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One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team! (559)

needs moar Conway.

Well, I missed the first half of the episode because I was asleep...
So the second half of the episode needs moar Conway. Though him and Jessie racing (and failing) towards the finish line was hilarious.
And I loved the ending with Team Rocket actually content with not accomplishing whatever the hell they were supposed to be doing in the first place.

I wonder if they do different activities at the Summer School every year, because Angie said she had been there multiple times. Must be a bad Trainer or something...

Overall, from what I saw, this was an enjoyable end to an enjoyable arc. I hope to see Conway again soon...
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Conway IS the best character ever XD When he appeared behind Dawn at the beginning I jumped because I didn't expect him to show up. I really hope Conway keeps appearing after the school arc. He's too good of a character to toss away.

I really liked this episode. And about Conway having gills remember on Up Close and Personable(or something like that)he has this thing that made it able for him to breathe underwater?


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MorpheusShippers start your engines!

I didn't think Spoink would be able to go that fast even with Ash on its back.

Conway's creepy antics never cease to amuse me!

“Spring in your step?” How does Seviper “step”?

LOL at Rowan's checkered flag.

“I have a feeling we forgot something.” When Rowan’s assistants walked by, I completely cracked up!


I really enjoyed this episode. I liked how they had used pieces of music from Season 1 of Pokemon, and all the different Pokemon appearances.

Did anyone else catch the way Conway was running from Jessie when they were in the cave and Jessie was running after him dragging Seviper by the tail and watchin' it hit his head repeatedly?

I really enjoyed the Summer Arc. I wish they would do something like this every season or every generation.


This was one of the best DP episodes so far!
I thought it was funny when Jessie was in last place and then a Magicarp got her up into 3rd.
Conway is awesome! I hope he'll get shown again soon.
The Summer School Arc was a lot of fun.


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I thought this was an enjoyable episode to watched. The first part of the race was pretty funny, watch Ash riding on Spoink and Angie on Ariados. But I thought Dawn on Dodrio and Brock on Onix was pretty fun. :) Conway riding Dugtrio? That look wierd.

Unfortunatley, I wasn't able to see who won; I had to leave my house for a bowling game. So, I guess this calls for YouTube.

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- They have to choose random pokémon.
- Aoi is very annoying.
- Kohei is a data collector it seems....
- Hippowdon for Musashi
- Dodrio for Hikari
- Spoink for Satoshi
- I don't care about the other characters
- I wonder what happened to Dodrio's speed for Season 1....
- Kohei has Dugtrio. He's very important.
- Satoshi has Mantyke.
- Hikari has Sharpedo.
- Kohei has Floatzel.
- Kohei and Musashi. What a great episode it could've been.
- Musashi has Magikarp.
- I'm upset that Aoi and Satoshi got the top 2 places.

Yeah that's basically it.


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Watching Jessie being creeped out by Stalker-boy was pure comedy gold. And I had to change my stance on the AshxAngie thing- I figured they were just friends, but she does seem to have developed a thing for him. Of course, that could just be from his saving her life twice, which is perfectly understandable. I'm glad they kept it low-key and one-sided, though; there have been a few instances where Ash seemed to being heading toward shippiness with random female characters, but there was nothing like that on his side this time. Which is just the way I like it.


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A very good episode. Conway wins the "Perv of the Year" trophy, beating out Dattebayo for top honors. The way he chased after Jessie was priceless. Actually, almost every single Conway moment in this arc was priceless.


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So, that was it, the final Pokemon Summer Academy episode!

The only thing that bothered me a bit was that Ash and Angie had been in the lead all the time from the beginning of the triathlon on. Hence, the result could be predicted from the point of time on when they got their first Pokemon. That was a bit too obvious if you ask me. And it was also a shame that the writers presented my venerable, glorious Garchomp as a clumsy oaf. It doesn't deserve being treated like that!!!:-/

The scenes with Jessie and Conway were definitely hilarious. I almost felt sorry for Jessie, because she always got the seemingly most inappropriate Pokemon of all. At first I thought "Oh no, even Jessie doesn't deserve being "punished" with a Pokemon that doesn't know one single useful attack" , but that Magicarp fortunately turned out to be quite fast. ^^

Unfortunately ,I haven't managed to see through Conway's intentions yet. What in the world does he mean by his "keeping tabs on Dawn /Jessie" ? Is this his way of saying "I have a crush on you" ?? I see no alternative to be honest,so, what do you think?

