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One of Many

Bulba the Great!

We Do Not Sow
Yeah, I'm working on descriiption, thanks guys. Indigo, Bulby won against Rhydon Only because Charmeleon needed a revenge match. I was going to make it lose. Yes, Rikelec is feeling bad after losing, and Bulby is being so loyal because he lost against Jiroo and Vincent, and now he wants to prove himself to his trainer. He is also unusually loyal. I'll work on describing the surroundings better. Thanks, everyone!

~Bulby ;001;

Oh, yeah, and something will happen with Rikelec. It won't be big, but something is happening.

Bulba the Great!

We Do Not Sow
Well, sorry for double posting, but here's Chapter Nine!

Chapter Nine

“Do ya think that Bulbasaur stands a chance, Boss?” A slightly anxious, deep voice broke through the small cave in which a half dozen shadowy figures were sitting, watching from a distance as a Bulbasaur stood over its trainer, who was unconscious.

“No. Not against a Skarmory. Especially an abnormally large one. But there is an Electrike there. It may have a small chance.” This statement was uttered from the throat of a second person, his words having a slight German accent to them. The figures watched as a second human rushed towards the prone figure, slipped, and fell. Both figures lay limp on the ground. The large Skarmory swept the Bulbasaur aside and landed on the first trainer, the boy. Just before it could take off, it let out a screech that echoed through the large valley and fell, releasing the boy.

“What just happened, Boss?” A new voice spoke, this one female.

“Are you blind?” replied voice two, “the Electrike used Spark Attack on it!”
The shadowy figures watched, entranced.

Back on the ground, a battle had ensued. Skarmory puffed out its chest and flapped its metallic wings. Rikelec wasn’t intimidated. It bared its teeth and leapt for it. The large bird flew out of the way and Rikelec landed hard on a large boulder. All it could do was whimper while Skarmory extended its long talons towards him. Suddenly, long olive-colored vines wrapped around the Pokemon’s long neck, pulling it back. Bulby had gotten up, and it was now releasing a fine trickle of golden dust at the well- armored Pokemon. The Skarmory looked fiercely at Bulby, swayed, and fell to the ground with a surprisingly graceful motion.

“Bulbasaur, Saur, Saur,” the Pokemon said in a frantic tone. Rikelec nodded and jumped to the ground.

“Electrike!” it growled, sending a jolt of electricity at Tracey. Bulby jumped onto Tracey’s chest, staring with large watery eyes at his master. Tracey stirred. His eyes half- blinked. He coughed and sat up. Bulby fell down into his lap.

“Huh… what?” Tracey asked blearily. He looked down. “Bulby!” He hugged his Pokemon.

“And Rikelec!” he exclaimed, looking over. Rikelec, though relieved his trainer was okay, merely nodded solemnly at Tracey. Tracey’s eyes fell on Logan.

“Oh, No!” he gasped. He rushed over to her and propped her head up. He took her hand quickly and squeezed it.

“No, Please! Logan, wake up!” Tracey shook her head gently. Logan merely lay limp on his legs. He looked over her beautiful pale face, and stroked her blonde hair. He was so absorbed in waking his friend up that he didn’t notice the six Sky Blue and Slate clad humans climbing down the rocky slope towards Skarmory. They stole across the valley floor and quietly approached Skarmory.

“Hold on! Rikelec, hit her with an electric surge!” Tracey said, moving away from Logan’s body. Rikelec nodded and shocked Logan. When nothing happened, he shocked her again. Logan moved slightly. Tracey shook her again. Logan blinked. She looked up and beamed at Tracey.

“Thank you,” she whispered. Tracey grinned. Suddenly, a great shriek echoed through the air. Tracey looked over the rocky landscape and jumped up in surprise. The Skarmory had awakened to find itself in a net, being dragged up the side of a mountain. The group of uniformed humans looked up as a voice rang out in the dusk.

“What are you doing?!?” Logan yelled. Tracey ran towards them.

“Who do you think you are, stealing that Skarmory?” Tracey shouted, starting up the slope.

