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One Crazy Trip

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by scizorstrike, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Now, some of you may or may not know me from hanging around in whichever non Dex-Oneshots fic Ysavvryl has running at any one moment. Some of you may not. Either way, this is my entry to the great annals of Serebii's Creative Writing as an author. Hopefully, enjoy!


    Chapter 1 (Onset) In this post
    Chapter 2 (Encounter) Post #4 on this page

    Grav; GalladeRocks


    Our story begins on a relatively quiet morning in Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh, where our protagonist-

    YES! My Plot Sense is tingling! That means it’s finally time to begin my own journey! I’ll be able to go out and get a Starter Pokemon, and then I’ll get given a tutorial on how to catch Pokemon despite the fact that I already know how by some person who then follows it up by giving me Poke Balls…”

    -was, contrary to most low-quality journey fanfiction, not sleeping. Rather, he was celebrating the start of this fanfic.
    “…and I’ll battle my rival again when he has obtained- Wait, all traditional Pokemon protagonists oversleep, don’t they? Does that mean I’ve got to go back to sleep?”

    Proving his talent for repeating things he’s already heard (and that his knowledge of good fanfiction was sorely limited), Lucas collapsed back on his bed in disappointment. Pulling off his red beret, he covered his face with it. “…That sucks. How am I supposed to go back to sleep now after that adrenaline surge? I don’t even have TV to watch, after that annoying but surprisingly plot-appropriate accident broke it…”

    Downstairs, the door slammed open.

    Lucas grinned. “Plot Sense, ahoy!”


    Less than a minute later, Barry charged up the stairs to find Lucas sitting on his bed with a fully-packed rucksack next to him, and beret once again on his head.

    “Well then rival-of-mine, are we going?”

    Barry didn’t miss a beat, used to his friend’s idiosyncrasies after many years of knowing him. “Yes, now c’mon! If you’re late I’m fining you ¥10 million!”

    “Right!” Lucas replied, swinging himself off his bed. Grabbing his rucksack, he walked after Barry, only to crash into him as Barry suddenly changed direction, moving over to Lucas’s desk.

    “Is this a new PC?” the easily-distracted boy asked distractedly. Wow, redundant descriptions are redundant. Who writes this stuff again?

    Annoyed, Lucas grabbed him, and dragged him back down the stairs. “Come on, the plot’s already started! This is no time to be getting distracted!”

    At the entrance to the house, Barry shook off Lucas’s hand, and shoved him back. (Gently, of course. They were friends after all.) “What was that all about? Anyway, we’re going to see Professor Rowan, so come on! I’m going-“ He paused, thinking. “Oh geeze, I forgot something!”

    “Your bag,” Lucas added helpfully.

    “Yes, my bag! I’ll meet you at my house then!” Barry saluted, turned and took off at a run, his scarf trailing behind him.

    Lucas blinked, confused. “Wait, how can he run? I haven’t gotten the Running Shoes yet! Usually he just walks really really fast!”

    Well, this isn’t entirely game mechanics you know.

    “Does that mean I can run too?”

    No, you have to move at the exact same speed you always do.

    “Damn it!”

    Behind him, his mother shook her head. “Boys these days…”

    **__Scene Skip: Barry’s House__**

    Three agonizingly slow minutes of walking later, Lucas arrived at Barry’s house to see the door swinging wide open. Right before he entered, his Plot Sense went off, and he stepped to this side…

    “Oomph! Lucas, what was that all about?”

    …Only to receive proof that the Narrative Laws of Comedy trump any author-given abilities. Except when it’s plot convenient.

    Lucas glared up at the sky from his position on the floor. “Oh screw you,”

    Blame the author, not me.

    Barry looked over at him from a similar position. “Who’re you talking to?”

    “The narrator,” Lucas said, as if that explained everything. “Which it does,”

    Barry pushed himself back up. “Right, never mind that now. Let’s get going! I’ll be on the road, and if you’re not there quick I’m fining you another ¥10 million!” He turned and charged off toward Route 201.

    “Damn it…” Lucas groaned from his prone position. Pulling himself up and dusting off his blue jacket, he looked up at the sky. “…You know, you said you were the narrator…”


    “…Are you that Narrator?”

    No, for two reasons. One, he’s still hanging out with Juniper the younger in their version of Unova. Two, the author hasn’t asked Missingno. Master if he could borrow him. Unfortunately, that means you’re stuck with me.

    “Well, that sucks.” Lucas stretched, then looked around. “…I should probably get going before Barry gets annoyed and follows through on his threat, shouldn’t I?”

    **__Scene skip: Route 201__**

    “Wow, thanks for skipping that walking scene. That would have been really boring,”

    Barry glared at him from the route. “Slowpoke. How long does it take to you to get here, even with talking at the sky?”

