt. Pyre, I battled trainers and caught a Duskull, then I saw Team Aqua grunts at the peak. I then saw Archie taking the Blue Orb and I battled Matt. Afterwards, I got the Red Orb and I left Mt. Pyre. I ran through Route 123 ad returned to Slateport City. I visited the harbor next and saw Captain Stern and then Team Aqua announced their scheme. Archie and Shelly stole the submarine and battled against two Team Aqua grunts. After beating them, I flew to Lilycove City and I dashed to the Aqua Hideout. I warped around on warp panels and I battled Team Aqua grunts as I searched for the stolen submarine. I eventually battled against a horde of female Team Aqua grunts and afterwards I saved my game again.


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I did a few things on my OR over the weekend:

-Won some more Super Triple battles at the Battle Maison. I didn't have any trouble with the battles at all and took a break at around 232 straight wins. Will continue sometime later.
-After that, I used Wonder Trade to get rid of a few breeding rejects I still had in my PC. I got seemingly freshly caught Pokemon in return such as Kecleon and Skitty, nothing too exciting. Most of the Pokemon I got were in Quick Balls, though, which was interesting I guess since most of the Pokemon I get over WT are in regular Poke Balls.

-I defeated the Elite Four a couple more times using some of my bred & EV trained Pokemon. I was trying to get the ribbon for defeating the Pokemon League onto all those Pokemon since all my other good Pokemon have it. I used a few Mega Evolutions I don't normally use while doing this, such as Mega Gengar and Mega Latias.
-Finally, yesterday I played with my younger cousins and their games. I helped one of them with his OR by showing him how to get into the museum in Slateport. Then, I hatched a Tepig and evolved it into Emboar and then traded it to my other cousin.


Lazy Summer
Started off with turning on the EXP Share and heading off to fight Wallace. Had some trouble getting through his Ice puzzle but i eventually made it. His Luvdisc got annoying with attract and sweet kiss, but eventually ThornRow brought it down. When Milotic came out, Sunny Day helped me defend against Milotic's Ice beam. ThornRow put Milotic to sleep and then the rest of the gym battle was a piece of cake. After the fight, Wallace told me Prof. Birch has a new pokedex for me so i flew back to Litteroot. After collecting the National Dex i headed up to route 101 to test it out. I got a lvl 2 lillipup named Scruffy for my troubles. I then flew back to Dewford to explore Granite Cave since i never did. Got the Steelixite and other items while there, but had a difficult time Dexnav'ing pokemon. Did manage to catch a Mawile on the way out though. Flew back to Mauville yet again to see if New Mauville was open yet. Turns out it finally is, but i got lost in Mauville Hills looking for Wattson's apartment. Managed to collect the Lopunnite on one of my many laps around the Hills though, so it wasnt all bad. Also found TM 89 on the way out. Eventually made it to New Mauville. Ended up facing every Voltorb in the area, as i didnt know which pokeballs were items or not. Caught a magnimite named Knight along the way and found the Ampharosite as well. Ended with going back to Mauville and collecting TM24 from Wattson.


;260; Hulk lvl 50
;295; PopStar lvl 49
;302; Gemini lvl 52
;407; ThornRow lvl 49
;227; Katana lvl 46
;037; Hades lvl 41


Well-Known Member
Finished EV training my Excadrill in spd and atk. Then went around to a few Secret Bases to train her and my Greninja up to lv50. Greninja still needs to go a bit higher so he can learn Hydro Pump. After that I sailed off the the Battle Resort to make use of the move tutors there. Spent the free battle points I got from Bank on teaching Excadrill Iron Head. Now need to take on the Battle Mansion a few times to save up enough BP to teach Greninja Gunk Shot. Will need to find a temporary third member for the team to do that though, since I haven't started on Charizard yet. Been debating whether its worth going to a GAME store and getting the event one. Would be nice to have a shiny one in the team. Either that or I'll have to breed a Charmander using my Charizard, who's quite a bit higher leveled than any of my Ditto, (or anything else thats compatible). Could always get a Charmander off GTS. Until then might just stick Latios in there for the time being. He's not been EV trained, but I used one in the Battle Tower back in Pearl to good effect, so reckon he should be able to get the job done, especially with a powerful Mega-Evo


Let's go to the beach, each.
I slayed Admin Matt next, but Archie and the other Team Aqua members left on the submarine anyway. I Surfed to Route 124 next, battled Swimmers, and soon I arrived in Mossdeep City. I visited the Pokemon Center, then I got a King's Rock from a kid and visited the Mossdeep Space Center. I visited homes next and I got the Super Rod from a Fisherman. I dashed to the Mossdeep City Gym after buying Super Potions at the Poke Mart, and once inside, I fought many Gym trainers and their Psychic-types on the stone platforms. I slayed the first two Psychics, then a Hex Maniac as I continued following the road of light that led to the end of the Gym. After floating around, I arrived where Liza & Tate were and saved.