“Why, don’t you know? We’re Team Skye. The name’s Skylar.” answered a voice that had a hint of a German accent. The man who was dragging the net stepped forward. Stepping into the little light available, Tracey registered the man’s features. He had cold, steely-gray eyes, so much like Vincent’s glare, peering out from underneath rather thick eyebrows. He had a prominent nose and a smirk planted upon his face. A small pointed goatee ran from his chin, dyed, like his hair, a pale Teal color, which matched his outfit perfectly. His hair was tied back in a ponytail. He gave the distinct impression of a man that was not to be played with. Tracey froze in his tracks.

“What are you doing to that Skarmory?” Logan asked.

“Hello? We’re netting it. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Come on, Team, let’s take it to Cerulean and collect that reward!” Skylar hitched the net into his hands and his grunts fell in line behind him.

“No! You can’t take that!” Tracey yelled.

“Why not? Nobody owns it. It’s perfectly legal, is it not?” Skylar asked.

“Well… umm…” Tracey replied lamely. Skylar laughed, a laugh that was cold as his eyes.

“Stop! I challenge you to a battle!” Logan yelled.

“Fine. I have no objections to a double battle.” Skylar indicated to one of his followers.
“Come here, Aiden.” He smirked. A massively built person stepped forward. He, too, gave a broad smile that looked more like a leer.

“But I didn’t mean…” Logan said, but she appeared unwilling to argue with Skylar. Tracey tensed for battle.

“It’s settled then. Let’s go, Scyther!” Skylar threw a ball that was decorated with a sort of Net pattern.

“You too, Gligar!” the man called Aiden yelled in an unusually high, whiny voice. He, too, threw a Net Ball. In a flash of Yellow Green light, a Lime-colored Pokemon, with sharp scythes for arms and a set of glossy wings on its back appeared, along with Plum-colored Pokemon that had skin stretched between its clawed arms and small legs. Both had a slightly evil feel of them, perhaps because both sets of eyes were narrowed at Tracey and Logan in great dislike.

“Uh… Okay, Go get them, Rikelec!” Tracey ordered. Rikelec seemed to snap out of a reverie and obeyed, jumping into the arena.

“Let’s go, Squirtle!” Logan shouted. She threw a Poke Ball out onto the field. Squirtle appeared in a flash of Scarlet light, smiling and waving its Light Blue arms.

“Go.” Skylar said, menacingly.

“Gligar, Slash Attack the Electrike!” yelled Aiden in his nasal tone.

“Scyther, Fury Cutter on that Squirtle!” Skylar shouted, obviously sure he would win.

“Okay, Rikelec, use Spark attack on Gligar!” Tracey ordered. He looked over at Logan.

“Alright, Squirtle, Headbutt the Scyther!” Logan shouted. Rikelec and Squirtle looked at each other and then leaped towards their opponents. Scyther raised its arm as Squirtle raced towards it. Squirtle realized too late what was going to happen. Scyther’s Fury Cutter hit Squirtle hard, and the Pokemon hit the ground hard.

Meanwhile, Rikelec’s fur stood on end as its fur crackled with electricity. He jumped into the air at Aiden’s Gligar. Gligar moved back from impact, but appeared unaffected. It proceeded to Slash Rikelec. It fell down on top of Squirtle. Both Pokemon had been defeated in one hit.

“What happened? Why didn’t Spark work?” Tracey asked, stunned.

“It’s elementary, my dear child. Gligar is part Flying and part Ground type. Electric attacks don’t affect it!” Skylar cackled, returning his Pokemon. He turned, and his teammates followed him over the pass.

“Wait!” Logan shouted, but the last of the team and Skarmory disappeared. Logan turned and ran to Tracey, who was merely standing in the same spot, looking paralyzed.

“I lost. I failed the Skarmory. I failed Rikelec. I failed…” he trailed off and stared pointedly at Logan. She walked up to him.

“It’s okay, Tracey. Everyone loses. It’s part of life. Good guys can’t always win.” She gave a weak smile and wiped some drying blood off of his ear where his head had hit the rock.

“C’mon. Let’s get these guys to the Pokemon Center,” Logan said testily. Tracey just stood, transfixed and glaring at the spot where Skylar had last stood.

“Come on!” Logan grunted, pulling Tracey toward his Pokemon. Bulby had been nudging Rikelec’s head, calling for his fellow Pokemon to wake up. Rikelec opened his almond-shaped eyes and stared up into Tracey’s face. Tracey looked so forlorn, Rikelec momentarily forgot his anger at himself. He whimpered and licked Tracey’s face.