As many of you have already mentioned, the "Comedian of the day" award goes to James and Meowth this week for forgetting their actual goal and having just a good time while Rowan's staff is walking by with the Pokéballs :yahoo:

Today's highlight was, of course, Ash saving Angie again. Every episode where Ash appears as the "hero of the day" can't be bad.
Another great and outstanding Ash performance, a feast for every Ash-Fan. In general, Ash-Fans have really been spoiled during this awesome arc. I guess, we can't complain, can we?
Awww, wasn't the last scene with Ash and Angie under the starry sky romantic?
Some may disaggre, but I have the feeling that Ash showed his affection for a girl for the very first time!! If you take a look at the close-up of Ash's face, you cannot help feeling that he not only likes Angie but really feels "more" for her. The expression on his face alone was all too obvious!AshxAngie... Although I used to be an AbilityShipper, I think I can get to like this new and promising shippig!
I also heard that Angie was soon going to turn up again. If that's true, I'm looking forward to our heroes, and above all Ash, meeting up with her again.

Apart from the result being too obvious, this was another awesome episode and a worthy conclusion of a great four-part arc.

6.5/ 7 out of 10 points

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This episode was ok. I find it odd how much of a creepy stalker Conway is. Not much to say this time around.


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Jessie and Conway made this episode, so funny. Oh great, Ash saves Angie again...yay? I "like" how the just dump Dawn and Brock once Ash and Angie get done with the lake part.

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this was a some what cool epii BUT the could've made the race a bit longer so we can see the random pokez better =]

but it's been sooooooooooooooo long since turtwig appeared or staravia ='(
and finaly piplup got into his pokeball


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What I liked best about the episode is that they were playing Kanto music during some parts of the race. It felt like season one all over again. Can't wait to see Team Rocket getting back into shape. Let's see if PUSA will do the Kanto Team Rocket motto.


What I liked best about the episode is that they were playing Kanto music during some parts of the race. It felt like season one all over again. Can't wait to see Team Rocket getting back into shape. Let's see if PUSA will do the Kanto Team Rocket motto.

Yeah it was great to hear the Kanto music again, brought back alot of good memories ;026;


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What a fun episode this was and somewhat funny too ^^.

This was the best school arc episode ever. I loved this one even more. I would like to see more random pokes being used later in the future. Make things a lot more fun to watch.


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I liked this episode with the triathalon although I wish Jessie could have won for once. Lked the little Ash/ Angie moment at the end ^_^. Im gonna miss Conway though even though he freaks me out i like his character. Liked the Brock flirting with Nurse Joy bit I kinda missed that for a few episodes
And I also laughed at the James "What were we doing here" when they walked behind with the poke balls hehe


Maybe this final episode will make sense of everything that took place.
What am I saying? I love this junk.

Only Red Team gets participation points? Uh, could you go over those rules again?

Just THIS close from Brock ripping his shirt open.

Hippowdon as a cue ball is just the worst.

Brock and Onix. You just can't go to a website for that kind of relationship.

Ow, Spoink is gonna be feeling this in the morning.

This is what happens when a triathlon is handled by low level bureaucrats.

Jessilinda...I must..research you!

Where's the incriminating photo evidence? Ash won by a pretty visible (and insulting?) margin I guess.

Did they just win invaluable satisfaction? I was promised some serious babeage!

By brandishing this plaque I now declare all other Gymleaders in this region as jealous.

7/10 Well we saved our best ideas for last. Though it felt like a slap on the face, slapstick and racing somehow managed to edge everything else out. Definitely below all other race-centric episodes, mainly for it was treated as a side event, heavily reliant on all that luck. We had a great batch of characters to exploit too! But not even the title hinted at today's action. I'm left with a very grandiose file of questions (will Kendall make it out of the school safely?), but this time I'll only ask: Is the end for the adventures of the awesome dynamic duo?
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I liked this episode but jeese, and conway, made it more fun, what losers i also thought that the other characters could have tried to win.