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Trained Greninja up to lv60 by battling the trainers around Battle Resort so he could learn Hydro Pump. Decided not to save up for the Gunk Shot TM so taught him Dark Pulse instead. Would rather spend the BP I do get on hold items.

Then sailed back to Slateport and bought the Hone Claws TM for Excadrill. He's now all ready do go, (minus a Focus Sash, but I'll get that when I have some BP). Greninja still needs Ice Beam, so need to head over to Sea Mauville at some point to find that. Still haven't done Watson's side quest there, so I'll do that while I'm at it.

In the meantime, I bred a Chikorita and evolved it into Meganum in order to get a new Charizard off the GTS that more closely matches one of my Ditto's level, which after leaving it up overnight proved successful. This morning bred a few Charmander, one of which I now need to start EV training.
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Masuda Methodist
After a few weeks hiatus from shiny hunting, I hatched an awesome Shiny Careful 4iv Magikarp after 131 eggs. It will be replacing the Shiny Gyarados I currently have from chain fishing, which I'll probably trade here in the forums for an event legendary or something if people are interested :)

I also got a decent lv. 100 fully EV trained Linoone with E-Speed off of Wonder Trade. Thanks to Pickup, I managed to snag a random Moon Stone as well
Well, a couple weeks ago I decided to FINALLY get a 3DS, along with Pokemon Omega Ruby. Being as RSE for the GBA are my favorite games, I figured that getting a remake version would be even better- I was not disappointed. n.n Took me longer to play through the game just because of Wonder Trades, and not being able to find a Lucky Egg (found out yesterday how). After doing the main story line to unlock my National Dex I am now working on doing Dex Unlocking by transferring Pokemon from my Game Boy games, to DPPT, to BW, to Pokebank, to Ruby... LONG PROCESS... As of right now I have 402 of my National Dex complete though, so hopefully it will be done soon.

Loving the Shiny Chain Fishing in the game, was able to catch a Shiny Magikarp (gotta love that Gold). Currently working on getting a shiny Feebas, though I don't have a ton of time during the day to be able to take advantage of the spot. Aside from that, just enjoying the game with it's glorious graphics and updated works. :3 I'm not going to go at try SR for shiny legendaries till I get the Shiny Charm though- it will save me a lot of grief. If you have any questions, ideas, or want help/to help with Dex unlocks just shoot me a note. Cheers all!


Veteran member
Eh...I've decided to push the shiny hunting until way later. I'm having too much fun with the game as it is!

Well I've amied my Pinsir enough. I spent much of this day at the Safari Zone. I found a male Pikachu who I named Ash, and a female Pikachu who I named Misty. Misty was at Level 40. I finally had my opportunity to fill my Pokeshipping needs by having Ash and Misty breed three Pichu, with Volt Tackle. I will find other Pokemon to represent the different ships!

Also, I'm interested in the idea of a shiny Pikachu, who'd be named Gary Oak


Let's go to the beach, each.
At Mossdeep, I left Steven's place after getting the Dive HM and Devon Scuba Gear and I healed my team at Mossdeep's PC next, then I went to explore Shoal Cave afterwards. Once I was there I captured a Spheal and Sealeo for my collection during high tide and found several Shoal Shells as well. Once outside, I fished with my Super Rod and caught a Wailmer and taught Dive to it. Afterwards, I Surfed through Route 127 on my way south towards Route 128 and the Seafloor Cavern place. I battled several trainers along the sea routes and then I used Wailmer's Dive to go in an underwater trench near an isle and I battled and beat a Scuba Diver and his Relicanth with Roselia's Mega Drain and saved my game afterwards.


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Started EV training Charmander. Going for a bulky Will-o-wisp set, so need a spread with Sp.Def, HP and Spd. Having to be a bit more careful than with the others, because none of these are going to be maxed. Did Spd first, only needed 32 so that was very quick. Now working on Sp.Def, which is almost completed.

In between training, I also visited a few new Secret Bases. None of the trainers had any particularly interesting Pokemon, but did gather up a few more flags. At around 70 now


Let's go to the beach, each.
At Route 127, I explored several more Dive spots, and after slaying Scuba Divers and Free Divers, I Surfed into Route 128 and I walked on a small isle where the beam of light from before came from. I went underwater next and I caught a wild Clamperl, Corsola, and Chinchou and then I resurfaced at Seafloor Cavern and saw Team Aqua's stolen submarine hanging around the surface. I ran through the cavern and I battled a Team Aqua grunt nearby after using Strength to push a boulder away. Afterwards, I arrived at another cave and pushed several boulders with Strength and I Surfed on currents in the next cavernous area. I spotted yet another Team Aqua grunt and after beating his Pokemon, I saved my game.


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Didn't play for several days, but I found some time to play tonight. I continued my Battle Maison streak until losing at 250 straight wins. Got a little unlucky on battle 251, with things like flinching and Blizzard Freezes. I don't really care about losing since I've now accomplished everything I wanted to at the Maison on this game.

