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Once In A Mawile! (382)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Advanced Battle' started by Serebii, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Once In A Mawile!

    On the way to the next gym, Ash & Co. meet up with a trainer and her Mawile, however Ash's Corphish falls in love with the Mawile whereas Mawile falls in love with Brock's Lombre. Who will get their loves?

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  2. Dogasu

    Dogasu Frustrated Elf

    I'm about halfway through writing the synopsis. I'll try to get it posted before the end of the night (Japan time).

    But for those of you who can't wait, yes, Lombre does evolve in this episode.
  3. Breeders

    Breeders bored out of my wits

    keep up the good work Dogasu. i'll be waiting for the synopsis. carry on
  4. Alfonso

    Alfonso Derpgull

    Thought so. Oh, and thanks for the writing up yet ANOTHER synopsis, especially since you don't really get anything out of it, other than the odd brat moaning that 'OMG DOGASU HASN'T TEH POSTED UP THE SYNOPSIS! DIE!' and other such things. :p

    ...Personally, other than Lombre evolving, I'm not really bothered about this episode. That is, unless James uses Cactus Thing (Yes! THE name is back. That was the nickname I used for Cacnea when I couldn'tt remember his Japanese name... but Adamant, from a certain *other* board kept it alive, so the least I can do is mention it every now and again.) since he hasn't in ages. Not that I have anything against Chimchou, that is.
  5. Thriller

    Thriller Its almost time

    Dogasu, you are the bearer of good news. YIPPEEE!!! I can NOT wait for Synopsis and pics!
  6. Swellow

    Swellow Spider Sceptile

    I knew It, I said he would evolve when Joe first released this title
  7. Dogasu

    Dogasu Frustrated Elf

    This episode had some really interesting animation. It seemed particularly rubbery, and it seemed as if the animators had fun emphasizing the many comedic elements of the episode. Before this episode, I had thought that Mawile was the ugliest pokemon in all of Houen, but the cute Mawile in this episode changed my mind.

    However, what’s odd to me is the inclusion of a bunch of odd sound effects that stuck out to me. Throughout the episode, a number of American-sounding, almost Hanna Barbara-ish sound effects can be heard, which almost ruined a few of the scenes. I hope they don’t ever come back.

    Anyway, here’s the synopsis:

    -The episode starts with the gang eating a meal at a picnic table. There, Ash asks Brock if he wants to have a pokemon battle to pass the time, and the Pokemon Breeder agrees. Ash chooses his Torkoal while Brock chooses his Lombre, prompting Max to comment on how Brock’s water-type has the advantage against Ash’s fire-type.

    -The battle starts as May comments on how laid-back Lombre looks. Ash starts off by having Torkoal use Stomp, which Lombre manages to dodge. Torkoal then tries a Flamethrower attack, but Lombre is able to dodge that as well, even though it does fall backwards in the process. Torkoal attempts to use Stomp again, but it misses yet again. Now, Lombre goes on the offensive, hitting Torkoal with a Water Gun. The turtle pokemon survives the attack and counters with Flamethrower, but it misses. Lombre responds with Razor Leaf, but it’s no good as Torkoal withdraws into its shell to deflect the attack. After the Razor Leaf subsides, Ash has Torkoal use Overheat, which hits Lombre and causes it to go blasting off, Team Rocket-style. The water pokemon lands in a nearby forest, where a Mawile and its trainer are practicing new techniques.

    -Ash and the others soon catch up to Brock’s pokemon. Brock gets one look at the Mawile’s trainer, Sayori, and instantly begins his heart-eyed routine (he breaks down her name, saying that the sa is for something about sakura, the yo is for something, and the ri stands for something else). Ash looks Mawile up in his Pokédex, and after that the deceiver pokemon starts getting closer to a vacant-faced Lombre. Sayori reckons that her pokemon likes Lombre, causing Brock to give his pokemon a sort of “ ’atta boy” nudge.

