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One Little Wish - My New Comic

Yugure Mukuhawk

Dusk Staraptor
Well, I decided, already 2 monthes ago, to create a comic.
here it is.
It's a pokemon comic, and you will understand the title when you will read the comic.
I'm also trying to make it a IV generated Look.

The Way I Got There I - Chapter One - http://ragerrock.deviantart.com/#/d2wjtbl
The Way I Got There II - Chapter Two
The Regret That Made My Life Easier - Chapter 3
The Spirit In The Stone - Chapter 4
The Disaster, The Mantis And The Shiny Armor Bird I - Chapter 5
The Disaster, The Mantis And The Shiny Armor Bird II - Chapter 6
The Friends - Chapter 7


Wielding Übersaw.
I hate to be rude, I really do. But what perks does your comic have over other comics? What purpose does it serve? As far as I can tell, the story isn't creative, the dialogue isn't funny, the art isn't even drawn by you, and the concept has absolutely nothing new. Maybe I have to see more in this series- I don't know. But, so far, this comic shows absolutely nothing new and it's going to be hard to find readers if it doesn't. Sorry.


Well-Known Member
Well, my only complaint so far is that the text is a bit on the small size. Is it better if downloaded?

A lot happened in one strip. We get no feel for who the characters are and why. But seems clean enough. Some sprite comics are random from the very first panel to where you can't understand it. This one is at least clear.

If it's not a comedy, the focus on a good story and telling it well. I've found that with the sprite comics I've read, they may have good ideas and good beginnings, but then become confusing for various reasons. So just try to keep it clear. Set yourself apart by making a sprite comic that actually keeps my interest past the first chapter!


Wielding Übersaw.
i'm not trying to make it funny.half of the comics i know

As far as I can tell, the "I HATE BABYSITTING!!" and the "WORST 25 MINUTES EVER!!" are supposed to be at least somewhat humorous. But, whether it's funny or not, it still isn't something that people haven't seen before a billion times, and it's not a particularly well written or well drawn example. However, it is clean looking, I will give you that.