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One in a Million (Hoennshipping)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Kana, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. Kana

    Kana kisses

    Hi everyone! This is my first fanfic that I've posted at Serebii! And it's Hoennshipping! This fic was inspired by Kamairie, well, that's where I got the idea from, and the title is also by Kamairie! So I better give credit to her first.

    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon.

    Oh...I almost forgot. This fic is rated PG just to be safe...

    And this fic is in the categories of...Romance/Angst

    PM List

    Commander Cody
    CuTe ToGePi
    Champion Drake

    - - - -

    One in a Million

    “…When you walk away, you don’t hear me say please. Oh baby, don’t go. Simple and clean is the way that you’re making me feel tonight. It’s hard to let it go…”

    The delicate words of the song drifted into the ears of Brendan Birch, a 17-year-old from Littleroot Town in the Hoenn region. He had snow white hair that was spiked horizontally on the end and a green headband with a white Poke Ball pattern on it. The headband was thick in width, covering his forehead and some of his hair. He wore a short-sleeved shirt that was black with some orange patterns in certain places. There were black and green wristbands around his wrist and orange, fingerless gloves on his hands. His wore double-layer, black pants with the ends of the top layer zipped off and orange, black, and green sneakers.

    Brendan was lying down on his bed with his hands behind his head and the sweet song, “Simple and Clean” playing next to him on his boom box. His eyes were closed and his body was completely relaxed. He listened contently to the sweet music as the clear voice was heard again.

    “…Hold me…Whatever lies beyond this morning is a little later on. Regardless of warnings the future doesn’t scare me at all. Nothing’s like before…”

    The music continued playing for a few seconds, and then it faded away. The young boy lifted himself up from his bed and pushed the rewind button on his boom box. The music of “Simple and Clean” once again began playing. He slumped back down onto his bed and sighed at the sweet singing and wonderful melody. He felt around beside him for the CD case.

    When he touched the hard object, he grabbed it and immediately looked at the singer on the cover. She was May Maple, the same person who was singing his all-time favorite song, “Simple and Clean”.

    In Brendan’s opinion, May was the prettiest girl he had ever seen. She was a brunette with shoulder-length hair split into two neat parts on either side of her head. She had watery sapphire blue eyes and an optimistic smile that could cheer almost anyone up. From the CD cover, she was wearing a deep blue tank-top, a white mini-skirt, and black boots which went just above her ankles. Brendan thought she was gorgeous, and as much as he hated to admit it, he had a huge crush on her.

    Of course, he wasn’t the only one who liked May. Tons of rabid fan-boys chased her around town whenever she was out alone. Brendan despised them, one, for annoying May, and two, for annoying him. Everyday when he was at home just trying to enjoy himself, an entire mob of people would go screaming and running past his house.

    Although he had gotten used to the running and screaming over time, it was still really annoying, and they’d go out whenever May was out—even at night.

    The white haired boy closed his eyes and listened to the beautiful words. To save himself some trouble, he pushed the “repeat” button twice to repeat the song again. The soothing melody played peacefully as Brendan drifted off into a deep sleep…

    - - - -

    A young, 16-year-old brunette sighed heavily as she picked up a thick packet that was sitting on the table in front of her. The girl had her shoulder-length brown hair split into two parts on either side of her head. She was wearing an orange mini-dress with a black collar and a white stripe running down it. It went down past her waist, and she wore black shorts. A green bandanna with a white Poke Ball pattern on it was around her head, and her sneakers were bright orange and black. Sure enough, this was May Maple, the famous singer who was loved by almost every guy Littleroot Town and all of Hoenn.

    May shook her head in slight annoyance as she skimmed over the words on the packet. They were the lyrics to the songs of her new album that was going to be released soon. The young artist loved singing, but memorizing the lyrics was the hardest part, especially at concerts or performances where she couldn’t take breaks and look over the words again. Sighing, she focused her eyes back to the top of the first page and began reading the lyrics to “Every Heart”.

    When she finished, she hummed softly to herself the melody of the song. She groaned at how annoying the mob of fan-boys who chased her around whenever she was out would be when her new album was completed. Ever since she became famous, she could barely go out and shop at the mall or take a walk without having a crowd of fans running after her. So, she rarely went out of the studio, and couldn’t seem to do anything without having a bodyguard following her. It made her feel as if she was out-of-the-ordinary, which she in fact was, but she felt as if she was extremely far away from the outside world.

