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OMG could this be an implication ...

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Dont get me wrong, But isnt Pokesho a fan site with lots of fan stuff? That looks more Fan Made then Nintendo Offical

Evanji Axu

I'm pretty sure there won't be a GSC remake. Don't get your hopes up.
....This has been posted over 20000 times ITS UNOFFICAL ART!!!!!!!!!!!! X____X..............God.............JOHTO IS NOT BEING REMADE EVER.....

This has been posted over 20000 on these boards, its unoffical, its fake....No Johto, not now, not ever....

Galatica Phantom

Mineral Trainer
I doubt it's true because of the Date on the bottom (maybe release date?).
Anyway the pic is old I guess.

If They did make this, I'd buy it ASAP!


Contaminated KFC
Honestly, I'm flabbergasted at how many people use images from that site to try and prove their theories on upcoming games or animé developments are actually being worked on.

Anyone who believes this piece of fanart is either a real poster produced for these so-called games, or believes that is foreshadowing the release of them, is a bloody idiot.

Seriously, just looking at the lineart of the picture should be enough to make anyone realise that. And despite imitating the official style, there are plenty of little tell-tale signs that show its been drawn by a totally different artist. FFS, is it really that difficult? [/gripe]
The picture IS fanart. The drawings of the Pokemon are extremely good except the eyes. I may have believed it if it was not for the bad eyes. Any artists here will know that eyes are very imprtant in a picture and an eye which is slightly out of shape can make the whole picture look bad.

On the topic of whether there will be a GSC remake: I think there will be one but it will not be any time soon, so I would appreciate it if everybody stops bringing up this subject because if there is one it will probably be in about 5 years time so you can start speculating in about 4 years.

Off topic:There are a hell of a lot of people reading the general Pokemon discussion today...
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