    “I know, I walk so slowly. Give me a bit, and when we’re inevitably sent back to Twinleaf to get permission for our journey, I’ll probably get given the Running Shoes then,” Lucas replied, face twisting in annoyance.

    Barry nodded. “Makes sense, as much as anything you say does. Anyway, we both want to start our journey, correct?” He asked.

    Lucas perked up immediately. “Yes! You found a way to get some Pokemon?”

    Barry punched the air. “Remember that program on TV, the one with Professor Rowan?”

    Lucas stared at him.

    The blonde-haired trainer-hopeful lowered his hand. “…Oh yeah. Your TV was broken a while ago, wasn’t it?” Lucas nodded. “Whoops…”

    The beret-clad protagonist shook his head. “Never mind that, just give me the Cliff Notes version,” he requested.

    “The who version?”

    Lucas facepalmed. “The quick and short version,”

    “Right. Well, Rowan was talking about how important Pokemon were to people, and he’s a Pokemon professor, so he’ll have lots of Pokemon, right? So I was thinking, if he’s got so many Pokemon, he’ll give us some if we asked, right? So yeah, we’re going to see him now!” Barry explained breathlessly.

    Lucas nodded along to the rambling explanation. “Seems to fit the canon behaviour of Pokemon Professors, although they usually give them out to kids who live in the town that they do. But the problem is, where is his lab?”

    Barry pointed excitedly to a sign that Lucas was sure hadn’t been there a moment ago reading “Sandgem Town- Proud location of the Rowan Research Laboratory”

    Lucas stared at it. “Well, that answers that,” He turned back to Barry. “But the question is, how do we get to Sandgem? Somehow, there’s nobody who lives in our entire town that’s a Pokemon Trainer or has Poke Balls, otherwise we’d have been out of here years ago.”

    Barry nodded, a frown briefly crossing his face. “I know, if Dad came home more often we’d have been off like a shot.” He shook himself out of his recollections. “Either way, I’ve got a flawless way of getting us there, without a problem!”

    Lucas looked at him warily, mindful of the way his Plot Sense was reacting to this decision. “Barry, your last flawless idea involved fifteen feet of rope, three rubber ducks and a fake Poke Ball, and ended up with us running for our lives from a pack of rabid Bidoof, my TV Tropes editing rights revoked, and no pizza for a month. Forgive me for feeling a little sceptical,”

    Barry scratched his head sheepishly. “Ehehehe… But that’s all in the past now, right?”

    “No. Pizza. For. A. Month.” Lucas growled.

    “Yeah, yeah, I get it… Anyway, this idea really is flawless, so hear me out, okay?” Barry paused a second, then continued. “Well, you know how Pokemon will jump out at you if you walk in tall grass?” He gestured at a conveniently-placed patch of grass.

    Lucas nodded warily.

    “So what you do is, you scoot over to the other side of the grass before they realise you’re there!” Barry grinned, his teeth gleaming in the way that’s usually only managed by special effects.

    “Barry, not only are your teeth scaring me, you’ve completely forgotten that I am only capable of moving at the speed of slightly warm molasses. This idea is really not as flawless as you seem to think,” Lucas replied.

    “Yep, brilliant idea isn’t it?” Barry continued as if he hadn’t heard Lucas at all. Probably offended by the teeth comment.

    “Mmmhm, probably- Wait, Barry, get off!” Lucas yelled at the hyperactive trainer-prospect as he grabbed the jacket-wearing boy by the arm.

    “On your marks…” Barry began.

    “Aagh! Barry, stop!” Lucas tried and failed to get his friend off him as his Plot Sense went haywire.

    “Get set…”

    “This is revenge for dragging you downstairs earlier, isn’t it?”

    Barry grinned at him. “Aaaaand, G-“

    “HOLD IT!”

    Barry tripped over, flinging Lucas dangerously close to the patch of long grass. Picking themselves up, they both looked at Phoenix Wright- Erm, I mean, Professor Rowan, Barry recognizing him from the television and Lucas recognizing him because of the narration.

    The old man looked at them, his grey eyes darting between the two. “You two… Neither of you two are carrying Pokémon. Correct?” He moved forward a step. “Then what is the meaning of going into that tall grass!?”

    Barry stared at the Professor. The Professor stared back.

    “Hey Lucas…” Barry muttered, out of the corner of his mouth. “This old guy… this is Professor Rowan, isn’t it? What’s he doing here…?”

    The tree-named professor continued staring before turning his back on them. “…They tried to go into the tall grass, because they wanted Pokémon…” He whispered to himself, too low for anyone not reading the narration to hear, and raising questions about why he had asked what the two younger people behind him what they were doing. “Hm… What to do? Their world would surely change if they were to meet Pokémon, but is it right for me to put them on that path?” He turned back, to find Lucas seemingly staring at the sky, and Barry watching him mutely. “…You two. You truly love Pokémon, don’t you?”