After that, I went soaring for a while and then flew over to my Secret Base. I obtained a few more stones from my pals and then left for Lilycove, where I picked up another MooMoo Milk from the lottery. That's pretty much it. I don't know what I'm going to do next, got to think of something first.


Metallic Wonder
In Alpha Sapphire, I captured Kyogre and ended the end of the world. The Kyogre had a decent nature too, so I decided to box my already over-levelled Milotic in favor for Kyogre before taking on an adventure! As a lot happens after you catch/defeat Kyogre, my first goal was to obtain the national Pokedex, which went relativly easy. I also found a mewtwonite in Littleroot Town. Sure, leave one of the strongest megastones lying around in a small town of aspiring pokemon trainers.. After I was done in Littleroot, I went on to use the DexNav to find, and eventually catch an Eevee. as I had big and evil plans for it, I gave it as much love as one can without it getting weird, before I evolved it into Umbreon at night, thus filing the spot for a Dark-type on my team. I also captured a Luxio which I evolved into Luxray, and the same with a Gible, now a Garchomp. I took the three pokemon (Umbreon, Garchomp and Luxray) and battled some secret base locations for them to level up to where the rest of my team was, before actually taking on the last Gym. The gym went on without a hitch, and i emerged victorious, earning me the last badge and the HM for Waterfall.


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I started a new game on Omega Ruby last night. I ended up picking Torchic as my starter, as it is my favourite out of the three. Couldn't decide on a nickname, creative as I am. Ended up naming him Ace. I went on with my adventure, and met May on Route 103. I beat her quite easily, and we headed back to Littleroot. Finished up there, and finally got to start the real advernture!
As I got on my way, I decided to catch a Ralts on Route 102. I named her Cornelia. Again, very creative :p Went on to Petalburg and met Dad and Wally. I made sure Wally caught a Pokemon, and interestingly enough, he also got a Ralts..! I continued to the next route, where I decided to catch a Taillow. I named him Komali (Anybody get the reference?). Did some levelling through the Petalburg Woods, fought the Magma Grunt, and got up to Rustboro quite fast.
I decided to take on Roxanne. I was thinking that my team wasn't really suited for this gym, but I tried anyways. Used Cornelia on the trainers to train her up, then I had to use more strategy on Roxanne. Cornelia took out Geodude easily, but the Nosepass was a bigger problem. I switched into Ace, and spammed Ember in hope to get a burn which I eventually did. Switched back into Cornelia, and she took care of the rest. I got the TM for Rock Tomb afterwards, and taught it to Ace.
After leaving the gym I saw the Magma Grunt again, and headed after. The Devon guy asked if I could help out, so I did. After battling the grunt, Ace evolved! I headed back to Devon and was brought up to the boss there. He asked me to go to Dewford in order to deliver a letter to his son, Steven. I accepted, and went on my way. I Got down to Mr. Briney's cabin, and he sais he would take me to Dewford. I got there, and took a break.

;256; Ace Lv. 16
;280; Cornelia Lv. 14
;276; Komali Lv. 16

I continued my journey. I went to take on Brawly. Cornelia soloed the entire gym without problems. Got the Badge and TM from Brawly and then headed for Steven in Granite cave. In there, I got the TM for Flash from a Hiker, and further in, I met Steven. I handed him the letter, and in return I got the TM for Steel Wing! I taught it to Komali. I then went to see Mr. Briney, and he took me to the beach near Slateport. I battled the trainers here, and went on to the city. Here, I had to find Capt. Stern, but he was nowhere to be found. I was told to check the museum, where I eventually found him. After talking to him, Team Magma showed up again! I took on the trainers, and beat them. After finishing up here, I headed north. I beat all the trainers, and evolved Cornelia in the process. I went into the Trick House, and got through. After this, I headed even further north. Here, Komali also evolved just before meeting May. I accepted her challenge, and beat her. After the battle, she gave me the Dowsing Machine and left. I continued on my way to Mauville. Got into the giant in-door city, and found my way to the Bike Shop. Here I got the Acro Bike. Decided to head to the Pokemon Center, and call it a night.

;256; Ace Lv. 22
;281; Cornelia Lv. 23
;277; Komali Lv. 22
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Let's go to the beach, each.
After emasculating more Team Aqua grunts inside of Seafloor Cavern, I arrived at a cave with tons of huge boulders. I picked up the Earthquake TM in an area with pools of water after solving that puzzle and I ran down the steps and then I arrived at another cavern and I saw Archie and Maxie arguing like a married couple. I battled Archie next after he ranted and I beat his Mightyena with Hariyama's Brick Break, then Muk with Swampert's Surf. I then battled Archie's Crobat and slayed it with Manectric's Discharge and Archie's Mega Sharpedo with Roserade's Petal Dance. After beating Archie, Shelly appeared and she and Maxie left and Archie's Blue Orb awoke Kyogre from its slumber. Afterwards, Archie monologued.