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One Piece



I was wondering if anybody else here had read this manga and if you had what you thought of it.

I have read it and i think that its really good.

Sorry if theres already a thread to discuss this manga.

Rex Kamex

Well-Known Member
Only an Anime Thread, but anyway, I like the manga, too! You can tell that it's real good if it has over 30 volumes. The 38th one got released recently in Japan!

Kecleon Freak

Legendary Pirate
I think it's a great manga/anime. I haven't read the manga in a while, but I watch the anime a lot. Chopper is so cute!

Poison Master

A Local Person
Tony Tony Chopper ^_^

Anyways, I know that volume 7 just came out with 8 out in October and 9 in January ^_^


That's my favorite manga actually. Started to read last september... Now I'm at the 27th manga... That's up to where they have published them over here. The next one comes out end of august. Well, to be more precise, I'm up to Skypiea arc.
Anyway, Chopper is so funny, and I love his transformations. But still, Zorro is my fav (probably most peoples too)... Stupid, but cool. Same with Sandy and Luffy. (Yeah I usually use the western translations)


Well-Known Member
They started to publish One Piece here and I have bought 4 mangas already. And IMO story is kinda good, even though I'm more shoujo/romantic-comedy manga-fan XD

Poison Master

A Local Person
I have managed to convert 3 people today to this great manga from the dub version, (well, its the US version of the manga but still great!)

I also got volume 7 too (I live in the UK) and it's probably my fave one so far

Magi of all

Yeah, One Piece is an awsome manga. I only have volume 1 in graphic noevl but i read most of it in Shonen Jump


I read the manga up to the third volume and it was pretty good. I was really dissapointed with the anime though...


Radiance of Shadows
The Darkness Incarnate said:
I was really dissapointed with the anime though...

I'm going to assume that you mean the One Piece Anime Dub by 4Kids, correct? Well, if that is the case, don't base the anime off that. 4Kids ruins anything it touches, and One Piece was definitely not an anime for them.

Anyway, personally my favorite arc, which is currently running in the U.S. Shonen Jump, is the Arlong Arc. It is the first truly, truly good arc of the series, and it really sets up the rest of the story weel, as it is the last "major arc before [SPOIL]they reach the Grand Line.[/SPOIL]

Rex Kamex

Well-Known Member
Two questions:

1. How many chapters does One Piece have by now? (In the Japanese version so far.)

2. Who is the guy on the bottom right corner of Volume 38? Not to mention, the person above Luffy...

Poison Master

A Local Person
I think its almost hitting chapter 400 in Japan, not sure

Anyways, I am not sure about that person above Luffy but [Spoil]the other person is called Sogeking, it is really Usopp in disguise tho[/Spoil]

Bibi Nefertari

*glomps James*
Next chapter out is 378.

[SPOIL]The person above Luffy is Kokoro-baba, as they call her, a character introduced in the Water 7 saga, she's OK and gonna help Luffy and the crew. When she appears for the first time, she's taking care of the Puffing Tom, sea-train heading for Water 7... I won't continue though coz I'll reveal everything XD ;) [/SPOIL]

Rex Kamex

Well-Known Member
Poison Master said:
Anyways, I am not sure about that person above Luffy but [Spoil]the other person is called Sogeking, it is really Usopp in disguise tho[/Spoil]

That's what I thought, because you can see the resemblence.


One Piece is a good manga. I read it alot in the Shonen Jump magazine.
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I follow it in Shonen Jump, too. It's one of my favorites! ^ ^

Rex Kamex

Well-Known Member
So does anybody know when Volume 39 will come out in Japan? 'Cause it should be any day now...


Well-Known Member
One Piece is awesome. I love the Anime but have yet to read the Manga although I heard good things about it. I watch the 4 kids version and personally dont see anything wrong with it.


I am currently catching up to one piece. I'm up to chapter 251. I was kept on the edge of my seat when [SPOIL]Luffy started fighting Crocdile, one of the seven pirate Gods. I thought he would never defeat the *******.[/SPOIL]