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Omg its too many shinies!

Shiny Legendaries

Shiny Lugia
Shiny Moltres
Shiny Articuno
Shiny Dialga
Shiny Giratina
Shiny Regigigas
Shiny Uxie
Shiny Rotom


Shiny Adamant Gible
Shiny Male Ralts
Shiny Female Snorunt
Shiny Riolu
All Shiny Starters except Chikorita and Treecko(Kirk I'd like to trade for that now lol)
Shiny Chansey
Shiny Unown
Shiny Croagunk
Shiny Skorupi
Shiny Nuzleaf
Shiny Gulpin
Shiny Shinx
Shiny Larvitar (quirky)
Shiny EV trained Dragonite (level 100)
Shiny Shellos
Shiny Skarmory
Shiny Scyther
Shiny Pinsir
Shiny Tangela
Shiny Roserade
Shiny Bronzor
Shiny Finneon (jap)
Shiny Breloom
Shiny Seviper
Shiny Zangoose
Shiny Yanmega
Shiny Miltank
Shiny Delibird
Shiny Mareep
Shiny Stunky
Shiny Sharpedo
Shiny Aipom
Shiny Yanmega
Shiny Spinda
Shiny Nidoking
Shiny Buneary
Shiny Sudowoodo
Do you need shiny staraptor or drapion


Completing The Trio
ok i can trade now, what was the trade again, i have a very flakey memory
Yes we can squal. post your fc. kirk. It was Shiny Shinx and Golduck for groudon, treecko, and torkoal
Lazybook I'll talk to you on aim
zpinda just offer
no thanks chad


Completing The Trio
ah yes i remember now, you did mention about adding a third so it would be 3 for 3, you said you would clone one of your shinies but i can't remember what it was