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Once In A Mawile! (382)


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I had caught this episode way in the early morning before I went to school and I thought it was okay. Mawile is the cutest pokemon after Pichu. It's episodes like these that show us of the gender of pokemon. I hated the constant love swaps in this episode. Brock's Lombre was out of sight. It was more stronger than it looked.
It's about time Brock's Lombre evolved. I thought the episode overall was pretty good, but it could've been better. Man, I felt bad for Ludicolo when Mawile dumped it for some Psyduck.


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It's about time Brock's Lombre evolved. I thought the episode overall was pretty good, but it could've been better. Man, I felt bad for Ludicolo when Mawile dumped it for some Psyduck.

Well, his Lombre needs to evolve, but his Mudkip needs it more.


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Lol, Mawile kept changing her mind.
Well...Lombre finally evolved.
Funny how after that mawile goes off and starts liking a psyduck


Aw Mawile and Lombre made a cute couple in this episode. It was funny how Lombre didn't seem to notice/care about Mawile though and how it just tolerated her. I liked how the Water Stone was used to have Lombre evolve into Ludicolo. That evolution saved this episode from being almost boring and uneventful. 6/10.
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Mawile and Lombre seems great together, i think.

And i loved to see Ludicolo. how bad that Brock did not get more screentime.

Do ALL Ludicolos like to dance?

Well, from the Pokedex entry given on, I think, this very episode, it says:
"When it hears festive music, it just can't help but dance."

After seeing this episode, I finally "understand" Mawile a bit better.

Every time i saw sprite's of it, I would think "Okay, where is it's face supposed to be?" Now that I see where it's face is, it's actually kind of a neat Pokemon.
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This episode was ok... It was cool to see a Mawile for the 1st time. It was odd that a Mawile was in love with Brock's Lombre... It was cool to see Ludicolo take the Water Stone and evolve into Ludicolo. However, after that Mawile no longer loved it. Brock's attempt at a Mexican dance with Marracas diversion was funny.



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The episode was fine, but if I was in Lombre's shoes, I'd be darn happy that someone is affectionate to me. It surprised me to see the oblivious Lombre evolve, and now he tried to get Mawile back to love him, but to no avail. Now that Mawile fell in love with a random Psyduck. Pfft.

Episodes where where it's devoted mostly to one Pokemon falling in love with another are some of my favorite episodes in the show.
I totally forgot that Brock's Lombre evolved in this episode.


I liked Ash and Brock's practice battle here; simply seeing Torkoal do some battling made me smile. I was glad that Brock tried helping Lombre fall in love with Mawile and I cackled when Corphish offered her a bouquet of flowers only for her to attack him immediately. Brock and Corphish's performance was cute and eek @ Mawile falling for a Psyduck.


That Mawile was the cutest thing ever. Loved Lombre's and Wobbuffet's stand up routine.
BTW: Is it me or did flamethrowers animation improve? It looked more like actual fire.
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Since I am watching AG these days, I may as well leave a review from now on..
First, I like how the animation was improved with Corphish's bubble beam and some other moves.
I also thought the whole "love" stuff was pretty fun to watch and I have to say that Ludicolo's way dealing with getting dumped was pretty funny!

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I kinda liked the random love in this episode, mainly about Lombre and Mawile. I didn't care much about the battle between Ash and Brock but it was funny when Corphish got bitten by Mawile for trying to get its attention for love. Also I found it funny when TR stole Lombre instead of Mawile and at least Lombre evolved in the end. And funny enough Ludicolo got rejected and Mawile loved a random Psyduck instead.