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On which pokemon did you use the time flutes?

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I haven't used any of my Time Flutes yet, but that's mostly because I've only purified 14 Pokemon. I just arrived at Deep Coluseum, so I plan on catching Togetic and Shuckle so that all I'll have to do is finish purifying Pokemon. However I do plan on using all three on Tyranitar, Metagross, and one of the high level Pokemon obtained at Realgam Coluseum.


Belgian Waffles!!!
I use two of them on entie and suicune. I couldn't find the third one at mount battle so I purified raikou on my own.I found the third time flute after
I purified all of my pokes.

Shadow phoenix

tyrinatar,murkrow and delibird but my brother broke my game and wiped my memory card

Atomic Boo

Oddium Wanderus ftw
Used 'em on two of the Legendary beasts, saved the last one for no reason. I regret not using it, coulda saved me a lot of time, you can't trade the flutes to any other games so if they arn't used its a big waste.


Legendary Seeker
I never did get the third Time Flute. How do I get this? I made it through Mt. Battle in Story Mode, but never got a Time Flute there.

Kyle Delta

I for some reason only used the time fute to breed my metagross
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