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Once There Were GreenFields (522)


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Though I'll miss old Cacnea, I have a feeling it'll come back. After all, James didn't really release it. He just gave Gardenia the Pokeball.


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I'll miss Cacnea but I don't think it'll come back,
but if it does it'll be near the end of the D/P series and they happen to meet up with Gardenia and then james sees Cacnea and says hi and then cacnea get's happy and is confused anout which trainer it likes more and then makes it's descision (which will probably be Gardenia but...) and if it's loyal to James, It's first trainer and remembers all the goodtimes they had in a little mini slideshow then it'll go prancing off with James in the End :)
Because after all James only Gave Cacnea to Gardenia so that she could train it.


This was odd..why would pokemon battling need to be promoted?
Maybe today's youth is beginning to realize you can earn a decent living with those white-collar city jobs. That takes me back to the awesome Weekend Warrior.

Pretty great episode that manages to stick to the original plot, no pink glove machine, defeating TR doesn't solve all problems. Cacnea learning the way of the ultimate fist was quite a tear jerker, James discovered he's so pathetic he could never hope for significant progress with Drain Punch.

Bah, at least one of them went right up Aipom's snuff. Powerful stuff, and the green spinning lights would have kept Cacnea at the lead for TR's best attack sequences.

Dawn's not used to the idea that Team Rocket is human? That entire Electrike affair sits rotten in the pit of my stomach. Eh, can't blame the show for trying common sense every once in a while.

I'm hopeless now that I recognized Make a Wish at the end. Haven't seen that movie in 2 years. Very superb piece in a regular episode, serious work really went into James here. Keep up that soundtrack and it'll put everything else on CN to shame. (Except B10 Alien Force, they got their own orchestra!)

8/10 Farewell emotion hasn't been this great since Charizard, sorry May and Max.

buneary dude

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I'll miss Cacnea. Cacnea was the best of all James' Pokémon. ALL. Atleast in my opinion. And just like all Pokémon who leave, we'll never see it again. But since Gardenia seems to have more screentime than other gym leaders there might be a possibility...


Ready, Set, and GO
This episode was sad.. I almost cried at the end when James was commanding Cacnea to stay with Gardenia. and then when James called him back into the Pokeball, oh lord.. that was really touching... Nice episode


I have returned.....
I'm sad Cacnea is gone, but Carnvine scares me, it looks like a mental patient.

Anyway, it's like a makeover for James's Pokemon in order to prevent his party from looking too old. Even Cacnea shows affection for James like his other Grass-type Pokemon, so you have got it wrong.


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This was one of my top favorite episodes so far of season 11, along with "Team Shocker" and "Crossing Paths". Any episode where Team Rocket and Team Twerp get along together is tops in my book, and this episode is exceptional because not only do they get along, but the twerps actually try and help James help his Cacnea become stronger. It was awesome to watch, and it was an excellent James episode. Too bad that James ended up giving Cacnea to Gardenia (she's awesome!), but I could tell he really wanted Cacnea to do better. It was an incredible scene.


Dreams = Reality
Definitly one of the most moving episodes I've seen in quite some time


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Because after all James only Gave Cacnea to Gardenia so that she could train it.

*cough* Ash's Primeape *cough*
*cough* Ash's Pidgeot *cough*
*cough* Arbok and Weezing *cough*

They all said they would come back for them... and what? NOPE.


Dreams = Reality
well, you know - it just nicer that way...


Scuffle of Legends
I'm sad Cacnea is gone, but Carnvine scares me, it looks like a mental patient.

tru dat

In this episode, James attempts to train a pokemon properly. His practicicng Drain Punch is a lot like how Pikachu learned Iron Tail. If Team Rocket actually took the time to train pokemon like this more often, they culd be half decent and maybe BEAT ash or something (I know, antagonist winning?! sorry). I know they CAN do it, because Jessie trained hard, and won her self a ribbon!


I actually cried when James gave his Cancea to Gardenia. It was such a moving scene.