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OMGosh, hiya~! =D



Wow, it's been a really long time since I last visited SPPf. X3 Hey everyone, I'm Kelsey - formerly known as Pikawolf here on SPP. :33 I doubt any of you remember me, so that gives me a good chance to get to know some new people and hopefully catch up with some of my old pals as well. ^_________^

Also, some of you might know me from The PokeCommunity (I'm the Moderator there known as Rika). Well, it's nice to meet everyone here, see ya~! ^o^



I remember you of course. I guess the real question would be whether or not you remember me. XD Anyway, welcome. I am sure that you don't need to be told the rules and all that. ^^; Just, um, have fun, and don't forget about this place. XD
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Uchiha Obito

um, dont even know who you were before, but anyways,HI!

Locke Yggdrasill

Eustis on reddit
I think I vaguely remember you. but, nevertheless, welcome back. ^_^


Legendary Pokémon Coordinator
I... remember you.

Well, welcome back to sppf. Hopefully to stay because you're a very cool person. :p


Well-Known Member
I think I may remember you, the lightbulb's not turnin' on in my head. ;P

But, welcome back and have a great time. :3


Awwwww, thanks for the welcomes everyone~! ^__________^ Don't worry - I plan on trying to post here more often than I used to, afterall, SPPf was the first Pokemon forum I ever signed up on. X3

Thanks again for the welcomes guys! ^o^

Kelseyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy =O!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome back to SPPf! =D Hope you have fun



Oceanic Legend
Welcome back. I can vaguely remember you from a while ago. ^^


Yo Rika! I am ~*Strider*~ from PC, hopefully you know me from there ^_^

Anyways, welcome and I hope you enjoy it here!