    Lucas snapped his attention back to the elder man. “Well, of course. If there were no Pokémon, there would be absolutely no reason for us to be on this journey!”

    “Me too!” Barry jumped in. “I love Pokémon, too!”

    Rowan gave them a hard look. “I will ask you once again, do you truly love Pokémon?”

    “What!? You can ask a hundred times, and the answer will never change! We both love Pokémon, right Lucas?”

    Lucas nodded. “Without Pokémon, there would be no plot, and we’d all be recycled as Legend of Zelda fanfic characters most likely.”

    Rowan gave him a disturbed look. Barry sighed. “Don’t worry, he gets like this sometimes…”

    The old man stepped back slightly. “…A reckless kid who foolishly tries to drag his friend through tall grass without a Pokémon between them, and a kid who seems to think that life is a story… It worries me what people like that would do with Pokémon,”

    Barry looked down. “Uh…Well, I uh… Well, forget about me, but give a Pokémon to my friend here! It was me who tried to drag him into the tall grass, and he’s been wanting to leave on a journey for nearly as long as I’ve known him! Pretty much the only reason he’s even sane is wanting to leave on a journey!”

    Lucas looked momentarily offended. “I happen to be quite sane, thank you!”

    “Lucas, you claim to listen to the narration of our lives. Most people wouldn’t really consider that sane,”

    Rowan gave him a look of approval. “How mature of you… Very well then! I will entrust the two of you with Pokémon. I do apologize for putting you through that exercise, but I wanted to be sure of you character before choosing to do this.” He began to search through the pockets of his brown coat. “However! You must promise me that you will never so recklessly endanger yourselves again, understand?”

    Both boys looked at each other, and then simultaneously nodded. “We promise,”

    “Good! Now then… Hm?” He extracted his hands from his pockets, and began searching the inside of his coat. “Now, where…?”

    “Professor!” a feminine voice called from the direction toward Lake Verity. Maya- Sorry, Dawn ran into view, clutching a large briefcase in her hands Now, I wonder why they’re called still called briefcases no matter how large they are?

    “It’s because of the way that lawyers use them to carry case notes to court, these notes being known as ‘briefs’,” Lucas explained to thin air. Huh, what do you know? This guy kind of is like Phoenix Wright…

    Barry ignored him.

    Lucas wilted. “I feel so alone…”

    Well, that’s because you are. Deal with it.

    Completely oblivious to the series of events happening behind them, Dawn and Professor Rowan were having a quiet argument.

    “These Pokémon are hard to replace Professor. We shouldn’t just be giving them away to random kids you find out in the Routes!”

    “Hm! We exist side by side with Pokémon, Dawn,” Rowan replied. He drew himself up, and swept his recently re-acquired briefcase around, drawing the attention of the two trainer-prospects. “There comes a time when people should meet Pokémon. This is a world that should be explored together, human side by side with Pokémon. For them, now is that time. This place, right here, right now!” He set the briefcase down, and opened it to a pocket with three Poke Balls inside. “Go on! Choose a Pokémon, there are three of them in here. One Grass, one Fire, and one Water. Pick one.”

    Barry practically teleported over next to the case. “Really?! Professor Rowan, I can’t believe it! I’m so happy now, I can’t keep a straight face!” he paused a moment, and grinned. “…Hey Lucas. You can choose first.”

    Lucas gave him a deadpan expression.

    Barry’s grin grew wider. “Hey, I’m practically a grown up. I have to show some class here.”

    Lucas shook his head, and walked over to the briefcase. Kneeling, he looked at the three labelled Poke Balls.


    Closing his eyes, Lucas reached out, and picked up a Poke Ball. Standing up, and moving back, he heard Barry pick up a Poke Ball too. “Then, I choose you!” Lucas opened his eyes at the same moment Barry continued. “I’m taking this Piplup!”

    Blinking, Lucas looked down at the Poke Ball in his hands. It was indeed a Chimchar. How interesting.

    Heedless of Lucas’s inattention, Rowan began talking again. “Very well! Both of you have chosen a good Pokémon, it seems. Now listen well! The Pokémon you hold in your hands are unfamiliar with the world, a respect that they are similar to you in. As fellow newcomers to the world at large, I hope you’ll do well together. If you have any difficulties, please come and see me at my lab in Sandgem Town.” He looked in the direction of the aforementioned town. “And now, we’ll be on our way. Come along, Dawn,”

    Dawn blinked and then grabbed the briefcase before hurrying after him. “Professor! Wait for me, please!”

    Lucas had the distinct impression that she had glared at him as she walked past.

    Both new trainers watched them as they left. “Well, how do you like that? The Professor’s really nice. On TV, he looked so scary…” There was a period of quiet, before Barry’s face lit up into a grin. “Hehe… Lucas, we’ve both got Pokémon now!”

