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One Shot comics

This topic is for all those 1 shot comics that you make and don't plan to continue.
This is so we don't get a thread for EVERY one shot comic ever.
I'll dig up some of my One Shot's later. For now, here's a One Shot baced off a friend's comic that died.
All Charaters & Kaspar by The Noise
Davis by me.


Comic I did for Loser Sprites' 200th comic contest.
Loser Sprites > j00


Yes, "Uber" authors lack the uberness... Breaking the forth wall sucks, period.

Mind if I use that author sprite for something Davis? People need to shaddup about Sonic, that further makes me believe that some people cannot take a joke.

A psychotic Vaporeon... I want one!

Hmm a relationship... I don't get it...

I'll have something to contribute once exams are over. Something with anthros... I don't know...