    -Mawile moves in a bit closer, but Lombre turns its back toward Sayori’s pokemon and walks off to the side! Brock goes over and asks the water pokemon what it’s doing, whispering that if it gets together with Mawile, it will improve his chances of getting with its trainer, Sayori. Max overhears Brock’s plot and promptly scolds the Pokemon Breeder for planning to use his pokemon like that in one of the funnier Max scenes in the series. Mawile approaches Brock’s Lombre again and tries to get closer, but it’s rejected again, so the deceiver pokemon turns around and uses its massive jaws to attack Lombre! Suddenly, May looks over to Sayori’s bags and notices a bunch of ribbons, so she asks her what they’re for. She responds by saying that her pokemon and she perform a dance with the ribbons, and so she prepares to demonstrate what she means.

    -A bit later, Sayori and her pokemon are ready to perform. The two dance around while waving the ribbons about, creating an elegant dance. Ash and the others watch intently while, unbeknownst to anyone in the group, Team Rocket watches. Meowth decides that they should kidnap the Mawile, saying that its ribbon dance will entertain the Boss (this is accompanied by a scene of chibi-Giovanni giving Mawile a round of applause). James asks if that’s it, and Meowth responds by saying that the pokemon could also use its large jaws to fan the Boss (holding a glass of purple wine) whenever he gets warm. Finally, Meowth tells the group that the pokemon’s jaws could be used as a sort of lawn chair, enabling Giovanni to leisurely sit while he talks about how great Meowth and the others are. Team Rocket agrees that there are enough reasons to kidnap the pokemon, so they begin their preparations.

    -Now that the ribbon dance is over, Ash and the gang are seen walking with Sayori. On the road, an abandoned bouquet of flowers can be seen, so Brock runs over to pick it up, offering it to Lombre to give to Mawile. Ash and the others catch up with Brock, but when they do the ground begins to rumble. They’re standing over one of Team Rocket’s pitfall traps! After everyone falls into the hole, Team Rocket appears in their Meowth balloon as they scoop up Sayori’s pokemon. Ash calls on Corphish while Brock calls on Lombre, so Jessie responds by calling on her Seviper. Corphish uses Bubble Beam on Seviper, knocking it back for a moment. James decides to call on his Cacnea to help Jessie out, and, as predicted, the cactus pokemon begins to hug its master.

    -The battle continues as Seviper wraps its body around Corphish. Lombre steps up and uses Razor Leaf on the snake pokemon, freeing Corphish from Seviper’s grasp. The viper pokemon responds by using Poison Tail on Lombre while Cacnea uses Poison Needle on Corphish. Both pokemon are knocked back as Ash decides to call on his Torkoal, who quickly hits Cacnea with one of its attacks. It then uses Flamethrower on Seviper, knocking it back into the Meowth balloon’s basket. The jolt from the snake pokemon jars the balloon, enabling Mawile to escape. Now that Sayori’s pokemon is free, Corphish Crab Hammers James’s Cacnea onto the balloon. The pokemon’s needles puncture the balloon, sending Team Rocket blasting off again.

    -With Team Rocket out of the way, Corphish is able to get a good luck at Mawile, and it likes what it sees! The pokemon gets all heart-eyed and offers the pokemon the bouquet of flowers, but Mawile responds by clasping its jaws on Corphish! It then hurls the pokemon around before tossing it into the distance! Corphish doesn’t give up as it runs back to the others to try again. However, it’s greeted by the sight of Mawile holding on to Lombre’s arm! The heart-broken Corphish begins to bawl, and Brock joins in, telling it that he knows how it feels. Ash’s Torkoal joins in all the crying, just because it can.

    ---commercial break---
    For the first time since Pocket Monsters Advance Generation started, the eyecatch has changed. While the same shots of the four main heroes are used, the Groudon/Kyogre backgrounds have both been replaced by a green Rayquaza background.
    ---commercial break---

    -The group’s now in a city, where Sayori and her Mawile are about to go on-stage to perform for an outdoor stadium full of people. In the audience, Ash and the others wait for the start of the show as Corphish gives Lombre the death glare. May comments on how Corphish sees Lombre as its rival in love as the show starts. The spotlight comes on Sayori and Mawile, and the two begin their ribbon dance. Suddenly, the lights go out, and Team Rocket’s balloon can be seen arriving on the scene!

