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One Last Battle with Ash! Serena's Choice!! (941)

Discussion in 'Pokémon the Series: XYZ' started by Serebii, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    One Last Battle with Ash! Serena's Choice!!

    As Lumiose City is being rebuilt following Team Flare's antics, Serena decides to organise a Pokémon Showcase to cheer up the residents of the city. While doing the Showcase, she starts to feel something when she sees the joy she brings to the residents. Undecided on what to do next, with Ash returning to the Kanto Region, she soon inexplicably finds herself in a battle against Ash. Will she be able to defeat her friend and what will she decide to do next?

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  2. Xuxuba

    Xuxuba Well-Known Member

    This episode is making me ship Grace x Meyer...
  3. NegaiFreak

    NegaiFreak Plus Ultra!

    Looks like the main XY rivals and Sawyer have departed for good. It's kinda sad because I liked them quite a bit compared to past rivals. Maybe that's just me, but oh well.
  4. Shadao

    Shadao Champion GETTO DA ZE!

    So I hear that Serena has rejected Yashio's offer. Good. If Serena leaves, I always wanted her to strike her on her own and not depend on others.
  5. Xuxuba

    Xuxuba Well-Known Member

    She is going to HOENN?!!! WHAT
  6. Janovy

    Janovy Banned

    Yashio is sending her to Hoenn LOL
  7. noakai

    noakai Well-Known Member

    She escaped the bus to Johto though!!!
  8. I'm actually not watching the episode because I can't watch it live, but I'll stalk the forums to check what's going down :D
  9. TheScentedApple

    TheScentedApple Well-Known Member

    Serena finally gets mudkip?
  10. NegaiFreak

    NegaiFreak Plus Ultra!

    Are you kidding me? The battle was interrupted again thanks to Serena?!

    Oh, and apparently she's gonna try contests in Hoenn. At least, that's what I interpreted...
  11. Xuxuba

    Xuxuba Well-Known Member

    I didn't get if she was going as a performer or if she was going to become a coordinator. She did mention contests though.
  12. Shadao

    Shadao Champion GETTO DA ZE!

    If Serena wins, Ash is accused of being weak or letting Serena win. If Ash wins, Serena is accused of being weak and Ash is too OP. You can't win either way with a battle between those two.

    Now let's wait for the XYZ special where Serena meets Lisia and Wallace and while doing a contest spectacular meets May and spots Steven in the audience
  14. noakai

    noakai Well-Known Member

    I have to say I was really happy that Jesse chose to join in on Serena's performance instead of ruining it. That was really nice to see.
    LilligantLewis likes this.
  15. Frozocrone

    Frozocrone Miraculous!

    Rejected Palermo but Palermo said she should go to Hoenn and do contests, which she agreed with.

    Which is just...ugh. 1st year doing nothing, 2nd year doing contests in a poorly written arc and now contests? I was honestly disappointed with how the episode turned out.

    Also props to the person that called it that the hand grabbing was simply for Ash to drag Serena to the battle. xD
  16. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Shiny hunter

    Basically Serena threw away her main goal. But I'm glad she's going to Hoenn to do Contests.
  17. NitroLightningFlash

    NitroLightningFlash Well-Known Member

    I don't get it...is Serena still striving to become Kalos Queen and just doing Contests to get more experience to help her achieve her goal? Or is Contests the new thing with her now? So confused >.<;
    LilligantLewis likes this.
  18. Janovy

    Janovy Banned

    I think Serena's goal has become 'to make people smile'. So I assume whatever she does next will be for that purpose lol
  19. Frozocrone

    Frozocrone Miraculous!

    That's what bad writing will do :/ I didn't expect her to change her goal like that.

    I'll deffo have to watch the subbed version to fully understand the dialogue.

    Did she say this somewhere? I've always thought she took to performing because she liked the sound of them/Shauna inspired her. I mean the Skiddo episode with her mum to resolve that dream sort of confirmed it for me.
  20. 345ash-greninja

    345ash-greninja Knucklehead Ninja

    So Serena in going to do contests in Hoenn. Actually happy with this because I always felt she could be a brilliant coordinator if she pursued contests. In my fanfictions that I'm currently working on, I also made Serena pursue contests(albeit traveling with Ash).
    LilligantLewis likes this.

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