“Rikelec, it’s my fault you lost. I’m sorry I did this to you. I’m so sorry… I … I …” Tracey’s voice swelled with emotion and he covered his face. It was too much for him. Logan hugged him comfortingly.

“Let’s get out of this place. We need to heal the Pokemon,” she said pleadingly.

“Pokemon… right…” Tracey mumbled. He stood up. It appeared he was holding back his emotions, because his face was taut.

“Come along, Rikelec, Bulby. Let’s go.” His Pokemon followed obediently. Logan hung behind, trying to revive Squirtle. When it showed no sign of waking, she returned it to its Poke Ball and ran to catch up with Tracey.

When Tracey ran into the Pokemon Center, it was very different from last time. There was hardly anyone in the place, and the people there were silent. The wanted poster had been taken down. The Indigo color of the wallpaper was almost too much for Tracey, who had gotten used to the Granite color of the mountains on the cape.

“What can I do for you, Tracey?” asked Nurse Joy.

“My Rikelec was injured on the cape by some jerks calling themselves Team…”

“Skye?” Nurse Joy asked.

“How’d you…?” Logan asked, stepping forward.

“There have been several reports of a certain Team Skye terrorizing any trainer with flying types. Apparently, they formed after Team Rocket disbanded two months ago.”
“Oh. Well, what can we do about it? They escaped with that Skarmory!” Logan said urgently.

“I know. They collected their reward only a few minutes ago. They kindly informed us that they would burn the Pokemon Center down if any of us informed the authorities.”

“That’s horrible!” Tracey said. Nurse Joy nodded.

“But, enough of that. Let’s heal those Pokemon!” she said. Logan and Tracey handed over the Pokemon.

Half an hour later, the two were walking up to the Cerulean Gym.

“I like what they’ve done with the place,” Tracey muttered. He was referring to the frills of Magenta and Gold surrounding the sign stating “Cerulean Gym”. There was a large picture of a Dewgong over it.

“What a difference from the Pewter Gym!” Logan commented.

“Yeah. Wow.” Tracey was pretty far from excited.

“Tracey, you can’t let that one loss leave you like this. Look, Bulby and Rikelec are both strong against water types. You’ve got nothing to worry about!” Logan said, looking at his Pokemon.

“Your right. Maybe I should just let it go.” Tracey was still looking crestfallen.

“I know you should.” Logan said with relief.

“Yeah. Let’s do it!” Tracey exclaimed, running into the gym. Logan sighed with exasperation and chased after him, ready to fight Misty.

To be continued….

I worked pretty hard on this one, though it may not seem like it!


Well it shows that you worked hard on this chapter. It had a nice flow and description is getting better. I liked this chapter a lot. There is one mistake I found
The Indigo color of
don't capitalize your colors. Thnx for the pm.



Heh, I bet Indigo would appreciate it though....XD!

Anyway, it's a wonderful chapter, Bulby! I felt so bad for both Tracey and Rikelec. I hope the Skarmory is allright, even if it IS mean....

Keep it up! ^__^

Bulba the Great!

We Do Not Sow
Meganium, Skarmory will make an appearance again in one of the coming chapters... can't tell you which one, 'cause I don't know which myself! Glad you liked the chapter!

Blue Aurora

For Mother Russia!
You write good stories Bulba, but I've a question...do you have plans to evolve any of those Pokemon Tracey and Logan have? And do you have any plans to have William make a surprise appearance, turning out to be a strong contender?

Bulba the Great!

We Do Not Sow
Hi Blue Aurora, glad to see another review... yes, one or two of their Pokemon will evolve eventually, somewhere around Vermillion City... I just don't want to rush things. Logan's Weedle evolved, but I guess that was expected! You know, I don't plan to do anything with William, like Tracey said, he's a nerd. But he may make a cameo in an upcoming chapter....

~Bulby ;001;


Nice chapter. Roodude said it all. Nice descprition, its getting better as is the length. Good luck with more chapters. This fic is getting better.

Your mate

Shiny ;135;

Bulba the Great!

We Do Not Sow
Well, with school started, I'm not going to be able to update this fic as often, but I have done something you may enjoy (or maybe not), I have rewritten Chapter One of this story, to make you understand Tracey better. So, here it is!