    -Jessie, James, and Meowth, all in theatrical costumes, recite their motto as they botch up their act (Jessie tries twirling a ribbon about, but she ends up wrapping herself with the ribbon instead; likewise, James tries juggling what looks to be bowling pins, but he misses them and they all land on his head). After the motto, Jessie calls her Seviper out and orders it to use Haze on the stage. As everyone coughs from the smoke, Team Rocket emerges from the smoke with pokemon in tow, laughing victoriously. After Team Rocket escapes, the group notices that Mawile is still there, but Brock’s Lombre is missing. They took the wrong pokemon! Brock decides to stay behind to stall the audience while the others go out to stop Team Rocket. Before they leave, Brock calls Ash’s Corphish over and asks it to help him with his act…

    -Elsewhere, we see that Team Rocket has landed their balloon and realized their mistake. Meowth thinks that they can still give Lombre to the Boss, so he imagines the Boss waking up…only to be disturbed by Lombre’s odd face. OK, bad idea. Well, the Boss could be going to the pool one day, see Lombre, and…be disturbed at its odd face. After thinking for a while, it’s decided that giving Lombre to the Boss would be a bad idea, and Wobbuffet comes out of its PokéBall to agree. Wobbuffet and Lombre begin to have a conversation, but it seems to be as mindless as the conversation between Wobbuffet and Wynaut in “Camp Pikachu.” Meowth can’t seem to make heads or tails out of what they’re saying as Team Rocket watches, bewildered.

    -Suddenly, Ash and the others arrive. As Ready Go! plays in the background, Jessie calls on her Dustox while James calls on his Cacnea. Mawile is ordered to use Bite, so the pokemon uses its massive jaws to clamp down on Cacnea. Dustox is ordered to use Psybeam and Cacnea is ordered to use Pin Missile on Mawile, so Ash steps in and has his Pikachu use Thunder. The attack hits Dustox, knocking the moth pokemon into Meowth. However, Cacnea’s Pin Missile is still coming toward Mawile! At the last minute, Lombre jumps in front of Sayori’s pokemon and shields it from the attack as Mawile looks lovingly at Brock’s pokemon.

    -After the Pin Missile attack stops, Dustox, having recovered from Pikachu’s attack, charges toward Lombre. The water pokemon is able to dodge its attack, and afterwards Mawile moves from behind Lombre and uses some kind of punch attack on Dustox. Cacnea aims a Pin Needle at Lombre, but it’s able to dodge it, and responds by hitting James’s pokemon with a Water Gun. Dustox uses Gust, so Lombre responds with Razor Leaf, impressing Mawile even further.

    -Back at the outdoor stage, we can see Corphish shaking a pair of maracas…

    -Back to the battle! Cacnea uses Pin Needle, which Lombre is able to dodge. Mawile then comes up and prepares a massive Solar Beam. The attack is released, sending Team Rocket blasting off. Everyone congratulates each other on a battle well-fought, but they realize that they have to return to relieve Brock and Corphish.

    -Sayori and the others arrive to find Brock all decked out in his “Takeshi’s Paradise” outfit. The Pokemon Breeder is visibly tired from the performance, so he’s relieved when Sayori gets back on the stage.

    -She and her Mawile resume their ribbon dance as everyone else goes backstage. There, Lombre approaches Sayori’s bags and starts rummaging through them. Suddenly, he pulls a Water Stone out of her bag! Just then, Lombre begins to glow and evolves into Ludicolo! After it evolves, it quickly jumps onto the stage and joins the performance, happily dancing along.

    -After the show, Brock apologizes to Sayori for Lombre using her Water Stone. She says that it’s OK as Ludicolo gets hearts in its eyes for Mawile, but Mawile doesn’t want anything to do with Brock’s pokemon! Sayori’s pokemon then spots a Psyduck in the distance and begins fawning over it, and Sayori guesses that it must be attracted to absent-minded pokemon. Ludicolo quickly gets over its rejection and starts dancing, using Bullet Seed on the ground as it does so. Brock is happy with his new pokemon as the begin dancing.

    Next week will be the last episode I’ll be able to do preview of. After that, I’ll be returning to the U.S., meaning that I won’t have access to the episodes until everyone else does.
  8. Jesse GS the II

    Jesse GS the II I was frozen today!

