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One Pokemon Wonder

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Do you have what it takes to win?

Can you use a team of 6 of the same pokemon to win?

Welcome to The One Pokemon Wonder Tournament where the species clause is reversed! Here you will duke it out only using on specific pokemon of your chosing!

Rules:• All battles must be completed on either Pokémon Online or Pokemonshowdown
• If a D/C happens early game, both players will replay doing the same moves.
• If a clear winner can't be decided when a D/C happens late game, then both players will replay their game.
• Follow all general Serebii rules.
• All Matches are Bo1
• You may only use your Pokémon Wonder
• No Johns
• Only one person may select a pokemon as their wonder
• This is a 6th Gen OU Tournament
• Multiscale is Banned

Participants + Wonders
MMS - Latias
Eliteknight - Latios
SilentReaper - Mew
xDRICIOx - Vivillon
Cloneblazer12 - Greninja
justinjiaxinghu - Talonflame
EZ Target? - Clefable
Ger9119 - Wartortle
Apollo77 - Infernape
CrystalNinetales - Basculin
Turpoo - Miltank
Conquer Phoenix - Kyuerm-B
Irrationality - Jirachi
Saph~ - Hippowdon
King Infernape The III - Charizard
Jirachiuser1 - Gengar

Serebii Username:
Your Wonder:


Finals: September 24th @ 10pm gmt-7

Credits to Anakbae for the banner​
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Serebii Username: MMS
Your Wonder: Latias

I was gonna be real and pick something cute like Golbat, but meh.


The Jim Reaper
Serebii Username: xDIRCIOx
Your Wonder: Vivillon Polar

PS needs more Vivillon sprites.

What's the point of Bo3 tho?
Serebii Username: xDIRCIOx
Your Wonder: Vivillon Polar

PS needs more Vivillon sprites.

What's the point of Bo3 tho?

c+p typo ment to be bo1

Also the choices wont be posted in the OP until the round starts this is to allow editing of pokemon
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In without even signing up? Kewl!

Serebii Username: clone
Your Wonder: Greninja

Are megas allowed or no? (Even tho it doesn't really apply to my pick tho).


Well-Known Member
Serebii Username: Ger
Your Wonder: Wartortle
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Because I'm Happy.
I remember this from last yr

Serebii Username: CrystalNinetales
Your Wonder: Basculin

bringing back the basculin


Serebii Champion x.x
Serebii Username: Saph~
Your Wonder: Hippowdon.

Kitt Geekazaru

Infernape Trainer
To confirm, no Infernape?
Serebii Username: King Infernape the III
Your Wonder: Charizard (or Infernape if they are willing to change)
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