One of Many

“Class, please hand in your homework from last night, pages 396 to 409, please,” said Mr. Ghing. He was a broad shouldered man, with a prominent chin, thick eyebrows, and a thin moustache over his mouth. He had a dull, practiced tone to his voice. He had been a Math teacher for over ten years now, and it was a ritual for him now to ask for homework every day. There was a sudden flurry of movements as the students reached for their papers.

“Was there anybody who was here Monday who does not have the homework done?” the teacher asked. Everyone’s heads automatically turned to the back of the room, staring at an individual who was quietly sketching something on the back of his notebook. The teenage boy took no notice. He had long, dirty-blonde hair falling over his eyes, which were a dark, aqua color. His mouth was curved into a slight frown of concentration. Mr. Ghing shook his head in exasperation.

“Would you like to share your drawing with the class, Mr. Morgan?” he asked. Half of the class tried to hide their smirks. They knew what was coming. The boy looked up, seemingly breaking out of a reverie.

“Oh, no, it’s just a…umm…” the boy replied lamely, trying to hide his notebook. Mr. Ghing slowly paced to the back of the room and pried the notebook from the hands of his student. He looked down at it. The teacher slowly looked back at his pupil, fury etched in his face. The boy gulped.

“This is unacceptable. This means a call home, Tracey Morgan!”

Chapter One
Tracey Morgan was sitting, slouched down, in a stiff-backed chair. A man was sitting next to him, sharing Tracey’s azure colored eyes and slightly bronzed skin. Mr. Ghing was pacing in front of both of them, shaking his head.

“Tracey, this is the fifth time your teacher has had to call me this month!” the boy’s father said, looking at his son. Tracey looked up at his father. His father, however, was not looking at him, but at his drawing. Tracey surveyed it. He was a relatively gifted artist. The Mewtwo pictured was posed for action, with a Shadow Ball attack powering up in his large hands. Tracey thought it wasn’t half bad. Why were the adults acting like he had misbehaved?

“He was drawing this while I was collecting homework this morning. He neglected to turn in the assignment.” Mr. Ghing said quietly. He was looking at Tracey with his cold, beetle-black eyes.

“The assignment was to complete problems 164 to 468, while showing our work! No living human being can do that in one night!” Tracey said, his voice slightly louder than normal tone.

“It’s not only about homework, Tracey,” his father said quietly.

“Then what is it about?” Tracey asked, knowing what the answer would be.

“This is about your obsession with Pokemon. I know you are excited about getting a starting Pokemon, but we agreed-”

“You mean, you agreed, and Mom gave in?” Tracey asked defiantly.

“Don’t get smart with me. Now, your Mother and I agreed education came first. So, in your interest, you are grounded for the month.” Silence followed this statement.

“But Dad, everyone else starts their journey tomorrow-” Tracey protested.

“Not William. He’s going to get a proper education, like you.”

“But everyone knows he’s a nerd, Dad. He couldn’t care less about getting Gym badges, he’d rather be getting A’s!” Tracey stood up, for effect. His father remained calm.

“That doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you are grounded. Now, if Mr. Ghing would like to…”

“No, Dad. I’m not doing school anymore. I’ve tolerated this junk for nine years; I’m not wasting any more time. I’m going to get a Pokemon tomorrow.”

“NO YOU ARE NOT!” Tracey’s father’s voice was suddenly huge, echoing around the small room.

“YOU ARE TO GO TO YOUR ROOM, RIGHT NOW!” He yelled, pointing towards the door unnecessarily.

“Dad, we’re in school.” Tracey said, shrinking away from his father.

“THEN GO HOME AND GO TO YOUR ROOM!” Tracey knew from the look on his father’s face that this conversation was over. He accepted defeat and slouched out of the room.

The following afternoon, Tracey sat on his bed, watching jealously as Professor Oak gave a demonstration about Pokemon to the starting trainers. Tracey looked on as his best friend, Logan, who had beautiful waist-length blonde hair, bright indigo eyes, and creamy-colored skin, picked the Poke Ball that had “Squirtle” labeled above it. He felt a scream work its way up his throat as another kid he knew, Diego, picked a Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur had always been his favorite starter. He fought the scream down. Stay Calm, he told himself. Finally, the line dwindled into nothingness. Professor Oak packed up his equipment and walked into his lab.

There was a knock on Tracey’s door. Tracey ignored it, instead rolling onto his back and stared at the ceiling. The door opened, and his Mother poked her head in.

