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meta salamance

champ of champs...
Oh, for the most part yes. Umbreon was my only def, but who should I substitute ...


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^ Hyper Offense is a team were you setup screens with the lead and then send out a suicidel sweeper to punch holes in the opposing team when that one faints you send out the next poké, setup, sweep and so on an example of a team would be, Espeon to set up screens, Conkeldurr (with Bulk Up), Thundurus (with Nasty Plot), Volcarona (with Quiver Dance), Garchomp DW (so that it's OU and with swords dance), Scizor (with Swords dance). That's just an example of a HO team main things are:

~ DON'T use any choice items
~ DON'T bother with hazards
~ DON'T worry about stall teams if you get +6 attacking stats then youlld be able to defeat them eventually
~ DON'T have any sort of stallers on your own team this will only waste the turns for screens

So that is the gist if a HO team if you want or have a staller or someone to set up rocks don't call it a HO Team if you want to use the example team then by all means do so and if you don't know what IV's to use just PM me and I'll help you :)


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I have a conkeldurr with decent to near-flawless attack IVs, I just can't find a spot to use it.


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@meta salamence: While I myself enjoy HO teams, they're relatively easy to wall down, and fall flat as much as they win. I recomment a team that has

-2 to 3 Pokemon you use for setting up entry hazards, like Ferrothorn or Forretress.

-A Pokemon with Rapid Spin to get rid of entry hazards, like Forretress or Tentacruel.

-A physical/mixed sweeper, such as Scizor or Lucario.

-A special/mixed sweeper, like Alakazam or Octillery.

- At least 1 wall. Blissey or Jellicent work well for this.

Or, try a weather team if you want. Weather teams can be useful because weather can buff up some Pokemon, or in Scizor's case, remove a deadly weakness. If you need more help, you can PM me :D.


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I know some of you will probably think I'm stupid for saying this, but Thunderstrikes post was posted exactly 3 hours after meta's :p


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Ok how does my team sound it's lucario, gigalith gallade lapras alakazam and this is where I need help metagross or chandelure?

It all depends if this for a competitive or in game team.
having a metagross would be a bit redundant because then you would have 3 psychic types.


If you had a Metagross it would be kinda Dark weak. That would make three Psychic's. Also, I would go with Chandelure over Metagross for the same reason.

Ok so a set:

Chandelure @ Leftovers/Life Orb
Trait: Flame Body
EV's: 252 SPdef/ 252 Def or SPatk/ 4 speed
Nature: idk +Spatk
Shadow Ball
Recover/ Fire Blast

There yah go. Is this competitive or Ingame?


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'Tis a bit slow... Topic: How did you choose your username?


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Cuz Eon Dragons are for the win
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