    Lucas’s face split into a similar grin as that fact sank in. “Yeah! That means the plot has finally begun!” Both trainers high-fived, before breaking into an impromptu celebration right in the middle of the Route.

    Speaking of plot, why was I here this chapter? I know the first sections are always dialogue heavy, but this could have been completed by one of those automatic narration cues like most authors use.

    “Hush, you. You’ll ruin the moment!”

    “Lucas, stop talking to the sky,”

    The two trainers finally collapsed onto one of the many one-way ledges on the route, silly grins still plastered on their faces. Barry looked thoughtful for a moment.

    “Hey, Lucas…”

    The beret-clad trainer turned to look at him.

    “We’re Pokémon trainers now, right?”

    Lucas’s face split into a grin- this one far more savage.

    “That means, there’s only one thing to do. Are you up for this?”

    Lucas stood up, and walked a fair distance away. “Rival, do you even need to ask?” he said, turning back to face him.

    Barry closed his eyes, and fingered the Poke Ball he was carrying. “I’ve always wanted to say this…” His eyes snapped open. “Lucas, I challenge you to a Pokémon battle!”

    His opponent continued to grin. “Always,”

    Both of them stared at each other. Then, as one, they flung their Poke Balls into the center of the makeshift arena. “Lucas/Barry! Let’s rumble!”

    End chapter

    ...What? Don't give me that look!

    Now, whenever I get back I'll gladly accept criticism/harsh criticism/even harsher criticism/praise/people politely telling me this is rubbish/people impolitely telling me this is rubbish. Except the last one.

    See you all *checks time* later today, I guess.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2013
  2. Darkened_Kingdra

    Darkened_Kingdra Whatcha want?

    Hehehe! I already lurve this thing!
    No grammar mistakes as far as I can see ( which is really not far at all. I'm horrid at grammar.)
    I like the whole idea of this story, what with Plot Sense, Narrator, and clichés. I look forward to the next chapter?
    PM list plz?
  3. Why thank you. And added.
  4. {Text} is invisible to fourth-wall-aware characters who are not the Narrator. All speech inside this follows normal rules.

    Chapter 2: Encounter

    **__Route 201__**

    With twin bursts of light, the Poke Balls released their occupants. On one end of the field, a small orange chimplike Pokémon dropped to the ground. At the other, an equally small blue penguin stood, Barry having released his Poke Ball with far more accuracy than Lucas.

    “I knew I should have invested in those throwing lessons!” Lucas yelled.

    The Chimchar turned its head to face his new Trainer. “Chaaaa? Chim, Chimchar!” {”We have trainers? Finally, we’re free from that old lawyer-faced fuddy-duddy and his insane assistant!”}

    It should be noted at this point that Pokémon language is rather concise.

    Barry looked between the two Pokémon in the field. “I have to say, Lucas, my Pokémon looks cooler,” he said, then smirked. “I have the type advantage too!”

    “Barry, you only have the type advantage because you insisted on being last, and because you’re the rival of the story. It wouldn’t be right to have a Pokémon rival without the type advantage over the protagonist,” Lucas shot back. “Besides, Chimchar is clearly superior, seeing as it’s on fire,”

    Meanwhile, Piplup was looking between Barry and Lucas. “Pi. Luuup pip pip lup.” {”Chimchar, it seems the day has finally come.”} It smirked at Chimchar (despite having a beak) and managed to do a surprisingly good impression of its trainer in the process. “Piplup pip,” {” We have been freed from the existence that was the lab, and we are both blessed with trainers.”} It looked back at Barry, then at Lucas. “Pip-piplup lup,” {”Although my trainer clearly has the superior sense of style, having picked me,”} it sniffed. “Plup,” {”And doesn’t wear that ridiculous hat,”} it said waving its flipper at the offending piece of headgear.

    Chimchar growled, but not nearly as loudly as Lucas did. “I may not be able to understand what you say, but nobody insults the hat! Barry, this show is past the road, and on the motorway! Chimchar, attack!”
    “Chiiiim-CHAR!” {”The fires of my soul burn from this injustice!”} The Fire-type leaped forward into a sprint, claws sharpening in preparation for Scratch. Piplup began moving, but was too slow to really react as Chimchar slammed the attack home.

    “What?” Barry blinked, having been preparing for more pre-battle banter “Ooh, that one hurt, you! Piplup, retaliate!”

    Piplup dodged back from another Scratch. “Piiiplup!” {”But I don’t know Retaliate!”}

    “Chim-chimchar!” {”My burning spirit will push me ever onward!”}

    Piplup finally found its feet, and pushed back with a Pound attack to the face. “Pii, pip…” {”Oh dear, he’s off again…”}

    Yes!” Lucas exulted. “Teach that overgrown turkey a lesson!”