    In truth, May had no true friends she could trust. All of the people who she had thought were her friends actually just wanted to be around her for her reputation. Not a single one of them had been loyal to her, either. They had used her for her money and fame, and after they had satisfied their greed, they simply left May and didn’t pay attention to her anymore. Each time May discovered a false friend, her heart shattered into pieces and she cried herself to sleep for entire weeks until her heart mended again. Then her sorrow became anger until she met another untruthful “friend”, and her anger turned to sorrow again. May had given up most of her hope of making a true friend; only a sliver of the wish remained in her heart.

    May closed her eyes as a memory of her most first false friend came flooding back…


    “May, this is so awesome!” a high-pitched feminine voice squealed. “I mean, do you really get to shop here whenever you want to?!” The girl smiled excitedly as the aqua colored tote bags in her hands swung with her steps.

    May grinned. “You bet I do,” she said happily. Her brown hair was split into two parts as usual, and a colorful butterfly clip was on the right side. She was wearing a white tank top with a red coat over it. Pink capris covered her legs, and on her feet she wore white flip-flops. “You know, this mall doesn’t really have the best selection of items. I can take you to Slateport City Mall next week if you want.”

    The girl shook her head. She had pale, lime green hair that went above her elbows. It was sleek, shiny, and straight, the kind of hairstyle which May had always wanted. She wore a red shirt with a white collar and white capris. Yellow flip flops were on her feet, and her bright turquoise eyes sparkled in the light. “No, this mall is perfectly fine,” she assured. “I’m satisfied with the items for sale here. Don’t worry, May. I mean…you’re already my best friend. You really don’t need to keep on pleasing me like this.” She winked appreciatively.

    May beamed in delight. “Oh, Rissa, that’s great!” she cried, hugging her friend. “I’m so glad! I never had a best friend, and I was afraid I’d lose you if you weren’t happy!” Her sapphire blue eyes shimmered in pleasure.

    Rissa raised an eyebrow. “Huh? May, that’s not what being a friend is about,” she explained. “Friends like you for who you are, not your reputation. Of course, I like you for who you are AND your reputation!” She laughed nervously.

    May shrugged. “Well…” she began. “I’m just glad to have you by my side. I mean…oh, nevermind. Let’s go!” She led Rissa by the hand towards the next shop in front of them…

    End Flashback

    May sighed hopelessly and shook her head. Rissa, short for Clarissa, had been the closest to being a true friend out of all of her other false friends. She had seemed so honest and loyal…but she was just the same as all of her other “friends”. After May had taken her to Slateport Mall, Rissa’s father suddenly became increasingly rich and she moved to Slateport City. After that, May had lost contact with her, as she never told her where she was moving to in Slateport or her new phone number.

    May concluded that Rissa had probably met lots of new friends and had literally forgotten about her. She would never be completely forgotten by anyone as long as she kept steady in fame and continued singing with a gentle, clear voice.

    There’s always a downside to fame and fortune, and a bright side to being a normal person, she thought. It’s so hard to make friends when you’re famous…and when you have no reputation whatsoever, it’s so easy…

    As much hope she had lost, the sliver of May’s one wish to make a true friend still thrived inside of her, buried by a mass of sorrow and loss…

    - - - -

    Kind of sucky, IMO, but...yeah. This is going to be quite a complicated story with a complicated relationship and...yeah. Complicated. ^^;

    Hoennshippers, review! ^_^
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2005
  2. gonbemaster

    gonbemaster Guest

    I like it, it's awesome. The description was okay, but you could just make it make more sense. The spelling was okay, I really liked how you described the charecters Cherri. This is probably the start of a great fic.
  3. Kamairie

    Kamairie Guest

    XD The idea came to me when listening to 'Ming Ming Hen Ai Ni'. I'm so freakin' obsessed with that song right now! Since I inspired you, I guess I'll be your first reviewer. ^^ <-- Oh shoot! >< My review was so long, gonbesy got there before me. X_X

    - - - - -

    I like how you described Brendan so carefully and in detail, less and less people do these days. -_- *sigh*

    'Fan-boys' is such a new word. XD I've never encountered it before. Maybe instead of using 'Brendan' and 'him' all the time, use one of his features to indentify to your readers that it's Brendan you're talking about, for instance . . . young boy, white haired male etc. Same goes with May too. =P
    'As' was used twice in this sentence. I would have had something like: The girl smiled excitedly as the aqua colored tote bags in her hands swung with her steps.