    Any uses of the Warner Bros. trombone gobble (the wobbly "yadayada" usually heard when a character shakes their head)?
  9. Breeders

    Breeders bored out of my wits

    very nice synopsis dogasu. i'm sure others are viewing this just about, i bet.
    *off topic* i just compliment to please others.
  10. Alfonso

    Alfonso Derpgull

    Hopefully not. If it was used, then I'm afraid Pokemon would no longer be able to continue, as I would be forced to totally KILL the people that make it. (If I wanted something Americany, I'd watch Scooby Doo. As it stands, I don't.)
  11. Thriller

    Thriller Its almost time

    ok, so Lombre just goes to random character of the day's bag and gets a water stone? Thats as wierd as how it evolved as a Lotad. Oh well, I'm glad Ludicolo's with them team now. Since Mawile only likes Absent Minded Pokemon does this mean that Ludicolo has matured and doesnt act wierd anymore?

    Mawile used Solarbeam? I know You can teach it them TM but didnt expect it in the show. Thanks for the synopsis Dogasu
  12. So Lombre DID evolve itself with a Water Stone after all! I knew it!:D And with evolving, Ludicolo learns Bullet Seed...guess that's the new standard attack for Grass Pokémon. I hope he learns Rain Dance in the future to show off the ability he has(the Lotad line has 2 abilities: Swift Swim and Rain Dish; both need Rain Dance to activate)...
  13. V Faction

    V Faction www.faction.com

    Thank you kindly, Dogasu. This episode sounds phenomenal. We've got plenty of air time for a great number of Pokemon, a wacky plot, large amounts of humor, and an evolution!

    Ha, nice way to phrase it. Man, I'd like to see the picture of all 3 of them sitting there and crying waterfalls.

    Did you hear! Torkoal has a new attack! Stomp! Hurray! Exclamation! How very appropriate.

    Woo-hoo! The way Ludicolo evolves is awesome. It fits the character perfectly. An absent-minded Pokemon evolves absent-mindedly. Genius!
  14. Hales

    Hales Guest

    Dogasu, thanks for another great summary... I don't know about anyone else but I'll definitely miss your summaries after next weeks episode :D

    I like how Mawile only likes absentminded pokemon... hee...

    So how cute was Mawile? on the scale of one to ten that is :)

    You know I have to love Torkoal... I haven't yet met that Torkoal but I still have to love it!
  15. Bulba the Great!

    Bulba the Great! We Do Not Sow

    Sounds like a very good episode! I can't wait to see the pics! I can just imagine Corphish, Torkoal, and Brock crying at the same time, that's gonna be rich!
  16. Geodude

    Geodude Well-Known Member

    Dogasu, I'm pretty sure that can't have been Stomp. Torkoal can't even learn that move. Wouldn't it have been Body Slam? I know Torkoal has used it once before, I just can't remember when...
  17. SceptileMan

    SceptileMan Guest

    If Mawile goes for absentminded pokemon, then I'm surprised she didn't fall for Wobbafett.

    That sounds like an interesting episode. I wonder if Lombre went into the bag to look for something other than a Water Stone (Lombre, you are SO naughty!)

    I like how Brock sing that one song again. It gets annoying, but it's funny how tired Brock gets.
  18. V Faction

    V Faction www.faction.com

    Holy Crap... You're right. All this time I've been thinking that Torkoal could learn Stomp in some way, shape, or form. I've probably been confusing it with Blastoise or Tropius.

    So yeah then, it has to be Body Slam. Yikes, jumped the gun, that I did...
  19. Space Skitty

    Space Skitty Hoenn Champion

    Thanks for the synopsis! This episode sounds funny! Mawile seems to be the mischievious one. Poor poor POOR Corphish!
  20. Gravy

    Gravy Contaminated KFC

    Heh, so which one do you consider to be the ugliest now then? XP

    Yes, that would have been rather amusing Lombre and Wobbuffet did seem to be on the same sort of wavelength from what I've seen of this episode. Then again, I guess Mawile falling head-over-heels for the blue blob would have trashed the climax of the episode *shrugs*

    I was rather impressed with Torkoal's battle at the begining of the episode. The Overheat attack it unleashed looked seriously deadly.
    I'm glad some of the pokémon that are considered as underused, or have a lack of spotlight were featured in this episode. I was especially pleased with the appearence of Dustox. Man, whens the last time we saw the poor guy do anything worthwhile?

    I can't wait until I get to see this one, it certainly sounds like an episode I wouldn't want to miss. I'm glad that lately they've been increasing the amount of comedy-based episodes, they make for some really enjoyable veiwing~

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