    But, turkeys are much larger than Piplups. How would it be overgrown if-

    “Shut it, you,” Lucas snarled at the sky. “That featherless feathered fiend dissed my hat! Chimchar, hit it with Leer!”

    Chimchar pivoted away from a Pound attack, and leapt back. ”Chiim…” {” I close my eye…”} it said, doing so.

    Barry was quick to capitalise on the perceived opportunity. “Piplup, hit it now!”

    Chimchar’s eyes flashed open transfixing Piplup in its spot with a positively unearthly glare. “CHAR!” {”And then I open them, with superb force!”}

    Piplup shook it off, and continued its attack run. “Pluuup-pip!” {”That doesn’t even make sense!”}

    “Chiim-chimchar!” {”True fighting spirit needs not make sense”}

    Lucas noticed the opening at exactly the same time as Barry did. “Chimchar, hit it now! MAKE IT PAY FOR INSULTING MY HAT!!”/”Piplup, get out of there!”

    Piplup reacted faster, mainly because Lucas had spent the extra time shouting about his hat, but wasn’t fast enough to avoid a raking sweep of Chimchar’s claws.

    Barry winced. “Oh man this is not looking good…” he mumbled. Shaking it off, he yelled out “But this is where we hit our stride! Piplup, go get them!”

    “Pluup, pi. Pi piplup-pi,” {”See, this is why my trainer is better. My trainer offers me support, and encourages me when I take damage”} It sniffed, and raised its head higher in the air- inadvertently causing it to stumble due to its injuries. “Pip-lup,” {”Yours just sees you as a method of gaining revenge for an insult,”}

    Chimchar glanced back at Lucas, who flashed him a thumbs-up. “Chiim chimchar,” {”Real support comes from the inside!”}

    Barry took the initiative the instant it became clear the battle was in a lull. “Pound it! Try and get around to the side!”

    Piplup charged Chimchar, with an incredibly faint but still noticeable hesitation. Chimchar dodged the attack cleanly, but found itself unable to catch the small penguin with a counter-Scratch. Piplup failed to press the attack further, choosing instead to catch its breath.

    Barry grinned at the surprisingly successful tactic. “Keep it up Piplup!”

    Lucas observed the course of the Water Pokémon’s movement carefully. The very faint hesitation, the need to catch its breath… ‘Wait a second, this happened earlier! When it puffed itself up, it stumbled for a second… If Chimchar hit it then… And stop narrating my thoughts damn it!’

    “Chimchar!” He called out. “When it’s preparing to attack, hit it then!”

    Chimchar took a brief second to acknowledge this. “Char!” {”On it boss!”} Spinning past the next Pound attempt, it jumped back the same distance it had previously, continuing the pattern the two Pokémon had made over the last minute. This time though, when Piplup rushed it again, he Scratched at the small penguin’s feet.

    The Water-type toppled to the ground with a cry, Pound attack going wide. Chimchar was on it in under a second, using Scratch like there was no tomorrow. Finally, with one last hit, Piplup collapsed to the ground unconscious.

    “Wha-Piplup!” Barry rushed to his Pokémon’s side, picking it up. “No way… We ended up losing?”

    Lucas walked over to Chimchar’s side, and picked up the heavily-breathing Pokémon. “Nice one, Chimchar,” He congratulated the Fire-type.

    “Chiim… Char,” {”My fighting spirit… is burned down… I’m… gonna go to sleep right now,”} Chimchar said, curling up. Lucas nodded, then returned it to the Poke Ball. He looked over at Barry who was doing the same for Piplup.

    Barry looked back over at him. “Yeeeah, after all that excitement I’m beat,” He looked down at the Poke Ball in his hands. “Our Pokémon need rest too- What do you say to going back to town?”

    Lucas considered this. On one hand, it was further delaying the start of the journey he’d been waiting for literally since the author had come up with this idea. On the other hand, Chimchar was hurt, and his Plot Sense was agreeing that delaying was a better idea.

    He nodded. “Let’s go home,”

    **__ Lucas’s house__**

    “…So, you have a Pokémon now…” Johanna said. She was standing in the kitchen next to the fridge while Lucas and Chimchar were sprawled out on the sofa. “Well, it’s a good thing that you met Professor Rowan isn’t it? Imagine if you didn’t…”

    Lucas sat up slightly at this point. “Well, I’d like to think that the author isn’t cruel enough to set another pack of rabid Bidoof on us, ‘cause that would kill the story pretty quick but I kind of get the feeling that that’s not really that likely,”

    Yeah, it’s really not. I’m getting a pittance for this job! I mean, sure, the pension plan is good and I get free cable and booze, but…

    Lucas stared up at the ceiling. “You get free cable, and booze, and you’re complaining?”

    Well, yeah but-

    “There are some authors who pay their narrators nothing! I know of quite a number of them who get actively forced to work! I don’t even get that much, and I’m the protagonist!”

