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One Piece

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seeing how the One Piece thread got bumped off, I'm starting a new one!

for starters, I watched a few eps on a friend's computer. It looks good, and I think I understand something now: Why 4KIDS removed the Little Garden arc.

Becuase that poor little girl (Ms.Golden week I think she's called) gets killed when that giant duck runs her over. That was too violent of a scene, so it's understandable why that arc was removed (it might have traumitized some children)

Although I like the funimation dub and respect it for being more true to the original, I still understand 4KID's edits and why did what they did: becuase they had to.


You ask too many questions
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o_O how can he be a pedo only by re creating a thread that he failed on and was already creted before? <_<
Failure yes, pedo -no


Nice job there pedo dumbass.
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