“Tracey, can we talk?” she asked.

“No.” he replied blankly, avoiding eye contact with her. She seemed to have expected this. His Mother walked into the room and shut the door behind her. She looked at her son. A single tear was glistening on his cheek. She shook her head and opened her mouth, but Tracey spoke first.

“Why am I stuck with parents who hate Pokemon?” His Mom was taken aback by his question.

“Well, for one thing, you know I don’t hate them-”

“But Dad does. And you know that, don’t you?” Tracey looked up with a defiant expression on his face.

“What you don’t understand, Tracey, is that your father has good reason to…dislike Pokemon.”

“I understand that perfectly. But why should he try to prevent me from liking them?” Tracey was speaking in a voice of determined calm.

“No, he doesn’t. But what he-well, both of us-agreed that we can’t let Pokemon take over the whole meaning of your life. You might not be successful, and then you will be back home, and you’ll need some education.” His Mother was speaking in an “it’s for the best” tone.

“You know what? I don’t care. My whole life has been leading up to today, this one moment, and my Dad shouldn’t be allowed to take that away from me. I need to be a trainer, Mom! That’s been my life’s ambition, not to be some old coot who studies Math!” Tracey had no hint of calm, forced or otherwise, in his voice now.

“Now Tracey, let’s not get carried away. I understand what you’re feeling-”

“No, no you don’t, because you guys will never understand how I feel. Never!” Tracey was standing up now. Blood rushed to his head, and anger was coursing through his veins.

“Tracey, this is getting out of hand. Let’s just-”

“NO! GET OUT! I DON’T WANT TO TALK ANYMORE!!” Tracey was screaming at the top of his lungs, without caring what would happen. What he didn’t expect was for his mother to quietly bow her head and walk out the door.
Tracey started to rip his room apart, desperate to take his anger out on something. Just as he picked up his History textbook to tear, a rock hit his window with a dull clunk. He stopped and cautiously made his way to his window. He looked down and made out the figure of Logan in the dusk. He slid open his window. She waved at him.

“What is it?” he asked, in false cheer.

“Come on out, Tracey!” she yelled. Tracey moaned with longing.

“If only I could. But I’m grounded, Logan. You must know that by now…” Tracey stared at her. She had known, right?

“I know that, silly. But I guess that means I should just tell Professor Oak that he can give that Bulbasaur he saved for a certain person away?” Logan smiled as she watched Tracey’s expression. He always had a weak spot for Bulbasaur.

“You’re kidding, right?” Tracey asked, amazed.

“Nope.” There was silence after this.

“Tracey? Are you still up there?” Logan yelled.

“Of course! I was just saying praising Ho-oh for bringing me to this day. Let me get my stuff, and I’ll escape tonight. I’ll be done dinner around eight, so just come then. Thank you, so much!” Tracey waved to Logan. She smiled again and set off towards her house again. He watched her walking with a dreamy look on his face. Her blonde hair was so beautiful, blowing in the wind… wait, that wasn’t right! Logan was just a friend. A very good friend, Tracey thought to himself. He shook himself and looked around his room, realizing this was it. He would be leaving soon, off to experience the real joy of Pokemon! It made him rather sad, to think of leaving his home. Tracey jumped as his father’s voice yelled for him to come down for dinner. He obeyed.

After dinner he nicked some cooking materials and food from downstairs and sneaked them into his room. He looked around. “I’ll be back. I will…” he whispered, as if making a promise to his room. He took up his pack and started packing all that he would need on a long journey: 5 Poke Balls he had managed to nick off of his dad, clean underwear, his travel-size tent and sleeping bag, and a badge case that his Uncle Stephan had given to him for his fourteenth birthday.

“Now for the outfit.” Tracey grinned. He had handpicked this outfit for his journey. It was nothing fancy, really, but he felt it suited him well. He pulled on an alabaster colored T-shirt bearing the phrase Pokemon Master!, slipped into his favorite pair of jeans, dark teal and pocketed. His special, magnetized belt went on, followed by his ash-colored vest. Inside the vest he put his invested money, 3000 yeni.

“Look out, world. Here I come.” Tracey announced. He considered what he said for a second.