    “Now now, Lucas,” his mother chided. “Just because the narrator gets a better employment deal than you do-“

    “Deal my foot,” Lucas muttered.

    “-You did get given the Plot Sense after all, so it’s not all bad,” Johanna continued, more loudly.

    “…I suppose,” Lucas conceded.

    “Not to mention you get to go on a journey, like all protagonists do!”

    “Well, yes...”

    “So there you go!” his mother chirped.

    Lucas considered her for a moment. “…You know, I never asked how you know about this stuff,”

    “Oh, it’s all in the contract,” she replied, pulling out a ridiculously huge legal contract out from her apron pocket.

    “Would hammerspace access be included in this contract?” Lucas asked, staring suspiciously at the offending stack of paper.

    “…That’s not important right now,” his mother said, in a painfully obvious attempt to change the subject. “What is important is that you go see Professor Rowan-“

    This woke Chimchar up fast. “Chim!? Chim-chim-char CHAR!” {”WHAT!? We’re going back to see lawyer-face!? We’ll never leave again!”}

    Cheerfully oblivious to the Fire Pokémon’s rapidly increasing panic, Johanna continued. “-And thank him for giving you a Pokémon. His lab is in Sandgem town, right? Now you have your own Pokémon, the tall grass isn’t so bad! Oh, I know! I have just the thing!”

    As his mother headed up the stairs, Lucas turned his attention to the small monkey attached to his leg. “Don’t worry about going to see the Phoenix Wright impersonator Chimchar, I won’t let him take you back. “He said, having guessed that Chimchar was worried about that. “If I did, I’d be stuck in Sandgem at the mercy of-“ he shuddered. “Hordes of rabid Bidoof,”

    Chimchar stared at its trainer in confusion.

    Recovering from his relapse, Lucas sat up straight. “…So, what do you think my mother’s fetching?”

    Seriously? That’s the conversation you start?

    “Well, yeah,” Lucas said. “The author limited my internet access so that walkthroughs were blocked, so how am I supposed to know what happens?”

    Hmm… Good point…

    The narrator’s musing was interrupted as Johanna came back down the stairs, holding a large shoebox. Lucas’s face broke into a wide smile as he recognized the brand, a very familiar brand that he’d spent a relatively large portion of the previous chapter moaning about.

    “RUNNING SHOES!” Lucas yelled, fist pumping. This startled Chimchar enough that it fell out of its chair.

    Johanna smiled at her son’s enthusiasm. “Yes, I thought you might like them,” She pulled out a card from her apron. “With those Running Shoes, you can get to faraway places much faster!”

    “No ****,” murmured Lucas.

    “Language young man,” Johanna chided, and looked back at the card. “Herm-hm. Let me read the instructions… ‘Press “B” to dash about faster than ever before! Put on the Running Shoes and blaze a new trail of adventure!’” She looked up, and smiled at him. “I think you’ll be able to manage that, won’t you?”

    Lucas hugged her.

    After a moment, he released the hug and stepped back. “Thanks…”

    Johanna smiled at him. “Don’t worry about it, just go and say thanks to the Professor!”

    Lucas rapidly swapped out his shoes for the Running Shoes, saluted his mother, and tore out the door at a run.

    Thirty seconds later, he came running back in, grabbed Chimchar’s Poke Ball, recalled the surprised Fire-type and left again, still moving at a run.

    **__ Twinleaf Outskirts__**

    “Hey, Lucas!” N. M. Guy called to Lucas from his eternal position at the north end of town. “You looking for Barry?”

    Lucas shrugged. Truth be told, he had been intending to rush over to Sandgem as fast as possible, but his Plot Sense said this was a good idea so… “Sure, why not?” he called back.

    “Yeah, he went tearing off out to Route 201 earlier, yelling something about Lake Verity. I think you should be able to catch him if you hurry.”

    Lucas thanked him, and took off (once again) at a run.

    N.M. Guy watched Lucas leave from his position, idly noting that this was the first time he’d seen Lucas run in… Well, ever really. He was such a sedate child, compared to Barry… Definitely crazier though.

    He could have sworn he heard someone yelling “I heard that!” from the distance…


    “The nerve of that guy!” Lucas ranted.

    Well, to be fair, most people can’t actually hear the narration…

    “You’re one to talk, seeing as you do the narration!”

    Lucas was so focused on his argument with the narrator, that he almost missed Barry waiting for him.

    “Hey, Lucas!” the blond trainer called, attracting his attention away from his heated discussion. “Arguing with the sky again?”

    “I’m arguing with the narrator, not the sky,” Lucas crossed his arms.

    Barry ignored him. “You might be here way faster than normal, but I’m still sick of waiting! We’re going to go see Professor Rowan, so we can thank him properly, right?”

    Lucas nodded. “We’ll get given whatever plot coupon happens to be important to us next, and go off on a journey!”

