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Omg Tradin Liek Teh Uber Pogeymanz

Right well now that I've got your attention, here's my Shiny trading list, complete with Natures and levels.

Shiny Haves:
Mightyena lv. 18 (Careful)
Claydol lv. 46 (Serious)
Abra lv. 9 (Bold)
Spearow lv. 44 (Jolly)
Gloom lv. 46 (Brave)
Exploud lv. 86 (Hardy) [Only One]
Medicham lv. 100 (Jolly) [Only One]
Sandslash lv. 32 (Calm) [Only One]
Sneasel lv. 5 (Docile) [Only One]
Shuppet lv. 26 (Modest) [Only one]

Shinies That Would Absolutely Make My Day:
Shiny Starmie
Shiny Spoink
Shiny Ponyta
Shiny Ninetales
Shiny Roserade
Shiny Skorupi
Shiny Magnemite
Shiny Cranidos
Shiny Larvitar
Shiny Riolu
...Plus any evolutions of them

Yes i know, it may seem unfair considering my shinies are for the most part pretty meh-ish looking. I can also infect any of them with Pokerus and can give them bundles of hold items other than those from the Battle Tower.

Night Avenger

Rust In Peace
Abra, Sandslash, Sneasel, Medicham.

For my:
Pidgeot, Tentacruel, Swampert, Manectric.

All shinies. Wanna trade?

Night Avenger

Rust In Peace
Yup, My Firend COde and ingame name are in my sig. Just tell me yours!