“Well, that was corny. Oh, well.” The teen took his final article of clothing, an olive colored headband, and tied it around his long, dirty-blonde hair. Tracey surveyed himself critically in the mirror.

“Not too bad!” he said in approval. He looked one more time around his room, and headed out the door. His family believed in having bedtime right after dinner, and he could already hear his father’s snores. Tracey peeked into his brother Sammy’s room. The two year old was snoozing on the floor, having fallen out of bed. Tracey smiled softly and whispered a goodbye. He proceeded to his sister Courtney’s room. He finally walked down the stairs, leaving a note explaining why he left the house on the kitchen table, and walked out the door for the last time in a while. Tracey looked back at his house, but resisted the urge to run back in.

I can do this, he thought. He called out for Logan. She stumbled out from behind a bush that was hidden behind a clump of trees. She was wearing her favorite outfit, a plain white tank top with a sky blue stripe running around her chest, beige-colored long pants, scarlet trainers, and royal purple wristbands. Tracey blushed when she looked at him, embarrassed at being late.

“Finally. You’ve got everything?” Logan asked. Tracey mentally checked his list.


“All right. Let’s head to Professor Oak’s lab!” Logan exclaimed. Excitement flooded Tracey. He would finally get a starter!

“Well, let’s go!” Tracey said. He and Logan had only taken a few steps when a shout broke the silence.

“Tracey!” It was his mother. Tracey groaned and turned, prepared for the worst.

“You can’t leave without this!” his mother exclaimed. She brandished a large, folded piece of paper at him, a Town Map.

“Mom?” Tracey asked. She smiled sadly and handed him the item. He swiftly handed it to Logan and hugged his Mother.

“I’m going to miss you, Tracey.” She said, in a jerky voice.

“I’ll miss you, too. I’ll miss everyone. You understand, I have to do this, right?” He looked up at her.

“Of course I understand. You better go out there and be the best trainer in the world, young man! Make your mother proud!” She pulled him into a hug again.

“My little boy’s all grown up, now!” she sniffed, openly crying now.

“Thanks for everything, Mom! I’ll call you if I reach Uncle Steve’s house in Vermilion!” Tracey said. He was holding back his tears. But at the same time, he was smiling.

“Don’t come home without the Pokemon League Trophy!” His Mom broke out of the hug and slowly walked back to the house, dabbing her eyes with a tissue.

“Tracey, are you alright?” Logan asked quietly. Tracey nodded. He was shaking uncontrollably, but he started walking. Logan gave him a quick squeeze around the shoulders and the two walked down the path towards Professor Oak’s lab.

To be continued...

So, how d'ya like it?


Thnx a lot for the PM. I like how you Described Tracy. At least it got me to know why he did what he did. You are getting better and better with each new chapter. I am enjoying it a lot. Can't wait for the next.



Great chapter Bulbs. The way you described Tracy was great. Great re-make. Shame we won't see as much of this now, but this was a great reminder.

Your mate

Shiny ;135;


Even better than before!! I believe you added more description, among other things. Very nice! ^ ^ What else can I say?

Keep it up, Bulba! ^_^

Bulba the Great!

We Do Not Sow
Thanks, Meganium. Yeah, my main focus on this fic was to add more description, to make up for Chapter One's lack of it. I'm starting Chapter Ten now, just to let you know!

~Bulby ;001;

Bulba the Great!

We Do Not Sow
Wow, has it been a month already? I'm really sorry for not updating, guys. I hope I'm not banned, because I just double-posted and bumped a topic. But I will update soon, I'm just really busy with Homework. It would help if I had a few more reviewers, but I'm glad the few who do read this enjoy it. I'd be open to suggestions for captures/evolutions for Tracey, Logan, or Vincent!

~Bulby ;001;


Hmmm..... Tracey should cath something a little against his personality for variety and flavor, Something of a rare type....perhaps a Houndour or something like that. Or a lesser used Pokémon such as Drowzee, Cubone, or even Shroomish. o_O;

Hmmm...it's been so long, that I can't remember whether Logan has only Squirtle or more than that. O_O;;; Again, try a few surprising Pokémon, maybe a Tyrogue or a Miltank, or a baby Pokémon like Elekid or Smoochum.

Anyway, just a few ideas; don't worry 'bout my opinion too much. ^ ^;


Post a list of the Pokémon everyone has, Bulbs, and we'll help you from there. How's that?