    Barry continued to ignore him. “So, I was thinking,” he said.

    “That’s a change,” Lucas muttered.

    “Well, I had this great idea. You know that lake we always used to play at? The one they say there’s a Legendary living in?”

    “Oh dear, this is going to end up where your plan from yesterday would have if Professor Rowan hadn’t stopped us, isn’t it?”

    “You guessed it!” Barry continued on obliviously. “We’ll go capture that Pokémon, and that’ll make Professor Rowan happy!”

    You know, I’m actually curious. Is he just ignoring you or can he actually not hear you?

    Lucas stared at Barry’s ears as he began talking about how their Pokémon battle had been amazing. “I think he’s wearing earplugs, actually,”

    Barry finished his monologue, and noticed Lucas staring at his ears. “Lucas, why are you staring at my ears?”

    “Well, Barry, I was staring at your ears because I was wondering if you were wearing earplugs,”

    Barry blinked, and removed his earplugs. “Sorry, didn’t catch that. What did you say?”

    “Well, Barry, I said that I was staring at your ears because I was wondering if you were wearing earplugs. Clearly, you were,” Lucas replied.

    Question; Why-

    “Because,” Lucas interrupted, rather rudely I might add. “Maybe, but it was going to be a stupid question anyway,”

    Barry grabbed him. “Hey, that’s enough talking. You want to argue with the sky, you do it on your own time. Now, on to the lake!”

    Barry set off, but had his arm grabbed back by an oddly serious Lucas. “Barry, if there really is a legendary Pokémon in the lake- of which I have no doubt- Trying to capture it? With one, relatively untrained Pokémon each?” he shook his head, and released Barry’s arm. “Legendaries are essentially forces of nature. There are a handful of trainers in the entire world who’re strong enough to fight or capture them. If a Legendary attacks, it usually takes whole teams of Pokémon Trainers to fight them off, There’s a few rumours- There’s a couple of tales coming out of Unova that some guy with armour has one, that girl in Hoenn supposedly has a Latias, and that Red guy over in Kanto’s probably strong enough to have captured one, before he disappeared- but that’s all they are. Rumours. There are far more sightings than those rumours, and while they may not be actively hostile, they’re still Pokémon. And therefore, they can be offended. ” He looked at Barry, still oddly serious. “If there’s actually a Legendary in the lake-“ here, he paused, and pulled open his rucksack. Grabbing a book from inside it, he leafed through it until he came to a page. “-It’ll be this.”

    Barry examined the page, looking at the small fairylike Pokémon depicted on it. “Mesprit?”

    Lucas nodded. “The Being of Emotion. It’s small, but don’t let that fool you. Mew is small too, after all.”

    “Yeah, I guess…” Barry agreed. “I have to say though, I’m surprised you know this much,”

    “Well of course!” Lucas replied, suddenly much more upbeat.

    Something I’m thankful for, that was getting quite grim there for a second.

    “Stow it you, that was important exposition. Anyway, I studied up on them because of the likelihood of encountering one on my journey,” He nodded, attempting to look sagely but really looking ridiculous. “After all, all good protagonists encounter Legendaries at some point, and I’d rather be prepared than not.”

    Barry had to agree. It was better to be prepared than not to be, even if he privately disagreed with Lucas’s theory that they would encounter a Legendary. Oh how wrong he is…

    Lucas chose to ignore this as they started walking toward the lake. “Plus, Mesprit is mentioned on that sign.” He said, gesturing towards it. “How could I not be curious?”

    Barry had to agree. If he’d had access to information on the Legendaries, he’d probably look it up too. Speaking of which…

    “Where did you get that book anyway?”

    “The book?” Lucas looked at the book in Barry’s hands, and snatched it back. Stowing it in his rucksack, he straightened up. “Dad was Kalosian, they have a huge amount of information on Legendaries not their own.” Lucas said, looking away. “Plus, he always liked myths and stuff…”

    Barry winced. “Ah.” He hadn’t meant to bring up such a touchy subject.

    “That’s okay, Barry, you couldn’t have known,” Lucas patted his friend’s back, as they entered the overhung path to Lake Verity.

    **__Lake Verity__**

    “All right, we’re here! Get ready to find that Legendary, because…” Barry trailed off. “Huh, don’t know where I was going with that one.”

    Lucas snickered.

    “Shut up. Actually, why did you come here when you were saying it was a really bad idea?”

    Lucas shrugged. “Plot Sense.”

    Barry stepped slightly away from him. “Right…” Never mind the crazy person who had so thoroughly warned him, and then went in anyway because of some extra sense he claimed he had, right?

    Lucas glared at the narrator. “Shut up already!”

    His rival smacked him. “Pay attention! We’re looking for a Legendary here!”

    Lucas rubbed his cheek absently. “Well, I don’t know that smacking me is the right way to start…”

    “I smacked you because you were being crazy again.” Barry sniffed. “It had nothing to do with Legendary searching.” He paused. “Wait, what’s going on over there?”