    This is good, Cherry Grove. Description was up to standard. Just try to use more and different types of words so you don't have to repeat one at some points.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 20, 2005
  4. Kana

    Kana kisses

    Gonbesy? That's new...I'll call you that! Please? *puppy-dog eyes* XD

    Gonbesy -- Thanks. ^^ I'll try and work harder...were there really that many spelling mistakes though? o_O

    Kamairie -- Thanks for the advice. *runs to edit*
  5. gonbemaster

    gonbemaster Guest

    Okay, you can call me gonbesy. And no, there weren't many spelling mistakes.
  6. Kana

    Kana kisses

    Okay then! ^_^ Hi gonbesy! ^^

    There weren't? That's good...but that's also kind of...normal because I was using Microsoft Word with spellcheck and grammar check. ^^
  7. Kana

    Kana kisses

    *shrugs* I won't. I'm trying to think of ideas for the next chapter...I'm on a differen't computer right now though, so I'll wait until I get back home. I'm also thinking about posting this at Fanfiction.Net...
  8. gonbemaster

    gonbemaster Guest

    That's a good idea though it's a pain to find fics on fanfiction. It's easier to find here.

    So hi Cherry ^_^

    If you need any help with ideas just PM me.
  9. Marichi

    Marichi Guest

    I likie! =P I don't know why, but your story reminds me of the manga 'Full Moon Wo Sagashite'. Anyways, it's not sucky. Complicated? I'll do my best not to get lost. ^^6
  10. Kanta-chan

    Kanta-chan Well-Known Member

    *runs here* I'm LATE AGAIN!!!! *jumps up and down pouting*

    Anyways, I like this fic. ^_^ OMG!!! It's so sweet. *eyes become sparkly* I saw no mistakes because.... I just don't. Yesh, I soooooo think this fic is awesome. Very good on the details. Funny how you called the boys that chase May 'rabid'. *giggles* As for Brendan, he better have a crush on May or there's no story!

    Hmm, update soon! *just waits*
  11. Sandoishi

    Sandoishi Guest

    Oooh! This fic is sooo good Cherri! *rates 5* ^^ =3
  12. Kana

    Kana kisses

    Thanks everyone. ^_^ I'm trying to work on this chapter as well as chapters for other fics, so...bear with me, okay? ^^
  13. Ice-Phoenix-chan

    Ice-Phoenix-chan gone with the wind~

    Aww, poor May, having no 'real' friends... *gasp* I know! Let me guess, Brendan treats her as a real friend and then, and then ^^ she starts liking him and then ^________________________^ness~! <-- is hyper

    *raises hand* I have a suggestion, you can have May sing a song about her being sad and... erm... ya... I don't know ^^;; Anyway, continue!
  14. gonbemaster

    gonbemaster Guest

    Yesy Yesy!!! I agree with Icy's idea. A sad song. *sad music plays* May *sings beautifuly*. *sniff* so sad...Turn the clavinova off little sister!!!
    Clavinova: *sad songs*
    Sister: No way!!!
    Oh well. But I agree with Icy's idea. Make May sing a song about being sad.
  15. Kana

    Kana kisses

    *shrugs* Icy, I guess I will. ^_^ Good idea. But not in the next chapter. Not yet, anyway. I've started on the next chapter (I finally found a good way to start it! *wipes sweat*), but I'm still at the beginning of it...I plan to work on it more tonight. ^_^

    Bear with me...I'm on a different computer right now and the document is on the computer at home, so I can't work on it right now...
  16. Kanta-chan

    Kanta-chan Well-Known Member

    *dances about* I can't wait until the next chapter! ^^ If you need ideas, songs or whatever, I can help. *shrugs* I know I usually don't do very well in fanfics, but I like helping. ^_^ *sings and dances away*
  17. Ice-Phoenix-chan

    Ice-Phoenix-chan gone with the wind~

    Yay! You're taking my idea ^^ Oh! I remember what I was gonna say! Then, Brendan hears it and is the only one that knows that she's sad or something and then when they meet, he can talk about it to her or something ^^ (Do I even make sense? o_O) Well, hope I can help ^^;;
  18. gonbemaster

    gonbemaster Guest

    I think I know what you're talking about Icy. Are you talking about.
    Brendan hears the song and tells that May is lonely. While every other fan-boy still just thinks she's hot. Then somehow (I have know clue) they meet and they talk about how May feels lonely. And Brendan want's to do something about May being lonely.

    Is that what you meant Icy?
  19. Ice-Phoenix-chan

    Ice-Phoenix-chan gone with the wind~

    Erm... not exactly, Brendan looks deeper into the song while the others don't... I guess.... *doesn't understand it completely myself* ^^;; but, ya, something along the lines of that...
  20. gonbemaster

    gonbemaster Guest

    O.K., ^_^
    May: Brendan I love you!
    *Brendan wakes up from dream.
    Brendan: dang it!

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