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On Cloud Arcanine (416)


Team Rocket's rockin
Drew's introduced into Hoenn in this episode, that's nice.

This is a bit random, but I just wanted to mention how Trainer's Choice has consistently been accurate all season long. Just thought 4Kids deserved a little credit for finally getting that right. >_>

Anyway, Arcanine are cool, and so are Growlithe. Nice Kanto Pokemon. Although I'm a bit tired of seeing them.

Always nice to see Dustox end its frequent hybernation periods just to say hi.

Basically, though, this episode wasn't that big of a deal. 7/10.


Team Rocket's rockin
CyberCubed said:
You mean into Kanto. :p
Yeah, my bad. ^^;

Judai Yuki said:
Why did May even make Squirtle battle Flygon.What was she thinking???
She wasn't thinking. :)

Actually, and I've mentioned this before, May really needs a bigger, tougher Pokemon. Her whole Pokemon Contest strategy seems to be using small, cutesy Pokemon that are tough inside, but how about using at least one big, powerhouse Pokemon that's tough inside? -_-


Team Rocket's rockin
Geodude said:
That would be where Blaziken comes in. :D If Combusken evolves, that is.
Yeah, exactly. Blaziken would be good, if she isn't going to catch something big.

Or even Munchlax could evolve. That'd be interesting.

Volt Tackle

Notice the cake they were eating had decorations of Wobbuffet, Chimecho, Cacnea, and Seviper. There was another one, but I didn't know what it was.


Team Awesome
Gahhh, I watched this days ago and I just realized I never reviewed it. :p

This was a top-notch episode for me. It had DREW! :D Too bad it'll be a long time before we see him again. :( I wish we had seen him participating in a contest or two, instead of just appearing in two of them. Regardless of Drew's excrutiatingly long absence, at least I'm looking forward to the next contest episode. It was nice that Drew let May know where the next one's taking place. This episode did have some great contestshipping moments too. :)

I also liked the whole arcanine story in this episode. The growlithe puppies were so cute. :) I also loved that Wobbuffet got to play such a big role in this episode. It was funny when Team Rocket thought the berries were for each of them and then Wobbuffet scarfed them all down. LOL

Overall, 9/10. Great outing. I'm now anxiously awaiting the psyduck episode today. :D


Well-Known Member
Surprised nobody mentioned this little scene between Ash and May:

Ash: *stomach grumbles* "Uh-oh...I guess it's time for lunch!"
May: "Listen, if you don't keep it down, you'll never eat lunch again!"

It's fun listening to them bicker. :)
Wooo my points/review:

- Yay Kanto Pokedex Voice again, that probably happened before now but I haven't seen any of the lastest episodes except this one cause I live in the UK.

- DREW DREW DREW OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. [/not original] At first he sounded weird to me, but then he sounded normal again so all is good.

- Max saying "Alright Extreme Speed!" made him sound like a racing obsessive o_0

- Awwww don't you just love those moments when Characters goof up? I do and May's Tackle against Flygon and then Flygon flying away was no exception xD

- DUSTOX DUSTOX DUSTOX! Too bad it gets thrashed eachtime we see it.

Though in the original to me it looked like Drew got a new hair style, well slightly different hair, the front part he flicked looked longer and angled differently. But I guess not o_0

OMG THEY MENTIONED SAFFRON BY NAME :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O, poor Sabrina though.

And I guess this is the last time we'll see Drew by 4Kids.


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Very good episode, it was funny watching Jesse, James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet eat and hide that wedding cake, also Munchlax using Extrmespeed to grab all those Pecha berries has funny to. It's nice to see May's Squirtle in action, it's also nice to see May and Drew be nice to each other at the end.
The only funny parts were the only that had to do with food, TR eating the cake and got fired. Btw, isn't that the same boss from the Hoenn league;)?
And the Munchlax part was funny too

Horn Drill

Youtube is being gay and deleted the redub of this episode and the redub of the first DP episode, so I'm really pissed right now. :mad: :mad: :mad:

Anyway, this episode was pretty much the epitome of a filler. Its only saving grace was Drew, and it was funny seeing that angry-alchoholic boss guy from Ever Grande City again. :p


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Team Rocket eating the cake was funny. and yeah I think it was the same boss from the Houen league ^_^
I like any that have May/Drew in it so this was a good episode. Liked it when May went leave it we will battle team rocket something like that and when Drew goes "Nice Job" then May says "Wait till I really get started". Hehe
oh and the puppies were just so cute as well squeeee