    ‘Over there’ was a small cliff hanging over the lake, where a tall, blue-haired man wearing a bizarre suit was standing. As they approached they could hear him speaking.

    “…The flowing time, the expanding space… All will be mine someday. Cyrus is my name, the ancient word for the sun…”

    “Is he monologuing?” Barry whispered to Lucas.

    Lucas’s eyes were wide as his Plot Sense went haywire. “Yes, now shut up!” he hissed.

    “…Ridding the world of spirit and creating my own…”

    “Why?” Barry hissed back.

    “…eliminating the existence of those who would oppose this new world order…”

    Because,” Lucas muttered. “A; He’s clearly crazy and unhinged-“

    “Until then Legendary Pokémon of the lake. Sleep until then. Sleep while you still can.” Cyrus turned, and walked away from the lake. His eyes narrowed as they fell upon the two children in front of him. “…Allow me to pass. Step aside.”

    Lucas dragged Barry roughly out of the way.

    “…Hmph.” He grunted, clearly unimpressed. Cyrus continued on his way, idly wondering if he should just kill them and be done with it. After all, mere children had easily derailed the plans of Teams Rocket, Aqua and Magma.

    Lucas eyed the stylized “G” on the back of Cyrus’s jacket, and shuddered as the tall man continued on his way. “The other reason that we shouldn’t bother him is he’s also planning to destroy space and time by dragging the Twin Dragons out of their own worlds.”

    Barry stared after where the blue-haired man had left. “That’s crazy! Why would he do that? And how do you know that?”

    Lucas shrugged, much less concerned now that it had become clear that Cyrus was not going to turn back and kill them. “Well, one reason is that we could both hear him plotting openly over there. The other reason?” he grinned. “Well, did you think that the Plot Sense only applied to story plots?”

    Barry stared at him. “So you’re saying you can sense evil plots?” Lucas nodded. “I have sogot to test this.” He closed his eyes for a moment, thinking.

    The beret-clad trainer rolled his eyes. “You’re planning on running home, eating all the ice cream and then throwing a soggy towel at me. That’s not exactly what I would call evil, Barry.”

    His rival scratched his chin. “Huh, maybe there is something to you going along with this earlier…”

    Lucas tilted his head. “Huh?”

    Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking too.

    “Earlier, when you were saying why you came here anyway… Oh that’s right, that’s why we were here!” Barry grinned, having changed tack entirely halfway through his sentence. “Come on Lucas, let’s go catch a Legendary!”

    He immediately charged off to the point where Cyrus had been standing. Sighing, Lucas ran after him.

    “This is going to go so well…”


    {’But then again,’ a voice mused. ‘Maybe not…’}

    End Chapter

    A/N: Well, first major deviations from the games here, although that’s probably game mechanics affecting Legendaries. I mean, in D/P Dialga/Palkia managed to distort the entire Sinnoh region before the Lake Trio stepped in, and R/S/E had Groudon/Kyogre affecting half of Hoenn. I think this isn’t a particularly unreasonable depiction of them, even if it does clash a bit with the light-heartedness so far.
    And we get a first look at Cyrus. I tried to make him at least slightly menacing. Hopefully it worked.
    I’m also not particularly happy with the Pokémon Speak in this chapter. I’ll look at other ways of doing it in future chapters.

    And finally; Will the reason Barry was wearing earplugs ever be revealed?
  5. GalladeRocks

    GalladeRocks Son of a Beach

    Personally, I find Barry's plan to be quite evil. Soggy towels are not fun. Neither is an ice cream-less house. And FYI, Chimchar is awesome.

    And does Barry NEED a reason to wear earplugs? Maybe they're just comfortable. Or lemon-scented.
  6. Well, they are evil on a personal scale, depending on the person. I, for one, neither enjoy ice cream, nor mind a soggy towel to the face. This is in comparison to Cyrus, who out of all the Standard Evil Team Leaders has the largest scale plan, and it's the only one bar X/Y SPOILER 's that's deliberately apocalyptic, seeing as Aqua and Magma's leaders were just deluding themselves.

    And there is a reason for Barry wearing earplugs. I will be sure to come up with a suitably anticlimatic reason for him doing so.
  7. Akiyama

    Akiyama Awake me if Ash wins

    I admit, that first part of the fic got to me. I took it seriously, then laughed, oh, well, now I read the rest. Yes, good running shoes joke. I don't know about the narrator joke after that though. Seemed to be worse than what I've heard in the Stanley Parable.

    The level of jokes is well suited for some audiences. Just making fun of the games is cracking a smile on my face. It's interesting, and I don't have really have suggestions to give it (and no spelling or grammar errors caught my eye). I mean, I'm too serious for jokes, so I leave that to others.

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